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Fast, free and effective management of Disk passwordsIt protects your files and folders, and you don’t need to boot or log in using your usual password. You don’t even need to enter a password to access the software utility, which will authenticate your login automatically.

So, it’s quite simple but if you want to use it you have to enter the password you create. In my case it’s just the username to login…

How can you create a Password without knowing a password?Possible but difficult, a password can be either created by you or provided from someone else. As you can guess I didn’t create one…

What is the size of the Password?There is no size limit but you should not choose a long one as a password will be the only thing you need to remember

Is it safe?How you are going to know what you have in your “Password” folder?There is only one solution : you create a new file in your C:/ drive and you check if you have the “Application folder” encrypted. If you have encrypted your Application folder your files are safe.

When you can I say that the Password is encrypted?It is encrypted only when you have selected a folder to be encrypted. This happens when you first launch the application.

Can the Password be put in the tray ( like Passwords for your e-mail )?Not at this time and if you want to be able to put the password in the tray you have to set a password for your C:/ drive.

Hey exlade, i would like to know for the ‘locking drive’ tool. Where can i get it and how can i install it? i have created a password on a certain partition, and i need to access that partition and make changes on it. Is that possible. i mean i have tried using third party partition tools like Acronis Disk Administrator but they don’t allow me to do that. you said in one of your replies you can do it without booting, but how exactly?

using Acronis disk administrator i can lock a partition, but i have to first log in and then from that partition i have to manually lock all other partitions, which is a very time consuming process and it takes more time to boot (win 7 and 8) than booting into the partition and locking it manually. there is no way to do it automatically.

Kev37 said:Hey exlade, i would like to

Exlade Disk Password Protection Crack Free Download [Mac/Win]

Exlade Disk Password Protection is a disk security tool that lets you secure your partitions and drives against unauthorized access and modification. The application secures your data by adding a password-protected layer over any selected partition or drive.
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C# – parsing string

I need help with a little problem. I have a string like this:
string s=”7:7 4:4″, line

Now, I need to take the first month, the second month and the third month. I know there are some methods like substring, or find, etc. But i can’t solve it using these methods.


Well you can split the string using e.g. String.Split(‘ ‘)
You can then get the first element like so:
var result = str.Split(‘ ‘)
.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Trim().Length > 0);

If you just want to get the first element you can simplify the above to use First(). This will throw an exception if

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Memory: 500 MB RAM
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