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Managing photos with Elements

Elements includes a complete set of features for editing and organizing photos.

You can add and delete layers for the perfect combinations of images. Elements also has a Grid window, which enables you to resize and position images when adding them to the page.

You can use the basic tools to crop and straighten images. With the options available to you, you can easily find the ones that produce the best results.

You also have access to a host of useful, automatic features such as the Content-Aware Move and Content-Aware Fill commands. The latter automatically fills in unsightly areas with the correct color, based on the surrounding content.

To finish editing a photo, you can apply adjustments to tones, colors, and other aspects of the image.

Elements offers a set of available features that enable you to manage photos in your collection.

You can access different sets of features for individual albums, specific

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Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have their differences. Photoshop is a graphic design application that lets you create graphics, edit existing graphics, and add text. It was first released in 1992 and was initially called Adobe PhotoDraw. The name changed in 1998 to Photoshop. Elements was an update and rebrand of Photoshop Lightroom, released in 2010.

However, we will focus on Adobe Photoshop because it’s more popular, has more features and is commonly used for editing and creating graphics.

The following is a list of common Photoshop shortcuts that you will be using along with the help of this guide. Most shortcut keys can be used in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

However, you will need to be very familiar with the features of Photoshop before you use any of the shortcuts.

1. A

The A key creates the animation ruler. Clicking this key will turn off the animation ruler.

2. B

The B key changes the foreground color to the current background color.

3. C

The C key is used to cycle through all the current foreground color options.

4. D

The D key is used to cycle through all the current background color options.

5. E

The E key is used to insert a new layer beneath the currently selected layer.

6. L

The L key is used to lock the active selection. It will change the active selection into a lock. If you select multiple layers, you will be able to rotate all selected layers together. You can then place them in a specific position or move them. Unlock the selection by clicking the L key.

The L key is used to lock the active selection. It will change the active selection into a lock. If you select multiple layers, you will be able to rotate all selected layers together. You can then place them in a specific position or move them.

7. S

The S key is used to adjust the size of your selected layer. You can either increase or decrease the size.

8. T

The T key is used to create a new transparent layer.

9. W

The W key allows you to set the new layer’s blending mode.

10. X

The X key is used to deselect all the layers.

11. Y

The Y key is used to move the selected layer down or up.

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# Текстовое содержание в многопоточной окне

Создайте метод для получения заголовка `textContent`, после использования `document.write()`.


let text = document.getElementsByTagName(“p”)[0].textContent
let textContent = document.write(text)




Если у вас будет проблема, просто удалите `document.write()`, и создайте заголовок через `document.createElement()`.


C# – Possible bug in array.pop(), or my misunderstanding?

I am testing if the array Pop method is correct.
Assumptions: 0 1 -> 2), but it is just removing the last element and throwing the exception.

Why is it removing the last element?
Can I just put two statements to get the result I want?


Pop is a modifiable operation, that means the array itself and the content of the array are both changed.
As the array is a reference type, the elements in the array itself

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