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You can’t see the layers in the Layers panel in Figure 3-1. You can drag them from the Layers panel window into the Image window.

Figure 3-1. You can use layers

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Elements comes in two versions:

Free and Premium. There is a free version (compared to Photoshop) for you to edit, store, share, print, and store your images. It is for personal use only.

This article will teach you how to open Photoshop, and Elements files in Ubuntu 20.04 and use Photoshop and Elements to edit photos.

How to Install Elements in Ubuntu 20.04

There are two ways to install Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop Elements is available in the repos).

Install it via Software repository Install it using a tarball

The first method is pretty simple.

After installing the Software Center, open it and search for Photoshop.

Choose Install.

You can choose from the currently available versions of Photoshop. Once installed, you can update the package using the “Updates” button in the Software Center.

Software centre

The second method is pretty similar to how you’d install any other software, thanks to the tarball.

Download it from the Adobe website by clicking on the link below.

Download Photoshop Elements (tarball)

Once downloaded, open it in your file manager and extract it.

Extract the tarball

Now navigate to the extracted location where you’ve extracted the tarball.

Elements directory

Go to /opt or /home//opt where is your username. The folder you chose should now be present.

Go to /home//opt

Open terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T

Run the command sudo apt install./ (It will install the 32bit version of the flash plugin if you have 64bit Ubuntu installed.)

The power of Photoshop is unleashed at times like these

Go to /home//opt/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Elements (if you’re using 32-bit Ubuntu) or /home//opt/Adobe/adobe/photoshop-elements-20.0.0/ if you’re using 64-bit Ubuntu.

Run the command sudo./

A window will open where you need to enter your Photoshop username and password.

You must enter a password.

Unlock your password

You may be prompted to enter a Welcome Back

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Change ID in rest api from GET to POST

I have a rest api with this url:

I would like to know if I can change the {id} to be something else, (something that I define), because it is a GET request. Is this possible? I am working with JS.
Thank you!


You can not do this.
1.These are security restrictions.
2.The id is not passed in the URL. The request is routed to a server. The result is sent back to the browser. The browser then loads it.
Change the request type to POST or use Ajax.

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