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The organization is a combination of the various labels to give a name which represents the one thing it is made from. When we write a rough draft for a concept or project, we first check if we have the appropriate labels.

A label represents an important aspect of your work. Some labels are used to make your project stand out from others, while others can be used to describe the project. A project may have more than one label.

The title of the page for each label is set to match its name. For example, a page title of `TechnicalSpecs` would match the `TechnicalSpecifications` label. Matching the title with the name ensures that the page matches the label. This style is good practice for all labels.

You can’t edit or remove a label once it has been added. In the project overview, click the label name to see how it is used on your page. You can edit the label’s name to make it more exact or to help you refer to it in a particular way. You can also change the title in the project to display more clearly.

Sierra Info Retrieval, refers to an option on the interface to give more information about a project, such as text notes, images, or other files. It does not represent any actual information about the project, and does not change any of the data or meta-information for the project, such as the label. It is not searchable.

The color, typeface, and transparency properties for the labels and project titles can be adjusted to make labels and project titles more or less obvious.

Transparency refers to the amount of transparency or relative opacity of a document background. Transparency settings are not used for label text.

The text that’s displayed on a page does not include the colored border surrounding the label. This border is a shadow. It has the same color as the label, and the same width and height. If the page is opened from a project using labels, the border on the label does not appear.

The color and font properties for the text in the Label section of the Settings tab are used to customize all labels, no matter which project’s colors and fonts you have applied in the Colors and Fonts section of the Settings tab.

Double-click the label to open it in the page editor. You can always reopen a label to edit its text, no matter where you are in a project. Any changes you make to the label text are reflected