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No sound or earbuds no longer working

I am experiencing some kind of audio issue that I am having trouble recovering. My sound icon in the bottom right corner of my desktop is not giving me my usual 6 choices of audio outputs. Instead of just being able to choose from my motherboard, my 4 gigabyte memory, my stock sound card, and my built-in speakers I am only able to choose the first.
Currently I am connected with my phone headphones via bluetooth but I cannot remove them and am unable to re-enable my usual audio outputs. How can I fix this problem?
EDIT: I am receiving this error when trying to open the command line where I would normally find the command to open the audio device. It looks like it is a permissions problem:
Could not open the audio device “default”. Error is: “Error setting device ID.” Reason is: “Device ID (ca7500_NPA:A2_c) is already in use.”.


I’ve been using Ubuntu for the better part of 4 years now, and although I’ve experienced a few (albeit minor) glitches it has never crashed or caused me any issues like this. I have yet to notice any kind of sound issues, except for what you are reporting.
You state that it is not letting you choose what sound card or sound output you wish to use? If so then it is not actually having an issue. It is only not giving you the option.
The default sound output is very simple, and is generated by PulseAudio. If you wish to have a

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Customer Reviews

best cam ever

Non Compete
I would most definitely buy this again. I’ve tried to use this feature in other programs and it’s been a pain. I’ve yet to find a game or program that will work as this is a great idea, and the quality is amazing. I only wish it came with a tripod or a way to transport it. Other than that, I wish I could gift you money for this. – Pica

I would really like to share this with you all. My son has special needs. He is a kind and loving boy. He loves his phone but it seems he can’t always use it correctly, maybe because of his disability. I thought I would try to figure out what he could do with his phone. The main thing he wanted to do was make up a recording to show people, videos of his world. I found this and it looks to be exactly what I was looking for. It will capture his voice, the movement of his body and also a video recording. I would love to get your thoughts and experience with this software. – Annette

Best Product
This is one of the best products out there. I use my camera all the time, mostly for homework. I am a college student and not only do I use it to record lectures for schoolwork but my friends also use it to record things that are happening around the campus. I really do recommend this product. – Evan

I love this product.
This product does what it is suppose to do. I use it mostly for video recording lectures that are on my phone. I could of course use my laptop but I don’t want to have to be able to turn it on, find the wire of the webcam and plug it in when I want to use it. – Dayna

I love this product. I use it mostly for video recording lectures that are on my phone. I could of course use my laptop but I don’t want to have to be able to turn it on, find the wire of the webcam and plug it in when I want to use it. – Dayna

The only thing I don’t like is the outter box. If that was a little bit smaller, that would be perfect for my needs. – Emman

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The best customer support I have ever had!
I ordered the software through your website and it was delivered

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Difference between Arduino and Sainsmart RGB Joystick Axis

So I’m hoping to use my Arduino with my xbox and play through various games. However, I seem to find that most joysticks either use PWM or some form of serial communication, not a reasonable option for my purposes since the xbox doesn’t speak serial. I found this deal from Sainsmart, and it seems to fit my requirements exactly. It seemed easy to set up and very flexible. The only problem is it’s for Arduino.

The basic idea is the Arduino controlled RGB Joystick. I’ve done my homework and it would seem to be relatively straightforward. The two thing I’m not sure about are:

What would be the difference between this and a normal Arduino Serial Axis?
What do I need to change to use this with an Xbox Controller?


Well, after poking around in the Adafruit forums, I did find a way to find out some more information. In addition to the forum, I used a search on “Arduino Axis”, where I came across this link which answered my second question.
After some more research