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* **When you open a Photoshop document, you see the Layers palette**. Click the Layer palette icon at the bottom of the workspace to display the Layers palette (see Figure 3-1). The Properties palette (not shown in this figure) is visible, too, along the bottom of the workspace.

**Figure 3-1:** The Layers palette is your primary location for creating, moving, and editing layers.

Layers are the building blocks of an image. You see them as thumbnail-size images, and you can display them in the Layers palette in different ways, depending on the look you want to give your picture.

Many things are layered in Photoshop, including the following:

* Text
* Shapes (such as ellipses, rectangles, circles, and arcs)
* Gradients
* Images and photos
* Backgrounds
* Transparency

Photoshop’s compositing features enable you to create layers and apply filters to images and groups of images, such as faces and backgrounds, for example. Photoshop’s tools let you zoom into and out of images in the Layers palette, creating new layers as you zoom.

To add a new layer, choose Layer⇒New. A dialog box opens so that you can create the layer. When you finish selecting the type of layer you want to create — such as a background or text layer — enter a name for the layer.

* The Toolbox is often referred to as the Paintbox and contains many of Photoshop’s tools. Tools are the buttons and menus you use to edit a layer’s contents.
* The Colors palette is only available if you’re working with images or photos. The palette lets you easily change the color of a specific part of an image or to adjust the overall color of your image.

The blend modes are a group of tools that enable you to apply an effect, or blend, to the contents of a layer. You can use the blend modes to make a layer transparent, colorize it, or make it opaque. You can choose from a variety of additional options, such as darkening, lightening, and inverting the colors of a layer.

* You can use the Quick Selection tool to select a range of pixels in a specific image area. Once you’ve selected the pixels you want, you can work with them, just like any other layer, and add new layers, colorize them,

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to unlock the Creative Cloud features and premium creative tools in Photoshop Elements, by downloading the free Creative Cloud Digital Pack. The pack is full of premium creative tools, time-saving features, and ways to save money.

This tutorial is for Photoshop Elements 11.0 and later.

Why use Photoshop Elements for photos?

It’s good for the novice

It allows you to focus on your photos, while the software handles the rest.

It’s fast

Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor and not a photo editor. It is good for beginners because it lets you focus on learning more about Photoshop. It’s much faster than Photoshop but it lacks the tools found in Photoshop. You won’t be able to compete with the professional photographers who have many years of experience, but you can improve your skills in the mean time.

It’s cheap

The monthly and yearly prices of Photoshop are expensive, yet Photoshop Elements is a lot cheaper. You’ll be able to save money by not having to spend money on expensive software.


To use Photoshop Elements you need an Adobe ID. You can get it by going to It lets you use Adobe software and access the Creative Cloud all at one place.

If you don’t have an Adobe ID yet, you can get it for free by going to

If you’re an Adobe Creative Suite subscriber, you will need to use your subscription with this tutorial. If you’re new to Adobe Creative Suite then you can use Elements for free with any of its Creative Suite subscriptions. You will need to link your subscription to your Photoshop account.

If you’re a Dreamweaver subscriber, you will need to download a plugin.

How to link a Photoshop Elements subscription with Creative Cloud

If you have an Adobe Creative Suite subscription and you already use Photoshop, go to and sign in to your account.

In the account page click on the gear icon.

In the drop down menu that appears scroll down to the bottom, and click on the link “Turn Off the Adobe Creative Cloud”.

Repeat the same process on the other computer or phone you want to sync.

How to link Photoshop Elements with Dreamweaver

If you have Dreamwe

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System Requirements For Download Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod:

This mod will not run on the PSP, it is designed only for the original Xbox system.
Pricing and Installation
Please keep in mind, I have no desire to monetize this mod or any other I have done, this mod is purely for my own personal enjoyment and distribution, please download it freely and enjoy. The mod takes around 2.5 Gb in total, and is a custom content install so make sure you have all the necessary space.
Note: The mod can only be updated manually, and this is not recommended if you have