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Although Photoshop CS3 includes an unsupported Adobe Raw Converter 2.0, this is not recommended for beginners—it’s a bit complex.

## Capturing Photos with Your Digital Camera

Most digital cameras don’t use film anymore, and to view the pictures you’ve taken, you’ll need a photo viewer. The camera will download pictures to your computer, but you can usually see them easily if you use a photo manager, such as Adobe’s Lightroom (see Using Lightroom 3.0 for a Dummies, Adobe Systems) or iPhoto (see

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What is Photoshop, and what it can do?

Photoshop is an impressive image editing software package developed by Adobe. Originally released in 1987, the software was popular because of its ability to help users create and edit images. Photoshop can be used for advanced graphic design and web design with the addition of advanced vector graphics and transitions.

This is an easy way to explain Photoshop as a whole, but it doesn’t quite describe all of the different features.

There are a few different editions of Photoshop.

The original version that you used in the early days is known as Photoshop Classic. Its powers include merging multiple images together, altering the colour and creating special effects. There is also the Photoshop Extended version, which gives users more features like the ability to create a completely custom site and specialised digital darkroom tools. There is also the more recent free version that gets you pretty much everything you need, and has been around for a while.

But that’s not all Photoshop can do.

Here are some of the basic things that Photoshop can do, and what they are used for:

Crop photos and reshape them

Resize photos

Enhance photos with the aim of turning them into professional art

Add borders and backgrounds to photos

Create original photos or have them made for you

Convert and process photos from one type to another

Change the colour of all or part of a photo

Repair damaged photos, and make them look better

Add special effects to your photos

Make complex, multi-layered designs

Select and draw in your images

Set text in documents, create maps, or draw diagrams

Produce awesome logos or banners

Simulate lighting effects

Make custom site designs, and make beautiful graphics for them

Add, alter and remove sounds

Create animated films

Make photo books

Make music compositions

Draw everything from logos and illustrations to website designs

Why buy Photoshop?

To use Photoshop you need to have a powerful computer that can handle the workload. A powerful computer will be able to make the most of the limited resources that Photoshop takes up and will also be able to create the best design. With a hefty price tag, Photoshop is an expensive piece of software to buy.

Although you can download Photoshop, or even the student version free of charge, most people prefer to buy the professional version. This

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