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How to use Photoshop as a beginner

You can download Photoshop for free from the Apple App store and use it for as long as you want. You will lose any images you created the first time you open Photoshop.

If you plan to use it extensively, you should consider upgrading to a Photoshop CS or CS6 license. The price you pay will depend on the size of your image collection.

Open a new image or an image you want to work on in Photoshop. Use File > New.

In the Photoshop Elements window, click the selection and click File > New.

Click the image in the image window. The background color of the image will change to black. The window will open in Photoshop.

If you want to change to a transparent background color, select the menu that reads File > New and change the background color.

Image courtesy of Luciano Marconi (

**TIP: If you don’t want to use a transparent background, choose the image window menu and change the background color to black.

The background color selection menu can be found at top-right of the top menu bar. Click the blue color circle next to the menu bar in the top menu bar.

Click either black, white, gray, or the Transparent Color box to the right of the color menu.

**TIP: To change the color of a layer, select the menu that reads Layer > Layer Properties. Click the Layer Options button to the right of the menu bar.

Click the color menu to change the color of the image. Be sure to click inside the window to change the selected color. If you don’t do this, the color of the entire image will change.

Click the drop-down menu next to the color menu and select a color from the colors available.

A new image window will open.

Use the rectangular selection tool to create a selection around the area you want to paint. Drag the selection outline out to select the area you want to paint. To make a selection around a specific object, simply hold down the Option (PC) or Alt (Mac) key and click the object you want to select.

**TIP: If you are having trouble with selections, try the free selection retouching program named Adobe Focus!

Click the menu that reads Edit > Selection > Make or press Ctrl-A (PC) or Command-A (

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Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program designed for professional designers and artists. It provides many drawing, animation, and layout features, along with precise control over style, color, and effects.

Here are the best free graphics editing tools for Adobe Photoshop.

The article also contains 4 tools for editing images, including a free image editor.

5 Best Free Graphics Editing Tools for Photoshop CC

What are the best free graphics editing tools for Photoshop?

Here are the 5 best free graphics editing tools for Photoshop CC for beginners to advanced graphic designers.


Best Free Graphics Editors for Photoshop CC 2019

What are the most popular graphics editors on the market today? With the democratization of digital media, has Photoshop finally been replaced by software created by the same guys who made Photoshop (the people for whom it was created)?

PhotoPills has put together a list of 12 free and paid photo editing apps that will help to enhance, edit and personalize your photos.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Photoshop is a robust graphics and image editing program that allows users to perform numerous edits and enhancements in real time. What sets Photoshop apart from many other photo editing tools are the tremendous library of features that are included, such as special effects, adjustment layers, tools that help users work with multiple layers (and layers of layers!), high quality support for the full resolution of the final images, and the ability to work quickly and efficient (with just a few clicks!)


Open, edit and save photos of all file formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, DCS, PSB, PS1, PS2

Adjust settings such as exposure, brightness, contrast, color, saturation, sharpness, and white balance

Create layered Photoshop actions that could save hours of your time

Quickly enhance your photos by either touching up the skin of the subject or you can easily remove your face and replace it with a cute puppy or cutie

Understand the purpose of each type of adjustment layer and how they work with layers of layers

Create your own 3D-like shapes and add a touch of life to your existing photos by creating patterns, shapes or simply by adding artistic elements to your pictures.

Add professional effects with the special effects: brush, clone stamp, blur, burn, desaturate, dodge and burn, desatur

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Does file location and name matter?

I know that within a folder, if I have a.html file,
I can have a file:
In this case, the location is not important but the name is.
Within the same folder, if I have a file: directory.html, can I name the file like this:


The relative name isn’t particularly important, the name is. For example, we could refer to the filename as directory/index.html, or we could refer to it simply as index.html, and have the same file.
The server does the same thing (though they normally don’t but can) and we could refer to the file as directory/index.html or index.html.
Only if you were using a DOS host would you ever see something like the path /dir\index.html, which is a weird construct.

2011–12 NBL Canada season

The 2011–12 NBL Canada season was the inaugural season of the National Basketball League of Canada. The regular season began on October 1, 2011 and ended on April 4, 2012. The semi-final round began on April 7, 2012 and ended on April 11, 2012. The NBL Canada championship was held on April 17–19, 2012. In the championship game, the Halifax Rainmen defeated the London Lightning 87–72.

Regular season






Regular season
Most Valuable Player: Freddie Jones (London Lightning)
Most Valuable Player Statues:
F – Freddie Jones (London Lightning)
C – Alexander Hamilton (Halifax Rainmen)
Forward – Anthony Smith (London Lightning)
Centre – Nelson Sklenar (Halifax Rainmen)

Most Valuable Player: Adrian Arcand (Halifax Rainmen)
Top Scorer (tied): A.J. Ogilvie (Halifax Rainmen)
MVP Statues:
F – Alexander Hamilton (Halifax Rainmen)
C – Adrian Arcand (Halifax Rainmen)
F – Ryan McDonough (Halifax Rainmen)


External links
Official website
2011–12 NBL Canada Season at Basketball

What’s New In Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18?

I had a problem for a while with what to cover next at some gaming events and interviews. I really had a lot of fun doing the GdG Festival – but I already have too many excellent posts to write, and more events coming up which I’d like to cover if I want it to go further. So I thought that I’ll try to do it in two batches.

First, gaming events, where I managed to interview playable games once again and chat to audience members.

Pungun Gims, the biggest Mobile-Gaming event in Indonesia, which took place recently. The event was held in a giant hall, attended by more than 4,000 people.

For the past years, Pungun has been focusing more on local games than mobile games, which are more commonly played in PC and consoles. The event was also a good excuse to say goodbye to Pungun Senior and catching up with friends and acquaintances.

The tournament lasted 4 days, and 22 titles were played during those 4 days. I’ll be covering the games one by one. Some of them were lucky to be present in Steam, being playable at the event.

I’ll be uploading the videos as I continue to find time.

Here’s our interview with the game’s Executive Producer. I really loved playing this game and I just wish it gets released in Steam soon. As a side note, I loved the graphics and sound effects in this game.

Here’s the interview on the game’s characters. The game itself is focused on core action, but it’s nice to see some gameplay ideas being used in other genres.

Last but not least, it’s the G-STAR Q-Con 2017! You can read my previous post about my experience on the previous Q-Con.

At the event, there were also a number of updates on the game, like casting information.

This is a new type of event that started recently. Usually they are held for developers to give updates to their games.

I was quite surprised by this new type of event, as I have not seen them done before. This year, I wasn’t able to meet the G-STAR team, but there were still several staff members who were ready to answer questions for about an hour.

I really enjoyed the event, as I can listen to the explanations of the game’s design and development in person, which is a hard thing to experience in a video or a broadcast.

System Requirements:

(Android) OS: 4.0 or later
(Android) OS: 4.0 or later Processor: 800MHz or faster, 1GHz or faster
RAM: 512MB or more
500MB or more Storage: 5MB or more
Support OS: Windows 7 or later
Windows 7 or later Processor: 800MHz or faster
Support OS: Windows 8 or later
Windows 8 or later