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Compiles to SDL_Keyboard, SDL_Mouse, and SDL_Audio.
SDL_Console Source:
SDL_Console Release Notes:
DLL Functionality:
No additional functionality.
If you see this then you have the right to distribute this mod with your game.
If you do not see this then you are not allowed to release this mod, and you must contact me before doing so.
To the DevC++ community, for making a free IDE.
To everyone on IRC, for always helping and answering the questions I had.

In the game Red Faction:
I have a built in toggle that will make people think that you see lights on walls when in fact you see dark areas instead. This also works on the switches/lights in the environment.
I have also added two limited (deleted) weapons which can be found in the environment.
The left weapon I added was made in RS1, so it might have a little glitch in it.
Bugfixed in RS2.
You can click on any button to see the button’s image.

Many screencaps and videos of the game later, and here’s a PS2 emulator for ya.
Playstation 2 games to run (try searching for ‘ps2 console emulator’)
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Get an explanation of the huge machinery of plants and animals in the underground world.
Welcome, guest player. You are in the maze game “Intervention M.2”. Enter the code “no3” to get help.
Have fun!

Many screencaps and videos of the game later, and here’s a PS2 emulator for ya.
Playstation 2 games to run (try searching for ‘ps2 console emulator’)
Calc Racing (

Welcome to the very first tutorial video for my Snake and Ladder game.
I hope you enjoy the video.
I hope to make more

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SDL_Console is the drop down console that can be easily added to any SDL
application. In the future I plan to add video support and integrate this
into SDL directly.

SDL_Console Location:

SDL_Console is part of SDL Main

SDL_Console Functions:

#include “stdafx.h”
#include “SDL.h”

int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
SDL_Event event;

SDL_Init( &argc, &argv );

while( true )
SDL_PollEvent( &event );

if( event.type == SDL_QUIT )

if( event.type == SDL_KEYUP )
if( event.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_ENTER && event.key.keysym.mod & KMOD_CTRL )
SDL_Log(“You pressed enter!”);

return 0;

The first function is SDLEventLoop

int SDLEventLoop ( int events, SDL_Event* event )
while ( events ) {

// Toggle console visibility
if ( event->type == SDL_KEYDOWN ) {
if ( event->key.keysym.sym == SDLK_ESCAPE ) {
SDL_Log(“You pressed ESCAPE!”);
else if ( event->type == SDL_QUIT ) {
SDL_Log(“You pressed QUIT!”);
else if ( event->type == SDL_KEYUP ) {
if ( event->key.keysym.sym == SDLK_ENTER && event->key.keysym.mod & KMOD_CTRL ) {

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The Code
All the useful functions are written in C and compiled with the windows compile.
If this is the case no further action is required.
If you are using DevC++, the console can be enabled by going to the project properties and under the C/C++ directory, as well as in the same level as project.h find the file SDL_Console.h.
If your include directories are setup correctly, then you should be able to create a new file in the same directory as your project.h.
The console itself is created by calling the function SDL_CreateConsoleFromSurface which takes 2 arguments.
The first is a surface (a window) and the second is a flag that determines how it will interact with the window. This flag can be SDL_SW_MOVE, SDL_SW_RESIZE, SDL_SW_SHOW and SDL_SW_MINIMIZE.
If the flag is not specified, then the window will not be moved, resized, etc, but will still be visible.
It is your choice to either hide the window or block it, the function is self explanatory.
By default, the function SDL_CreateConsoleFromSurface will try to create a window of 800×600
Example Usage
#include SDL_FreeType.h
#include SDL_Video.h
#include SDL_Audio.h
#include “SDL_Console.h”
using namespace std;
int main( int argc, char* args[] )
SDL_DisplayMode Mode;

What’s New in the SDL_Console?


#include “SDL_Console.h”

extern const char *errorText[];
extern const char *infoText[];

const char *errorText[] =
“Error: %s”,
“Information: %s”,
“Informations: %s”,
“Cannot open file”,
“File is not found”,
“Can’t delete file”,
“Cannot create directory”,
“Can’t extract archive”,
“Error: File unreadable”,
“Error: Cannot extract file”,
“Extracting arch”,
“Can’t open decompressor”,
“Cannot delete file”,
“Cannot move to specified path”,
“Can’t open file”

const char *infoText[] =
“This program can be used to execute console commands.

Current options:
“Show usage:
“Change directory:
“Run application:
“Start application:

System Requirements For SDL_Console:

A minimum of 1.8 GHz Dual Core Processor
Minimum of 8 GB RAM
Requires DirectX 11 graphics card
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