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Adjusting layers

After you create a new layer, you can apply adjustments to it. You use the Adjustments panel to change the color, contrast, brightness, and hue of your layers. You can make a selection on a layer, either a marquee selection, as described next, or a full-sized selection, as described later in this chapter. You can even make a selection on the layer below.

_Photoshop Elements lets you change the color, contrast, brightness, and hue of your images using the same adjustments as Photoshop. You can find those controls in the Adjustments panel; they’re located just below the layer thumbnail that represents that layer._

As soon as you click the Adjustments button, the panel opens. You see options that let you change the color

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A Photoshop tutorial is your best way to master Photoshop. Though you can use Photoshop by following a web page or tutorial, you are bound to make mistakes that require you to back up your work, which makes it difficult to see your progress and learning, and can slow you down in the future.

With our Photoshop tutorials, you can practice on a relatively blank canvas and see what you’ve achieved as you go along. We even take you through everything in case you need to undo your work. And you get to see how your work will actually look in the end.

We have written Photoshop tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced Photoshop users. You can use these tutorials to learn Photoshop the way you really want to. There are instructions that will take you through Photoshop, step-by-step, and other useful resources to help you know what you’re doing at all times.

Photoshop can be a very difficult program to use, so having a mentor or working with people who are proficient in Photoshop is a good idea. A teacher or expert might be able to answer your questions and help with some of the problems you may be having.

We also offer Photoshop tutorials if you want to try out creating your own images in Photoshop. There are no real pre-set tutorials that can help you, but we can show you the basics if you get stuck. This can save you a lot of time if you’re making an image for something specific. You may find that you get a better idea of how to make that particular image, which will help you when you’re moving on to more complicated images in the future. You can then go back and practice that skill and, when you’re more experienced, expand upon it.

If you want to upgrade your Photoshop skills, a Photoshop course is probably the best way to go. You can take Photoshop classes at school or at community colleges in your area. If you take online classes, you should consider signing up for an online Photoshop course, especially if you are working or studying full-time.

A Photoshop course will give you the benefits of a live tutoring session, but it will be delivered to you at the time that is convenient for you. You will know exactly what you are doing when you sit down in front of your computer. You can work through the steps and review your work to see where you are. You’ll also get the same full-featured guide that is available in our

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var baseForOwn = require(‘./_baseForOwn’),
castFunction = require(‘./_castFunction’);

* Iterates over own enumerable string keyed properties of an object and
* invokes `iteratee` for each property. The iteratee is invoked with three
* arguments: (value, key, object). Iteratee functions may exit iteration
* early by explicitly returning `false`.
* @static
* @memberOf _
* @since 0.3.0
* @category Object
* @param {Object} object The object to iterate over.
* @param {Function} [iteratee=_.identity] The function invoked per iteration.
* @returns {Object} Returns the new mapped object.
* @see _.mapKeys
* @example
* var users = {
* ‘fred’: { ‘user’: ‘fred’, ‘age’: 40 },
* ‘pebbles’: { ‘user’: ‘pebbles’, ‘age’: 1 }
* };
* _.mapValues(users, function(o) { return o.user; });
* // => [‘fred’, ‘pebbles’] (iteration order is not guaranteed)
* // The `` iteratee shorthand.
* _.mapValues(users, ‘user’);
* // => [‘fred’, ‘pebbles’] (iteration order is not guaranteed)
function mapValues(object, iteratee) {
var result = {};
iteratee = baseForOwn(object, castFunction(iteratee));

baseForOwn(object, function(val, key, object) {
var value = typeof val ==’string’? [val, key, object] : val;
if (value) {
result[value[0]] = value[1];
return result;

module.exports = mapValues;

– |
Danijar Hafner, Dinesh Manocha, Eric Elsen, Heinrich Zhang\
University of Wisconsin Madison\

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