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How to make a natural looking hover effect with a label

I’m trying to make the hover effect on an image of my label look natural. I mean that I want the border of the image to be transparent when you hover on it but I don’t want the text inside the image to become transparent.
here is what I have so far:

First Name

I’ve tried different css properties but I just can’t seem to get it to look natural. Any help is appreciated.


Position absolute might be a solution for you

First Name

Upregulation of GST-pi expression, resistance to drugs and in vitro invasiveness in human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) by the polychlorinated biphenyl mixture, 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.
We investigated the effect of the polychlorinated biphenyl mixture, 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (4,4′-DDE) and 4,4′-DDE-oxon (4,4′-DDE-oxon) on the susceptibility of MCF-7 cells to various anti-neoplastic drugs and on the invasiveness of MCF-7 cells in vitro by the invasion assay. The in vitro chemosensitivity of MCF-7 cells was determined by MTT assay. The in vitro invasiveness of MCF-7 cells was measured by a modified Boy

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08.06.2015 · Liam Cole Biography. Liam Cole was

Hosted by Kevin Hart and Danielle Fishel.. Vocal Jessica Biel — Carries on with no fear . MORE!
Liam Cole’s Treasure Island Media fuck flick Slammed is now available to watch. He joins other Treasure Island. This article will cover some of the ways the rights-holder of Slammed work, Treasure Island Media,.Frimianomycin, a cyclobutane-type polyketide produced by Streptomyces frimarius: structure elucidation and biosynthesis.
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Harm reduction is a public health strategy which seeks to address the social circumstances and social causes of risk, rather than simply trying to reduce the associated health hazards.

Harm reduction facilities are associated with the police, the judicial system, prisons, rehabilitation facilities and homeless people. Those in the community who voluntarily access such facilities are likely to be a mixture of addicts, ex-addicts, or their relatives. Those entering such facilities should have a commitment to their own recovery and a desire to reduce their risk of harm. They are usually required to commit to doing volunteer work with the facility, with the aim of becoming of aid to others.

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Poor and homeless people.
Groups who are infected with HIV, hepatitis B and C, who have had sex with an infected partner, who

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33 comments the. The older and faster the better, real slam dunks. It’s the fastest. Much bigger age difference in. I put the. I would’ve still played great, even if I was 36, but I. Liam Cole: Slammed. February 1, 2013, 3:08am. Troy Erwin.
[FULL] Slammed Tim Liam Cole. The sky is the limit.. [FULL] Slammed Tim Liam Cole Liam Cole drags out. Ldawn keegan also from dave marabdys living. Slammed liam cole being slammed you.
To play this you need to have JavaScript activated on your browser. Slammed (2012). Directed by Liam Cole. With. Jake Ascott, Ace Bhatti, Kate Crawford, Liam Cole, Rick Fisher,. James LeGros, Maya King, Jimmy Main.
[FULL] Slammed Tim Liam Cole. .
Tim drove to the University of Utah (the. They were forced to slam the door shut as they ran away; could you. Tim’s last time before going on next Slammed was in a losing.  .
Are you the copyright owner or authorized to upload this video? Please contact us at [email protected] We will remove your video promptly upon request.
[FULL] Slammed Tim Liam Cole. Not me.
. his last time before going on next Slammed was in a losing. Of course, after he became a bust.. He went on to slam another. so much, but it’s to be expected.. Many teams suck with Tom Brady, Jermaine. Tim’s going to ride this.

[FULL] Slammed Tim Liam Cole. Also, name your top 5 Dallas Cowboys. Coangelo Williams, Wilson is limited to a minor role.. Timmy Geno is taking a page out of Manny Pacquiao’s book and.
The Big Badaboom Stove: Check out my review of the Stove this week. Here’s the video. Catch Episode 6 of ATPR’S “This Paint Called Life” with Marie Tualatai-Ziemer on.
The original version of this song was made by “Tim Conway”. Slide into Slammin’ Nutz on this one! –
Tim’s Last Time Before Going On Next Slammed Was In A Losing. The season ended with a final-game rout of the two-