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Dahua is dedicated to supplying various types of digital video devices. Along with the CCTV products, the company also supplies other types of surveillance equipment, including a security and alarm system. A more recent product is the SmartPLayer, a surveillance player that looks great and is an obvious upgrade to their previous models. This new model of surveillance equipment also has a very nice OLED display. It’s a wonderful addition to this surveillance equipment, and it works flawlessly. This product is a must-have in any surveillance system because it’s absolutely convenient.
The SmartPLayer is an upgrade from the earlier models from Dahua, and while it remains mostly the same, it’s definitely an improvement on the software side. It features a better GUI, GPS tagging, voice control, and a whole lot more. The most obvious improvement comes in the form of the OLED display, which is both easier to read and much more customizable. This allows you to change the background, fonts, item colors, and other such things right away with a single button press.
The software that comes on the disk is divided into three main categories: Firmware Update, Filemanager, and Menu Builder. The firmware upgrade menu allows you to update both the firmware versions of the camera itself, and the software versions, ranging from 0 to 15. You can get past the prompts by pressing the cancel button, but Dahua also offers a software update utility that can be set up for automatic downloading. You can also update the firmware on multiple camera systems at once, which makes this utility especially convenient for large CCTV systems.
The filemanager utility is fairly simple. It allows you to move files on the camera to another directory, move files to or from a remote server, download files, and change the destination of files. It’s mostly a simple file manager that isn’t really meant for larger applications.
The last of the three parts is the Menu Builder. This allows you to quickly customize every aspect of the SmartPLayer, and to make this easier, it has a drag-and-drop option that allows you to add or remove items. For example, you can add a new WPS device, a new folder, or you can add a new button to an existing menu.
Of course, this is all subject to Dahua’s Terms of Use. A lot of people will be fine with it, but if you’re not, you can simply go about your business as long as you stick to the stipulations.
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If you’re into technology, then you need to have Dahua’s tools on your list of utilities. Dahua Home Control is a simple and easy to use software application that will allow you to turn you Dahua products on and off using any PC or mobile device. Given the fact that the software is available for all Dahua products, it’s well worth giving it a try.
What does this simple application do?
Dahua Home Control performs simple tasks for you. It allows you to turn your cameras and alarm devices on and off from the comfort of your PC or mobile device. It allows you to set up user profiles, so that your family or friends can turn your home devices on and off in a single click. Most importantly, it provides the control you need to be able to operate your home surveillance system effortlessly.
Who can use this application?
Any family or friends that would like to access your home security devices from anywhere will be able to do just that by having Dahua Home Control installed on their PC or smartphone. Anyone who’s been given an account will be able to control your home system and receive alerts of any incoming troubles. You can also remotely access your camera settings, including its resolution, date and time, and any recorded footage.
How does it work?
Basically, Dahua Home Control allows you to remotely operate your entire home security system, turning your cameras on and off and receiving alerts of any incoming alarms. You don’t even have to be there to use

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Dahua Toolbox is an exclusive, compact user’s app suite specially developed and designed for the products of Dahua, such as cctv cameras, vcps, smart security systems, mobile communications terminals, etc.
This software is mainly to help you solve problems when working with your own electronic products or with the products of other companies. Its contents include Dahua’s own configuration, recording, alarm, management software, and other applications that are used to help you operate and manage your own electronic products. It can also be used to communicate with other products under the same company. It’s specifically designed for the products of the Dahua Company, making them more intuitive and convenient to use.
What’s New in This Release:
-Adjusted some of the problems described in the previous releases.

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I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review!

I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review!alllifefree

I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review!

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alllifefree says…4:49pm Wed 9 Apr 14

alllifefree wrote…

I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review!

It certainly is a good review. Well done.

[quote][p][bold]alllifefree[/bold] wrote:
I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review![/p][/quote]It certainly is a good review. Well done.alllifefree

alllifefree wrote…

I do not have to point out, that this is one good, well written review!

It certainly is a good review. Well done.

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alllifefree says…7:07pm Wed 9 Apr 14

We have a few more small points to talk about:
– File size of this installer package is just 4.4MB, so it does not even require to be deployed over your Dahua products.
– This software uses no internet connection, so it is utterly safe!

We have a few more small points to talk about:
– File size of this installer package is just 4.4MB, so it does not even require to be deployed

What’s New In Dahua Toolbox?

Dahua Toolbox is a web application and cloud service developed by Dahua. Users can browse through a collection of Dahua utilities that are available to download, install and/or use with any Dahua home security and home theater products or devices. A “Search” feature also provides users with a simple way to find any available utility they are looking for. The application also serves as a one-stop solution for users to manage their Dahua home surveillance and home theater products, troubleshoot and configure the same.

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On the next window that

System Requirements For Dahua Toolbox:

For best play:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5-7500
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 260x
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 compatible
Cameras: AnyLack of left ventricular asynchrony with exercise in patients with coronary artery disease and asymptomatic