Most of the time your computer needs to be protected from people rather than malicious software. Important files can be intentionally or accidentally removed from your hard disk drive. Luckily, applications like AIC File Recovery give you the possibility to bring back deleted files from your hard disk drive or an external storage device.
Set up a few options before searching
The application is incredibly lightweight, with no extra features than the core ones. From the start, a compact window is brought up, requiring you to select the disk drive to be scanned. Moreover, you can select the type of file to be targeted, or include a custom extension. The size can also be specified in KB, MB or GB.
Select files to recover and specify where
Once previously mentioned settings are applied, hitting the “Find Deleted Files” button puts the process in motion. Unfortunately, regardless of the conditions selected in the first step, the scan process seems to take forever.
Search result is displayed in a list, next to each file name being size and path. In case you know very little about the lost files, it tends to get a little difficult to spot. There is no implemented search engine to quickly fetch the file, nor the possibility to sort by any criteria.
Furthermore, you are not able to select all files and have them recovered, leaving you to manually pick each one. The recovery process only takes a few moments, with a list showing files and state.
To end with
All in all, AIC File Recovery can help you bring files back from the virtual grave. The design leaves nothing more to be desired, getting the job done in a few easy steps. It lacks several advanced features which could have made it a pro and the scan process takes a little too much time, but it comes in handy if you quickly need to recover lost files.







AIC File Recovery With Serial Key

AIC File Recovery Cracked Version is a free Windows application that allows you to scan the hard disk and other external and internal storage devices. It can scan the system folders but doesn’t need root access. The developer has released the source code so you can run it on Linux, Mac or Windows.
Top AIC File Recovery Product Key Alternatives – Software to Recover Deleted Files:
Best alternatives to AIC File Recovery are available for download on, half of them are freeware.

EzinGUI is a user-friendly Windows tool for file recovery that scans the disk for deleted or lost files. The software does not require administrative privileges. It enables a fast and efficient way to retreive the data. It uses a fast and reliable algorithm, without impacting the operating system’s resources.
Key features:
– intuitive, efficient interface
– you only have to select the folder where you want to scan
– scan the entire disk, or specific system folders
– do not need administrative permissions
– a list of the files is shown with their size and path
– It doesn’t take a lot of resources from your computer.
– all the features are unlocked by one key
– the program is completely virus-free
The program allows you to restore data, deleted files, corrupted files, and lost partition.

The best way to recover lost or deleted files is to use a file recovery tool. For example, if you accidentally remove a file from the computer, you can use AIC File Recovery to bring it back. It’s easy to use and completely safe.

So, what is this program used for? An example would be if you delete a file accidentally and you want to restore it, but unfortunately, you do not remember where it is. Now, if you use it you can recover it with just a few clicks of the mouse. So, why not try it for yourself?

No need to use complicated and complicated programs just to find the lost and deleted files. You simply run the program and follow the instruction.Q:

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AIC File Recovery Free Registration Code Free Download

