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title: QuirksMode.OnInput Method (Word)
keywords: vbawd10.chm158883300
– vbawd10.chm158883300 word
– Word.QuirksMode.OnInput
ms.assetid: ad8a53ef-824f-8f37-3f87-a917524ea97f 06/08/2017

# QuirksMode.OnInput Method (Word)

Determines the current Microsoft Office version and the current compatibility mode. Returns a **Boolean** indicating whether compatibility mode is in effect.

## Syntax

_expression_. **OnInput**( **_Application_** )

_expression_ A variable that represents a **[QuirksMode](** object.

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I’m not sure which OS that was for, and I have seen some tricks where you can use an earlier build of Firefox and things work, but I’m pretty sure that’s not this. I should be able to reproduce on my Windows 7 machine.Q:

Get DNS records of an SRV record

I’m trying to get a list of SRV records with a certain target port.
I have found a way to get a list of SRV records:
getaddrinfo(“PING”, “”, NULL, &hints, &res);

But this only works for port 80/http.
I have tried to use gethostbyname to get a list of IPs with a certain domain, but that also only gets a list of the IP.
I know how to get the nameserver on the respective record, but I wonder, is it possible to get a list of all the SRV records that have a certain target and just port?


According to man getaddrinfo, the gethostbyname parameter is struct sockaddr_in *.
So you could try gethostbyname(“PING”).
If gethostbyname doesn’t return what you want, you could try getaddrinfo in a loop, ignoring any error.
Note that your program should probably check all addresses returned in the hints/res, if it isn’t able to resolve them, such as in the case of looped attempts, since the hints/res may change.


Passing data between 2 Angular controllers

I have 2 controllers – Home and List, and in List I have a child controller, called ProductDetails.
What I’m trying to do is pass data between the Home controller to the List controller and then pass that to ProductDetails controller.
I’ve tried using the $broadcast and $emit but $broadcast doesn’t seem to work (no response.
Have also tried making a provider, called Products to inject into the Home controller