While the main advantage some people claim the print books will always have over digital ones is a familiar and comfortable environment, ebooks and readers have kept up with the times and have managed to emulate a real-life experience.
As for the applications helping you handle ebooks, they have obviously had to enhance their capabilities as well, and Epubor is living proof of that.
Ebook manager and converter that can handle any file format
First things first, users should know that installing Epubor is an undemanding process at the end of which a neatly organized GUI pops out.
As for precisely how the program could prove of use, it is worth mentioning that it can manage and convert all your ebooks as well as ensure a seamless interaction with your ebook reader.
You simply need to populate your library with your favorite books, with a multitude of file formats being supported. Anything ranging from EPUB, MOBI, and PDF to DOCX, RTF, AQV, and more should be supported, so you'll probably be safe regardless of your choice.
Allows you to edit ebook metadata
What’s more, if you are not comfortable with the current file format, resorting to the integrated converter is something that should raise no difficulty at all. As for DRM-protected ebooks, they can be handled just as easily with no restrictions whatsoever.
The program allows you to edit any entry on your list, with the possibility of applying modifications to its metadata. You can thus change any ebook’s title, author, ISBN, date, language, publisher, tags, rating as well as replace its cover.
Epubor can also be of use when trying to transfer ebooks to your e-reader, with Kindle and Kobo being the supported devices.
The “Toolbox” section is another goodie the application boasts. The highlight is the “Web Server” component, which enables you to access your ebook library on any device connected to the Internet. Aside from that, an online ebook converter can also be accessed.
Approachable app helping you handle all your ebooks and e-reader
On an ending note, Epubor is a user-friendly ebook manager that can work with a multitude of file formats and can also come in handy when trying to add reading material to your e-reader. The program is easy to interact with and can handle DRM-protected ebooks, which makes it a noteworthy app of its kind.







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Screenshots of Epubor

Epubor Publisher’s Description:

Convert your files and protect your work
Now there’s a way to import your work as a library, filter your bookmarks, manage your annotations, or export your bookmarks or notes in any format – including PDF, JPEG, PDB, etc. The result: a catalog in your library that doesn’t even have to be a library.
Check the entire conversion process, fine-tune your results with your own configuration, and make your own library or organize your PDFs in a way that makes sense to you.
Find out more at

Epubor Publisher’s Comments:

No more heavy bookshelf or software. Keep your books and your notes close!

Epubor’s download links

Epubor Free

How to Install Epubor

1. Install Using Windows Installer
– right-click on the setup file and choose Run As Administrator
– Click on Yes when the UAC pops out
– Wait for the installation process to be completed

2. Install Using CMD Method
– Open the setup file using Notepad or any other text editor
– After the “A” and “A” are replaced with “C” and “D”, respectively, the final product will look like this: “C:\Program Files\Kipbox\epubor.exe”
– Click on OK when prompted
– Open CMD
– Type “epubor.exe” into the CMD window and press Enter
– The software will automatically start installing

Epubor Features:

Add and manage all your ebooks in your catalog
Search for books and let Epubor find them for you. There’s a simple tool that makes it easy to catalog ebooks that are already in your library. You can also use the built-in bookmarking system to organize your bookmarks and make them easily searchable.

Import ebooks from a wide array of sources
Epubor comes with a versatile e-book database that can import ebooks from a wide array of sources, such as: FTP, CIFS, MTP, FTP and HTTP. The Supported Server Types include:
– Gdrive
– Amazon AWS S3
– Dropbox
– Google Drive

Epubor Free Download X64 (2022)

Epubor Crack For Windows is a lightweight ebook manager software that was designed to handle ebooks and e-reader devices. It can be easily used by beginners that are looking for a simple and speedy program that is compatible with a wide range of ebook formats.
If you’re considering purchasing this app, you should know that this review covers the trial version only. It currently comes as a free download on both the App Store and Google Play, with the paid version costing $7.99.

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Epubor Crack Free Download is a free ebook manager for Android that allows users to handle ebooks and e-reader devices. Users can obtain an extensive range of ebooks in a wide variety of formats. The app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

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Epubor is an e-book manager that allows you to browse, manage and convert your library of e-books and e-readers.
“Enrichment” – management and conversion of e-books.
✓create, copy, move and delete any item (subject to DRM rights)
✓records (sequences) of to-be-read items
✓organise books in various ways (for example by folders or collections)
✓delete read items
✓move read items to the top of the list
✓info about any item
✓access online book store
✓sync with Kindle and Kobo
✓add items to Ereader, make bookmarks, and to-be-read lists
✓quick view
✓synchronise to the web
✓manage online public libraries
✓combine multiple files into one EPUB to avoid space limitations
✓read EPUB format.
Supported formats: EPUB, MOBI, DOCX, PDF, AZW, RBZ, JPEG, PNG.
✓online readings.
✓sync with Kindle and Kobo.
✓manage items both online and offline.
✓download books from online libraries.
✓regenerate bookmarks, read items.
✓show images.
✓compare two books.
✓convert any file to EPUB.
✓create bookmarks.
✓search by tag.
✓info about items.
✓access online book stores.
✓structure your library.
✓add items to Ereader.
✓read notes and comments on items.
✓copy items to other Ebooks.
✓move items.
✓search for items.
✓view files.
✓download file for offline use.
✓add to favourite.
✓save file to your device.
✓open document.
✓show image.
✓view book as a table.
✓convert any file format to EPUB.
✓create bookmarks.
✓show text.
✓search by tag.
✓show cover.
✓delete bookmarks.

What’s New in the?

What’s new in version: (Fix some bugs)
Epubor is an ebook manager and epub converter tool to read ebooks offline without any network or java script support. Epubor is an app to convert and read EPUB ebooks in offline mode. This is a perfect app if you have limited bandwidth or don’t want to wait for the library to be updated.
Can convert any kind of ebooks, supports ebooks in many format, syncs perfectly with android and iOS devices.
The main function of the program is to find all the ebooks in your device. So you can read it as you wish.
Save big library space because the books don’t take up much room on your SD card. This app also allows you to change meta information of books like cover, author, language, etc.
You can easily sync the book in epub format with other ereader or tablet.
Download the application on Google Play or Apple App Store
Epubor is currently available in seven languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
It’s available for free.

Epubor: Features:

– Can convert any kind of ebooks
– Supports ebooks in many formats including EPUB, MOBI, OEB, and PDF
– Syncs perfectly with Android and iOS devices
– Change the meta information of your books
– Save your books in the library so you can read it as you wish
– Save big library space because the books don’t take up much room on your SD card

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Epubor Professional : What’s new in version 1.01:
– Version 1.01 Fixed some bugs
– Added some features and improved epub related tools
– Version 1.01 include some ebooks. Update your epub library and discover new ebooks in version 1.01.

System Requirements:

• Windows 7/8.1
• 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
• 1 GB RAM
• 2 GB available disk space
• Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.9.2
• 512 MB RAM
• 3 GB available disk space
• macOS 10.9.2 or later
• 2 GB RAM