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Although Photoshop is designed for professional use and will work fine for most users, to become a good photographer, you’ll want to use at least one or two other photo-editing applications. This is because although Photoshop does offer an excellent range of features, a novice’s Photoshop skills may not be up to the task of working with many of the settings and layers that a photographer needs to be aware of, especially in camera.

* * *

# Taking advantage of layers

Layers are the building blocks of all of Adobe Photoshop’s image manipulation work. Each layer contains an image and all its various settings and parameters. You can add and delete layers — just as you would with any other image file in the computer — and then bring them to the front or back of the layer stack for viewing and editing.

* * *

You can work on only one layer at a time, or you can add many layers at the same time. Often, you’ll begin editing the photo on the default layer, which contains all the information in the original file. You can then add other layers on top of that layer for better control over the edits that you make to the original photo. At any time, you can click the eye icon in the upper-right corner of the Layers palette to see just what layers are active and which are not. Then you can click the eye icon or move the stack around until you’re ready to close out one of the layers.

You can add multiple color layers in Photoshop, or simply add a single color layer. Layers that contain colors can be altered in many ways, from applying color and tint effects to creating a mosaic effect. (See Chapter 16 for more about color and tint effects.) You can use layer masks as well, for transforming and manipulating images without ruining a layer’s settings. Chapter 12 has more on color and tint effects and creating masks.

## Moving, Merging, and Copying Layers

Although all layers are tools within Photoshop for image editing, it’s common to move, merge, and copy layers in order to change them. Although you can move a single layer as a whole, you can copy or move individual parts of a layer, for instance, the background area of a layer.

There are two different types of layers, and you can switch among them easily by using the Selection tool.

* **Selection layers** are layers that contain selection sets (detailed in Chapter 2). You add a

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How to master Photoshop Elements

Here are some simple tips you can use to learn how to master Photoshop Elements 12. Make sure you read all of the steps before you proceed.

1. Learn Where Your Actions are

Right click anywhere on the screen and choose View > Toolbar. Now click the arrow on the right hand side to open the Actions panel, which will reveal the following areas:

All your previously recorded actions are listed in this panel. If you have named them you can click their name and they will appear in the appropriate area.

If you have no named actions, or if you are new to Elements, you can create a new actions folder by clicking on the New button in the top left corner. Now you can use the Delete button next to the new actions folder to delete any actions you don’t need.

Creating a new folder

Delete button

Actions file

Actions folder

2. Learn How to Zoom In

To zoom in on a new image, click the Zoom button in the top left hand corner. Now click on the bottom-left to pinch in. To zoom out, click the Zoom button in the top left corner. Now click the top-right to pin out.

Zoom button

Zoom in

Pinch in

Pinch out

3. Learn How to Zoom Out

To zoom out you can click the Zoom button in the top left hand corner. Then click on the top-right to pinch out.

Zoom button

Zoom in

Pinch in

Pinch out

4. Learn How to Add a New Tool

You can always download more tools from the Tools menu in the top-right hand corner.

5. Learn How to Apply a Clipping Mask

If you are making a watermark you can apply a clipping mask to the layer to only show where you have drawn your mask.

To do this, click the Paint Bucket in the top-right hand corner and choose the Clipping Mask option.

If you want to apply a clipping mask to more than one layer at once, choose Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All.

Choose Paint Bucket and Clipping Mask

Now it’s time to clip out the shapes you want to mask. Select all the objects you want to mask by clicking on the selected area (the area where you

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19:

Before the patch, there are some requirements that are essential to play the game:
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