AIC File Recovery is a portable application to search and retrieve files from hard disk and USB thumb drives. It supports all popular file types including documents, images, videos, MP3, ZIP, ZIP archives, and many more. Supported formats such as PST, EML, DBX, WAB, RAR, VCD, 7Z, ACE, LXR and ISO files are all supported. It is also a powerful file recovery application which can retrieve any formatted types of file and folder from any hard disk drive or USB thumb drive. All files on a drive can be recovered. Preview the recovered files for preview before recovering the entire files.
Recover your files from formatted USB drives
There is no need to buy a new USB thumb drive to recover your lost data, since AIC File Recovery is an excellent data recovery software to retrieve deleted files from formatted USB drives. You can recover any format of files including documents, images, videos, MP3, ZIP, ZIP archives, and many more. AIC File Recovery supports any hard disk drives, USB drives and external drives.
Recover files from corrupted FAT and NTFS volumes
AIC File Recovery is an excellent FAT file recovery software which can successfully repair the FAT system partition of every computer hard disk drive and USB drive. It can repair the FAT system partitions of any type of NTFS volume. It can recover any type of file from corrupted FAT or NTFS volume.
Decrypt personal folders
AIC File Recovery decrypter also helps you decrypt personal folders. It can decrypt the personal folders of every Windows registry entry, or decrypt Windows password protected Personal Storage Assistant (PST) files. It can also recover the encrypted personal folders of any type of ransomware, including Cryptlocker, Cryptowall and others.
Crash recovery
AIC File Recovery system crash recovery can recover the lost data even when the entire Windows OS system crashed. It can also recover the lost data after Windows crashes. You can activate the system crash recovery by choosing the desired settings.
Save recovered data to a new partition or USB thumb drive
Recover lost data on any hard disk drive or USB drive with AIC File Recovery, including secure recovery of confidential data. It supports all the popular file types, including documents, images, videos, MP3, ZIP, ZIP archives, and many more. AIC File Recovery successfully recovers lost data from all types of hard disk drives, including USB drives. All files on a drive can be recovered. Preview the recovered files for

AIC File Recovery Crack [Win/Mac] [Updated]

Many times your data has been lost or got corrupted. You can’t even think of an action you can take. The damage is so bad that you simply can’t do anything. And life carries on like this. It’s like a stranger has sneaked inside your private world and has messed things up. It’s an infinite circle. You can’t even get things back to the way they were. After such a crisis, your hard disk is no longer a reliable storage anymore and files can be recovered in few easy steps. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about it. The situation can be a bit daunting. To make things even worse, you are not getting any help.
With AIC File Recovery, you can recover files from any partition on your system. All you have to do is to connect a storage device or your hard disk drive to your system. AIC File Recovery then scans all the partitions that are found on your system. Files that are deleted from these partitions are recovered and you can access them immediately. Unlike other file recovery softwares, AIC File Recovery scans at a blazing fast speed. It is the kind of software that does not hang or randomly freeze and it allows you to work without being interrupted.
The features of AIC File Recovery include the ability to recover files regardless of their format, content, and size. The software can automatically recover lost files, even those that are on an external storage device.
AIC File Recovery Screenshot:

As a matter of fact, AIC File Recovery offers the most reliable file recovery feature. The software can recover deleted or corrupted files and restore them back to their previous forms. It can recover from various file formats, including FAT, NTFS, and Linux EXT. You can also recover files which can be named in the following formats: image, doc, pdf, rar, zip, and others.Q:

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What’s New In?

Get free and recover deleted files with AIC File Recovery. Use powerful undelete software to recover file from any storage media with ease. Free software offers instant file undelete after deleting, overwriting or formatting the drive without any losses. Reliable software offers a wide array of recover file options: it can recover deleted files, recover formatted, corrupted or damaged files, recover deleted or formatted files from external storage devices or from free partition space of any other storage media. Undelete any lost file with our solution. It can recover photos, documents, videos and other type of files from external storage drives or from other removable and non-removable media like pen drives, cameras and mobile phones. AIC File Recovery is a quick and easy way to recover deleted files that took you a lot of time to delete. You no longer need to waste your time searching for lost files because our software will immediately scan and detect all deleted files and folders. AIC File Recovery software is the foremost application to recover deleted files, recovered without the need to first format the storage device. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to recover deleted files in minutes without recovery knowledge or effort. You can now recover the formatted or damaged Windows file from internal or external hard drive, flash drive, external USB memory, pen drive and flash card without losing any files. AIC File Recovery is completely safe and easy to use. It can recover files without extracting or formatting the partition and without the need of registry editing.

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System Requirements For AIC File Recovery:

General Controls:
| Select the bar you want to control, then click on the command button with the letters “G” for “Global” and “B” for “Bar” to enable or disable the control.
— Select the Control you want to control, then click on the command button with the letters “C” for