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However, while a free trial is completely fine for anything other than learning Photoshop, it’s not really meant for creating your first images. For that, you need a full program like Photoshop Elements, which is discussed in the following section. For your first few images, make sure that you don’t get into trouble by learning the program on a budget.

If you are planning to purchase Photoshop on a full-scale basis, the first thing you should do is be familiar with its interface and tools. You can do this in one of three ways:

* You can take advantage of the free trial and learn Photoshop’s interface by using the tutorials on the Adobe website.
* You can subscribe to a Photoshop tutorial DVD set such as the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial, available from the Adobe Learning website (
* You can buy a book about Photoshop.

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In this Photoshop Elements for beginners how-to guide, we will teach you how to retouch images, add borders, add text and design templates, use light and dark effects, use filters, edit and enhance photos and add layers, merge images, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for beginners: Retouch images

This first tutorial of this Photoshop Elements for beginners how-to guide will teach you how to retouch images.

Step 1

Open the image you want to edit. Drag the artboard onto the computer screen. You will have to scroll left or right to zoom in and out. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Step 2

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the areas that you want to retouch.

Step 3

Click on the Mirror button on the toolbar to switch between the normal image and the mirror image. Then you can see the image in the other end.

Step 4

Use the Eraser tool to remove the yellowish-white areas in the image. Click on the Eraser and then click on the screen to erase. You will find the Eraser tool next to the Zoom In tool at the bottom of the toolbar.

Step 5

You can use the Sponge tool to create a gradation or gradient using any color. To create a gradient, simply click on the color box and then drag your mouse to create the gradient. To create a vivid color gradient, select the Gradient tool and choose from the color box or customize your gradient.

Step 6

Using the Healing tool, you can blend areas of the image that have blemishes and fix the area. The Healing tool works by cloning the area to fix the area and blend it with the surrounding area.

Step 7

Use the Spot Healing brush to remove dark spots that you find in the image. The Spot Healing brush can replace only one dark spot, and it does not work well if the spot is overlapping.

Step 8

The Clone Stamp tool is excellent for touch-ups such as adding details, changing the color of an area or lightening an area. To use the tool, select the Clone Stamp Tool and then use the Move tool to select an area and then click on the image to create it. Click on the image and select the brush tool to access the settings for the Clone Stamp tool.

Step 9

The clone stamp tool can

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Does the cross product of a $4$-vector and a $5$-vector give a $5$-vector?

$4$-vectors are vectors in $\mathbb{R}^4$. A cross product of two $4$-vectors gives a $4$-vector.
But what happens if the cross product of two $4$-vectors with $5$-dimensional space is in $\mathbb{R}^5$?
I think, that it does have the same definition, but maybe someone can clarify.


A cross product $\mathbf{a}\times \mathbf{b}$ of two vectors $\mathbf{a}=(a_1,a_2,a_3,a_4),\mathbf{b}=(b_1,b_2,b_3,b_4)\in\mathbb{R}^4$ defined by
where $\mathbf{e}_5=(0,0,0,1)$ is a unit vector in $\mathbb{R}

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