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The Winter Storehouse

A documentary about the building of an urban forest using donated sheds, disused railway sleepers, log books and scrap metal.
In The Winter Storehouse, you will explore a wooded area of deep urban woodland in the centre of London, where sheds, railway sleepers, tools and dry stone walls have been used to create an eco-structure, providing shelter and food for insects, birds, mammals and other woodland creatures. The sheds, once unloved and abandoned, now provide shelter for squirrels and wood pigeons. The railway sleepers and recycled materials keep the woodland dry and support the native flora. Workers are in the process of creating more habitats, food sources and nesting areas, which will attract further wildlife to the woodland.

The Complete Book of Rodding


Top 40 Ways To Pop A Drainpipe

Have you ever needed a quick fix for a roof leak? When the guttering on your house has sprung a leak, it is one of those DIY tasks that can be overused. However, when it is time to reseal a roof leak, and the standard repair methods don’t work, it is time to use more extreme methods.
We have compiled a list of the top 40 ways to pop a drainpipe.
See you on the roof!
In the Lawn & Garden segment we provide solutions for lawn care, how to grow your own house plants and all the garden accessories you will need.

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