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This small easy to use application can convert a text file into a list of formatted emails.
To use Email utils:
· Select Email list type from the top menu.
· Select the text file or save file.
· Check the application should use the folder filepath to write the file and create the CSV file.
· Select the CSV file name.
· Click Print.
· Save and run the program.
· Select Mail type from the top menu.
· Send your Emails.
· View your list of emails in the file, you can view them by changing the CSV format.
· Email lists can be of up to 3000 lines.
· Use it once you are satisfied with the result.

MsgBox Example


Copy some text in the message box in the right column and paste it to other applications

Sample File Usage:

Format CSV File for Emails

Format CSV File for Emails

Line 1:

Line 2:

Line 3:

Line 4:

Line 5:

Line 6:

Line 7:

Line 8:

Line 9:

Line 10:

Line 11:

Line 12:

Line 13:

Line 14:

Line 15:

Line 16:

Line 17:

Line 18:

Line 19:

Line 20:

Line 21:

Line 22:

Line 23:

Line 24:

Line 25:

Line 26:

Line 27:

Line 28:

Line 29:

Line 30:

Line 31:

Line 32:

Line 33:

Line 34:

Line 35:

Line 36:

Line 37:

Line 38:

Line 39:

Line 40:

Line 41:

Line 42:

Line 43:

Line 44:

Line 45:

Line 46:

Line 47:

Line 48:

Line 49:

Line 50:

Line 51:

Line 52:

Line 53:

Line 54:

Line 55:

Line 56:

Line 57:

Line 58:

Line 59:

Line 60:

Line 61:

Line 62:

Line 63:

Email Utils Crack + License Keygen For PC (Final 2022)

Application simply display an email form with 2 textboxes
When you fill the form and click send button, application will send you the
signature as a text and attach a file (at most 50kb).
You can specify a comma delimited file where signatures are contained, as a
physical path or text file.
Application will also allow to specify an email adress to forward to instead
of having the application send to the signature recipient.
All text is formatted. This includes signature, date, etc.
You can specify how many lines to add to a signature.
You can also specify an email signature template. You can modify the template
from a file (template.txt).
You can also modify the text of a signature
All text is formatted
You can specify a signature separator (comma, semi-colon).
You can modify the signature separator (comma, semi-colon)
You can also choose to have the signature display a bit more, or less, on
You can also specify how many lines to add before a signature separator, or
after a signature separator
You can specify whether the signature part should be displayed as a link or
without a link (e.g for when the sender has no email program to view the
signed part)
When a text file is specified in the form, application will display a text
editor, allowing you to modify the file before sending it.
When the application is run from a CD-ROM application, it will search for the
template file in the CD-ROM drive, to use that template.
Email Utils Torrent Download includes a 32bit application called Application Specific Profile
Generator. Simply run this application and then click the button which will
open a form for you to specify an executable (mswin) to be run on the target
computer. You then have to specify a name for the profile and a description,
and then click save. When run, the application will open a form which will
specify the details to be sent to the email recipient, they will be auto
saved. Clicking save will save the details in the specified profile file.
This is great for those who are doing mass deployments, and for those who
are not the main developer of the application. When run

Email Utils

· The user can choose the format of the mail list (html, plain text or both)
· Supports wild cards such as * or? in the address list
· Supports regular expression
· Supports automatic sorting by to/cc/bcc/subject
· Supports automatic numbering of the addresses
· Supports automatic “reply-to” header
· Supports automatically signs out messages with the “From” header
· Supports authentication for the “From” header using a given basic authentication string or a given username and password
· Supports automatic “Reply-To” header by a given address list
· Supports the delivery of the list as an attachment or embedded in the body of the email
· Supports configurable file storage
· Supports the conversion of html mail to text mail for the “Body” text field
· Supports image attachments
· Supports compressing the attachment before sending it to the mail server
· Supports attachment filtering
· Supports attachment parsing
· Supports embedded scripts in the email (example: images, video, flash)
· Supports sending an empty email to the list (example: a newsletter)
· Supports message validation (example: An email that contains html code must be in utf-8)
· Supports delivery notifications
· Supports automatic text forwarding
· Supports signature mailing lists
· Supports external appointment books
· Supports multiple mailing lists
· Supports automatic recipient list generation based on different name / address lists
· Supports the integration of any third-party custom applications
· Supports multiple email addresses per person (example: 1 personal email, 1 work email, 2 personal mail)
· Supports different levels of security (example: Privileged, restricted) for the different email addresses
· Supports filtering of email addresses (example:,
· Supports the ability to forward mails from mailboxes to a specified mailbox (example: fwd: (to, fwd: (to
· Supports the auto generation of the “Reply-To” and “References-To” headers
· Supports the auto delivery of attachments
· Supports batching of messages for delivery
· Supports sending any type of emails (example: text, html, rtf,…)
· Supports multiple mail servers
· Supports the filtering of the emails before delivery (example: 10 messages per day, 20 messages per hour…)
· Supports sending a customizable message

What’s New In Email Utils?

This is a simple application designed to help you format a email list. Supports older version of.NET Framework and Outlook Express. It is also compatible with Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE and Windows Mobile Standard.
Your comments and ratings are appreciated.
Please contact me at if you like Email Utils.
You can buy Email Utils and the source code at
Email list application is only for formatting email lists and does not include any features related to ‘Contact Management’ or ‘e-mail Organizer’.
Email Utils Version
Email Utils Update Instructions
· Download and install the latest version of Email Utils.
· Unzip it to any folder.
· Download the LATEST version of the updated files.
· Zip them up.
· Copy the new zip folder to the old one.
· Run the application.
· Restart your PC.
Internet Email List, or, How to send 1000 emails per month for free
By: Sped Bingham
Internet Email List is very easy. You just need to combine a couple of applications together: Microsoft’s
Exchange Server, and an email list software, and you’re done.
There are many e-mail list software such as Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups, and many others but all are very expensive.
Thanks to Microsoft Exchange Server, you can create unlimited number of groups, each group represents a person.
On an Exchange Server 2007/2008, there are Groups address list, Mailbox list, Distribution list, Inbox list,
Recipients list, and a few other lists that you can use to manage and maintain your e-mail lists and your
people who are in those lists.
The only thing is if you want to create an unlimited number of groups, you’d have to buy a new Exchange Server
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The best thing is that Microsoft provides free lifetime support on your Exchange Server. Just contact their tech
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If you want to create unlimited groups, you can have your own web server and then run those Exchange Servers,
on a powerful PC. That’s the best way to create an unlimited number of groups.
Here’s a step-

System Requirements For Email Utils:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (e.g., 2.4 GHz dual-core or faster)
Intel Core 2 Duo (e.g., 2.4 GHz dual-core or faster) Memory: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel GMA X4500 or better
AMD Radeon HD 4000 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
30 GB available space CD/