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Want to find out how your images are stored on your computer? The easiest way is to use the Organizer in the Bridge window, as shown in Figure 3-11.

Figure 3-11. The main difference between a photo and an image is the way the files are named.

3. **Click the word “Image” in the Layers panel, as shown inFigure 3-12″)**.

Figure 3-12. Choose “Image” from the Layers panel to make the photo or image full-color, which is the default. Choose “Grayscale” to create an image that’s all black and white, or choose “Color,” to get all the colors.

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Fortunately, there is still a vast amount of knowledge to be gained in the program from the Apple Learn to Use Photoshop. These tutorials teach you how to edit simple photos in Photoshop Elements and will teach you many useful things.

Basic Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

Learn to edit, crop, and transform a single image using advanced techniques

Crop an image for a specific use

Works with the entire picture, including layers and the background

Compress, resize, flatten, sharpen and more to get the perfect image

Create a watermark on a picture using layers

Use the “Eye Dropper” tool to find colors or use a color palette

Add texture, a gradient or light overlay

Apply one of the borders, such as a frame, border, or a frame filter

Add a special effect to a picture, such as a color burn or a vignette

Apply Blur or Emboss

Adjust the colors, and how the colors are distributed

Work with smart objects

Add frames and more

Use the masking tools to add a mask to the photo

Edit the direction of the shadow

Apply a 3D effect

Apply the magic wand tool

Work with adjustment layers, and masking

The existing tutorials you have already visited

Learn the Quick tips and tricks you missed out

Intermediate Photoshop Tutorial for Advanced Beginners

Advanced techniques you can use for your daily needs

Learn to use Photoshop better and more efficiently

Make minor changes with the “Eyedropper” tool and the adjustment layers

Use advanced tools such as the magic wand, brush, clone tool, or heal tool

Unlock the hidden layer and use the Layers palette

Draw lines with the Pen tool and customize them

Draw a sketch with the Pen tool and customize it

Turn on the Channels palette

Create a mask and use several different masking tools

Crop an image for a specific use

Add copyright information to an image

Crop an image

Use the “Pencil” tool to draw over layers

Use the Vector Selection Tool (Vector Magic Wand)

Use “Group similar layers together” feature

Apply the Layers Palette

Improve the quality of your images with the “Retouch toolbox”

Use the “Adjust

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User menu not showing up even after I logged in as root. What could be the issue?

Since I have been experimenting with ubuntu. The ubuntu menu, at the top, left of this desktop is not showing up. I have tried to reconfigure nautilus. But that also did not work. I have also tried to change the default theme.
The weird thing is, when I try to open the desktop folder in File manager. It shows, but when I try to do that by clicking the icon in the top left of the screen, it shows a blank black page. Any ideas?
Please help


If you can’t find it in the panel, try to use
sudo apt-get install –reinstall ubuntu-desktop

you can run this from a terminal.
If that does not help,

Go to the dash and type gnome
Search and select gnome-shell.

This should solve your problem.

The Imelda Marcos Museum and Memorial for the Poor will continue its appeal drive in 2018.

The museum, housed in a former Bahay Pangin hospital in Mandaluyong City, was forced to cut its appeal for 2017 following the unprecedented crackdown on long-term foreign investors and citizens last year.


The museum, managed by the Aliw family, will continue its efforts to rebuild and expand for a second year, said Johnny Aliw, one of its executives.

“We try to survive even in times like this,” Aliw said, during an interview at the museum on Sunday.

He said the museum’s appeal drive will start anew next year despite the appeal drive having to be scrapped in 2017.

The museum is dedicated to former first lady Imelda Marcos and her husband, the late former President Ferdinand Marcos. It charges P14 admission.

The museum is currently undergoing a four-year expansion program, said Aliw, adding that the museum will be relaunched as an expansive facility featuring a retail center and expansive hall spaces.

“We want to renovate the museum as a memorial in our own way,” he said.

He also explained the appeal for 2017 was partly triggered by the need to raise funds to complete the museum’s renovation.

The museum’s appeal drive, started in 2013, aims to collect P200 million

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How do I change the font in the Notebook in Emacs?

The default font is too big for me. How do I change it in the Notebook in Emacs?


Type C-x r t to open the Elisp source.
Go to C-x r tffont-lock-default-font, type font-lock-mode, and go to font-lock-variable-name-face. There’s a few options, but the important ones are:
font-lock-variable-name-face and font-lock-maximum-faces. As the font lock font in Emacs is not the default font, a font-lock-extra-managed-faces variable is set. The first argument is the package name of the font. The second argument is the number of faces which have been bound to this face (e.g. 10 is the default).
Change the two variables to your liking. That’s about it.

Promoting behaviour change in the care of family members with dementia: a systematic review.
The behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) are a common problem for family members caring for a relative with dementia. Family involvement is increasingly being encouraged for improving quality of care and for promoting positive behaviour change. Behavioural interventions, designed to promote person-centred care are also being used to alleviate BPSD. This systematic review focuses on describing and summarising the evidence for the effectiveness of behavioural interventions for family members of people with dementia. Electronic databases including MEDLINE, PubMed, CINAHL, PsychINFO, EMBASE and the Cochrane Library were searched. Reference lists from relevant articles were also manually searched to identify additional studies. Ten studies were identified. Of these only three were randomised controlled trials. Overall the findings were inconsistent. There was no consistent evidence of benefit of behavioural interventions to reduce depression and/or agitation. There was evidence that goal-orientated caregiving and tele-monitoring were beneficial. Quality of the evidence was assessed as inadequate, because of a lack of randomisation, potential selection bias and very low study power. There is evidence that behavioural interventions may be effective at providing structure to the care and that tele-monitoring may provide important information to the care-giver. There is inadequate evidence for the effectiveness of other interventions.The Spring Release of Bootstrap 2.0 has arrived!

What’s New in Bootstrap 2.0


System Requirements:

OS: Win 7 or higher, Linux 64-bit
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Memory: 4GB RAM
Video: 1024×768 maximum or 720p HD
Required Disk Space: 15GB
For the game to work, you will need Adobe Flash player 10.2 and VLC 0.8.6 installed.
How to Play:
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