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In this article we’ll cover Photoshop’s tools and features. We’ll look at layers, the text tool, the selection tool, layers, how to work with paths, and some advanced editing techniques. We’ll also cover a few essential tools for when you want to do advanced effects and image manipulation.

A few words of warning: Photoshop is a powerful tool that can easily defeat your best attempts at design. Just remember to be aware of some of the warnings inside the program’s help menus.

Hello, Photoshop

One of the best ways to become familiar with Photoshop is to do some simple editing. Obviously, offers tutorials on many advanced effects and techniques, but the fundamentals are the same for all aspects of editing in the program.

The first thing to do is to create a new file, either by clicking the small New button in the top left of the editing window, selecting File > New, or choosing File > New.

When a new document is created it is automatically assigned a fresh layer for each color in the image. There are four color modes available: RGB (Red, Green, Blue), CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), Grayscale, and Indexed, which adds a grayscale or brightness and contrast adjustment layer.

The first step after creating a document is to select the tool you wish to use. When Photoshop opens, it displays the tools at the bottom of the editor window. The window shrinks to a minimum width so that all the tools are visible on the screen.

The tools can be accessed by clicking on them or by clicking on a tool’s icon at the bottom of the panel. Click the small arrow to the right of the tool’s icon to toggle the visibility of the tool from the panel.

You can increase or decrease the size of the tools by right-clicking and selecting Zoom or Minimize, or by using the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+Click.

The tool options window that appears when you click the tool’s icon shows you all the tools available to your image. The window can be minimized, restored, or closed.

It is also possible to create a new tool using the New Tool icon, which is at the bottom right of the editing window.

One of the most powerful tools in Photoshop is the Layers window. The Layers window is where all your layers are stored, where your image editing work takes place, and from where you

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Adobe Photoshop Elements isn’t the same as a low-budget paid photo editing app like Instagram but it is still a great online photo editing app.

When you are trying to edit your photos and develop photos for the web, Adobe Photoshop Elements is worth considering as a solution.

The following features make Photoshop Elements better than the regular Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop Elements is better than the regular Photoshop in the following ways:


From left to right, this is a screenshot of the user interface of Photoshop Elements 2018. If you are familiar with the user interface of Photoshop, this is similar.

But let’s go into detail.

Elements has more panels and this is one reason why the app is better than Photoshop. Image editing is made easier with more panel options.

The four main icons at the bottom of the window are the same as the icons on the right-hand side of the window.

At the top, the icons represent the following:

Once you click on these icons, they will open other panels to help you change the options for the image.

This is the file menu.

In the Elements 10 series, the file menu looks slightly different.

This is the menu of the recently used items and files.

The program is friendly enough for beginners to use.

In the Photoshop menu, this is what the menu looks like and what the elements menu looks like.

Elements has a similar selection menu.

Elements has a significantly improved file menu which is much simpler than the Photoshop file menu. The file menu in Photoshop has a lot of options in it.

The image menu has a lot of options and the image window has a good selection of options.

The image menu options are located below the image window.

One of the biggest improvements in the file menu is the ability to delete files.

There is a file select box which has all the files that you have stored on the computer. The grey box with a black line underneath it shows all the files that are currently open or in use.

You can either type your files or drag the files into the file selector box.

All the currently open files can be selected. You have the option to either show the files or hide them.

Selecting files with the file selector box will bring up the options

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How do I make my theme only affect one level of a menu?

I have a bunch of sections/levels in my menu, each with a unique ID. I have used this theme, and it makes the active styling affect the entire menu, not just a section. How do I make it only affect that one section?


Activate “New layout based on the theme” under Appearance > Menus to create a new menu layout and apply your custom CSS to it.


Is it possible to ship a floating object?

I want to build an airship with objects that can be ‘floating’. Currently, I have a RALLY_SHIP and an AIRSHIP_CHAIR, and I can easily detect collisions between the chairs on my ship. But when I float a chair on the ship, I can only detect collisions when the ship is in a specific orientation.

If the ship is horizontal, the chair is collisions with other objects on the ship.
If the ship is vertical, the chair’s ‘feet’ are all in a line and the ship is collisions with objects at the bottom, but the chair doesn’t hit the object at the top.

I feel like it may be a weird misunderstanding of float/interpolate, but I don’t know. Can I safely make a ship with floating objects?


I don’t know how you’re handling collision, but I use a Bouncy Triangle to do collision detection:


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