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Adding a Bezier curve

You can draw a line quickly using the Bezier curve tool, shown in Figure 8.12. The tool is located at the top of the toolbox and has three handles.

**Figure 8.12** : The Bezier curve tool

Select the shape tool in the toolbox and drag out a shape. Click on the line as you drag so that you can see the midpoint.

The midpoint of the shape is a reference point for the control points. The reference point controls the curve of the path.

To draw a curve, click and hold the control point to select it. Click another point and drag it away from the control point. You can type the coordinates of the new control point using the hotkey Ctrl+X or click on the top-left corner of the cursor. The new point is added to the Bezier curve and the selected control point is deleted. Figure 8.13 shows an example of the Bezier curve tool.

**Figure 8.13** : Drawing a Bezier curve

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Elements – Adobe Photoshop.

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Bartsch P.A. 1916. Molluscan Provinces in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: Illustrated with figures and a complete key. W. Elek.
Alder, P.J. (1981) Marine molluscs of Tasmania: a review of the marine molluscan fauna of southern Tasmania. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 125: 263-290.
Schander, C.J. (2009) Marine mollusks of the genus Halocydon J.M. Schander & C.J. Schander, Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen 90: 711-712.

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