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## **Raster Images**

Raster images are comprised of a collection of dots that create a picture when displayed on a computer screen. A raster image is not a vector image, in the same way as a photograph is not a drawing. When you use the Pen tool to create a path or type text, Photoshop draws the image as a series of vectors. On the other hand, when you add objects, such as text, shapes, and raster images, they are added as _raster_ (as opposed to vector) elements.

Photoshop’s default color mode is RGB, where the colors combine equal amounts of Red, Green, and Blue. This color mode, if used correctly, gives you a predictable result in most circumstances. However, if you change the color mode to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta,

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Check out our Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop article for a comprehensive list of differences, pros and cons.

On this article, I will be covering how you can import, edit, and create images in Adobe Photoshop elements.

You can download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop elements from the following link:

How to import photos from Camera

In this step, we will import the photo from your camera to this computer. Many photographers insert a photo in their Camera Roll or imported as Smart Albums, but they may not get to use all images taken by their camera.

First, import it to the computer:

Connect the computer to the phone with a cable.

Navigate to Photo.

Select the camera roll or album you want to import the photos from.

Select Choose File, and then browse the photos you have in your phone. Select the photo you want to import, then select Import.

After importing the photos, all the photos will be in the Camera Roll.

Checking the Camera Roll

To see the photos that you imported, click on the photos that you imported. You will see a list of the photos.

The images that you imported in this video are from a SIM card with only 2 GB free space.

How to edit an image in Photoshop elements

Now that we have imported the photo, we will edit it to make it look good.

Editing an image in Adobe Photoshop Elements:

How to Edit an Image

First, we need to select an image to edit, then open the image. To select an image, click anywhere in the image. Then, right click the image and select Edit Image.

You will have the options for editing the image as shown below.

Select Edit Image, then select the option that you wish to use. You have the choices of using the paint brush, eraser, healing brush, airbrush, masking and more.

You can also select Auto Mask by clicking on the gear icon, then tick Auto Mask.

How to Use the Selection Brush

With the Selection Brush, you can choose a part of the image to edit and apply the tool to. To open the brush, right-click the image and select Edit the Selection Brush.

Select Edit the Selection Brush and click on it. You have the options for selecting and painting with it as shown below

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