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Text to columns

I have several.txt files that were created with a very specific format. I now want to use them as data so I’d like to convert them from a long format to a proper tbl format.
Here’s an example of what the.txt file looks like:
Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4 Name5 Name6 Name7 Name8

I want the table to look like that
Name|1 Name|2 Name|3 Name|4 Name|5 Name|6 Name|7 Name|8
Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4 Name5 Name6 Name7 Name8

The file is only made up of those characters so I can only make the table look the way I want it by changing the text to columns.
The source file is always the same, a group of names. Each name only appears once. And they’re not all in the same line either, there’s empty lines between each one.
In my (very limited) experience, this is called rbind, but I can’t seem to figure out how it works.


This works with data.table::rbindlist:



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