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Although Photoshop is really aimed at image editing and converting, there are good free tools for photo manipulation as well. GIMP ( is a cross-platform image manipulation tool. The free GIMP includes all of Photoshop’s tools, although it lacks a few features such as solid brushes, gradients, and the ability to change the pixel values of an image.

Image Editing Software

The first thing you’ll need to know about image editing software is that you need to know about your hardware. Your program has an image-manipulation engine based on your graphics card. Usually, this engine is installed on a dedicated portion of the card’s circuitry and is capable of manipulating color depth.

Other things you can consider include the following:

Hardware: This obviously includes your graphics card, but it also includes an editor specifically designed to handle RAW-format files. You can output files of many different formats as well. Most RAW editors allow you to edit only the RAW file, but others are capable of editing TIFF, JPEG, and other file formats as well.

Image editing software: This aspect of the discussion can get quite confusing. For example, you may need a dedicated, high-end, graphics card to work with your software. If you’re beginning, you don’t really need to know all of the names of the various types of image editing software; just get the first thing you can afford that will work. However, as the market and software technology advance, more professional tools become available.

Shading tools: Some programs are capable of altering images with shadows or highlights. Most programs cannot alter the numbers themselves. Many programs can also provide the ability to manipulate levels in an image, a technique that’s discussed in the next section.

File Formats and Image Formats

The types of files you may encounter in the course of an image-editing project include the following:

Ascii text: You can find text in image files, even if they are pictures. Your program’s help files can guide you in how to find and edit the text, but you must use your program to accomplish the task.

Graphics files: Software can save graphics files in many formats, such as JPEG and TIFF.

Photography files: There are many types of photography-based formats, but the most important are the RAW formats. RAW files can store the image data as it was captured by the camera. These files are designed

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The app is free for home use, but you need a subscription to upload images to a Dropbox account. You’ll also need to register for the website if you want to access any of the 3D features.

To get started in Photoshop Elements, open an image, then go to the Edit tab.

The first image is a photo of my kids. I’ve cropped the image so that it’s only showing their faces, then shifted the image to make it easier to use for illustration.

You’ll notice that the top of the image has a rectangle tool with a yellow outline. You can use this to create a new layer to work on in the following section.

Click the Type tool in the Tools bar to select and use the tool.

Now I’m ready to start drawing on the yellow background.

Now I’ll start drawing. I have a layer called “Background” and an active layer called “Text.”

Let’s call the foreground color of the layer “green.”

The yellow in the layer mask below the layer “Text” is what I want to keep as the background and the white is what I want to remove.

Let’s color the text the same as the foreground color of the layer “Text,” “blue,” then delete the layer “Text”.

Now let’s pick a font. You can choose from six built-in fonts and more than 100 additional fonts.

You can resize the text or control the spacing by using the Text Options. Now it’s time to resize the text. I usually start with a size of 10 or 12 point.

Now let’s make the text bold by changing the font to a font with a boldface.

Finally, let’s draw lines to create an illustration. You can create new lines in the same way you create new shapes, then color them with a brush.

To use a brush, use the button in the toolbar to display the Brush Picker.

You can create multiple textures in Photoshop Elements. You have three options: Multiply, Overlay and Soft Light.

Let’s make a square.

Now we can choose a brush.

We can use a

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1979 Cork Intermediate Hurling Championship

The 1979 Cork Intermediate Hurling Championship was the 39th staging of the Cork Intermediate Hurling Championship since its establishment by the Cork County Board in 1909. The draw for the opening round fixtures took place at the Cork County Hall on 12 November 1979. The championship began on 6 May 1979 and ended on 21 October 1979.

St. Finbarr’s were the defending champions, and retained the title following a 1-13 to 2-9 defeat of North Liberties in the final. This was their seventh championship title overall and their first title in two years.


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3




Championship statistics


The championship was the first ever championship to involve two semi-finals.


Cork Intermediate Hurling Championship
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call web service with ajax and display the result in a div

i’m an beginning in programming with and Ajax.
i have a web service that return a list of objects called “UseProperties”.
i need to update a div with this list of objects (“cdu”) on a button click using Ajax.
this is my code.
dynamic properties = new ExpandoObject();

PropertyInfo[] propertiesInfo = new PropertyInfo[4];

propertiesInfo = settings.GetProperties();
var props = propertiesInfo[3].PropertyType.GetProperties();

foreach (var p in props)
var properties = new PropertyInfo[] { };
properties = p.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(ReadOnlyAttribute), false);

if (properties.Length > 0)

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// The type of the member is required to be V, but was an abstract type.
// This means that the dictionary cannot be deleted from the assembly due to
// the types used in the assembly.
throw new InvalidOperationException(
type.ReflectionName?? expression.Type.ReflectionName));

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