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## Templates

Adobe’s templates provide common layouts to make any graphic design easy and consistent for you. Templates consist of preset layouts for letters, logos, web graphics, print ads, and more. You can download new templates for free from your Adobe ID area ( You can also find many free templates at ``.

**Figure 6-11:** The file menu provides access to your graphic design software.

To create a new template, you must have access to a blank document. Go to the File menu and select New. Then choose from the Files of Type menu, as shown in Figure 6-11, to select the type of document you want to create a template for

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The following articles will help you master Photoshop editing.

Become a professional Photoshop user with the knowledge from this list.

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All Photoshop tips

Not all tips from this list will be about Photo Editing. They can be used for vector drawing and animation. Some of them also apply to web design. If you need inspiration, pick the best tips from our articles.

Check Photoshop tips for vector drawing, design, brushes and animation.

How to make a title image

Make titles with titles in Photoshop Elements is easy. You need to open the image and choose Image > Canvas Size from the menu bar. In the dialog box that appears, add the width and height values in the bottom of the window. You need to press the OK button to save and exit.

Images with one or two layers will be shown with the title image as the background and the main image as the foreground. You need to adjust the layers if you want to change the background color.

You can change the text size on the layers by simply clicking and dragging on the text box. You can also remove the text by pressing the Delete key.

Save one layer and then remove the background by pressing Alt + Delete, then Ctrl + Backspace and finally Alt + Delete again. This will remove the title image from the foreground and put the main image as the foreground.

Add a text box to the image

Use the Text tool to add a text box to the main image. Press A to add the text on the canvas and then press Enter to show the text box. Now you can add text, shapes and lines to this text box, as well as move, scale and rotate the text box. You can also change its color and then increase the size by clicking on the text box and dragging the corners. You can then position and resize the text box on the canvas.

You can change the position of the text box by moving the edges of the box. You can also move it within the image and position it by dragging a corner.

You can change the size of the text box by dragging the corners and side edges. You can also select the text box and increase the font size by pressing Alt + Enter.

You can also set the text box to be a different color by selecting it.

Change the text size and font

Use the Text tool to edit

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NCAA Football has come a long way in 35 years.

In 1985, Mark May, then a TV sportscaster at NBC Sports, made a pitch to a group of people inside a bowling alley in Louisville, Ky. In the summer of 1985, that included former Louisville running back and now ESPN commentator Bruce Pearl.

“[May] said, ‘I need to talk to you guys about something. We want to make college football,’ and I said ‘Well, I don’t want to do that,'” Pearl said this week.

Pearl wanted to play football, and he had a chance to play quarterback at Louisville. But Pearl was torn between playing safety at Louisville and becoming a TV announcer.

Before his senior season at Louisville in 1985, Pearl delivered a letter to then-coach Lou Holtz.

Louisville had signed the No. 2 overall recruit in 1985, and hired Holtz, whose famed “Hot Seat” ads urged recruits to choose Louisville over many other schools, including Texas. The school’s sales staff was all over Pearl, his parents said.

“They would camp me out in the middle of the night, at 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m…. His [father] would sleep in the hotel and get a chance to go to this, or I’d go to that camp,” Pearl said. “I was fighting one thing or the other.”

Pearl’s father, Ron, was an air force pilot. By the time he drove Pearl to Louisville’s Cardinal Stadium to watch Louisville play football, he had to fly the fighter jets that launched from the airport adjacent to the stadium in the early morning.

“I remember he got off the plane, and I said, ‘Dad, don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine,'” Pearl said. “My dad flew for the air force. He died on a golf course. He was a good man, and I don’t know what he thought about me becoming a TV announcer.”

It was tough to take, but Pearl’s dad was clear.

“He said, ‘If you want to play football, play football,'” Pearl said. “If you don’t, then you have a voice to the people. But I think that’s what he needed me to do.”

Pearl chose football, and signed a letter of intent to play quarterback at Louisville. But after graduating high school in 1986, Pearl needed to decide what he

What’s New In?

Identification of a novel antibody target within the NC epitope of influenza viruses.
To produce neutralizing antibodies is one of the most promising approaches to protect influenza viruses. Understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying antibody binding is crucial for developing innovative vaccine strategy. Influenza virus hemagglutinin (HA) contains several immunodominant regions, such as globular head (GH) and stem (S) domains. HA has been considered as a promising target for producing a universal influenza virus vaccine. One universal HA antigen vaccine candidate, a recombinant protein of the stalk domain, derived from the H1N1/PR8 strain, has been tested in several Phase I clinical trials. Here, we examined the determinants of H1-HA-binding antibodies using antibody-derived phage display libraries and identified a novel antibody target of the human H1-HA antigen within the neck region of the S1 subunit of the S domain. The identified antibody showed neutralizing activities against several influenza viruses in vitro. Our finding will provide a basis for novel vaccine development.Q:

Salesforce Email Verification in Sandbox org

I am trying to automate a follow-up of a email verification and trying to verify the notification is received. The org that I am working on is Sandbox org and I am using Apex Trigger. I have created a test email – which is verified, by way of the Send Test Email functionality in Salesforce.
I have created a separate test email send functionality and put it in the trigger.
However, when I run the trigger, it throws the error – CalloutException: You do not have permission to call a non-web service action.


Your test email sends, but the sandbox is having issues relaying it to the target users email inbox. You may be hitting a limit on sandbox email sends, which is the case for every org. You may want to consider purchasing an API license to handle large number of emails at once. Another option would be to have your code switch to the production org from the sandbox, so that you could communicate with the live user data at that point.



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