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– Get ready to create amazing videos in minutes!
– Over 600 exclusive effects, styles, and presets to adapt all your videos to your taste
– The ability to customize the output file with the new mini menus (showing the information of each effect, style or preset)
– A unique and easy-to-use interface
– Optimized for both Windows and Mac OS systems
– Works with both the Crop and Fit buttons
– Supports Sony Vegas 10, 11, 12, Pro 64 and Pro 13.

– Fix: cover slide deletion by keyboard shortcut – “CTRL+R” – during copying.

– Fix: film looks show properly on initial launch on the Windows system.

– Fix: Playback issues with playback of DVD movie.

– Fix: add prev/next buttons to Filmlooks manager.

– Fix: select top menu.

– New: For Windows Vista and 7: Support multiple monitor/TVs.
– New: Support for new NVIDIA 3D TV adapters.
– New: Boot from the windows volume (instead of Cd Drive).
– Fix: The Name and Category boxes can be no longer edit by the mouse using a mouse.

– Fix: After switching category while browsing through categories, the list boxes were cleared.
– Update: Added the ability to disable the “Select All” in the windows.
– Fix: Also support mini menus for the widescreen (16:9) videos.

– Fix: Mark all check box for the folders selected in the window in order to copy and move.

– Fix: Use unsigned dll to work in Vista.
– Fix: Optimize more on the Windows NT platform.
– Add: Option to set the resize mode. 0: None, 1: Mirror, 2: Zoom.

– New: Add the ability to set the slider’s position.
– New: Many bug fixes.

Film Looks Vol 4 [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

– Easy to use: Apply effects to your video files, and then save and reload presets to reuse them in future
– High quality: High quality video effects to enrich your videos.
– Professional: Available presets with sophisticated styles.
– 1000+ effects included
– Your personalized presets: Add photos, music, logos, texts, titles and videos to your video files.
– Manage your settings: Save and load your presets to and from Sony Vegas Pro.
– Support RAW formats: Supports RAW formats in Sony Vegas Pro only.
– Creative Package: Filmmaker and video producer will love this extended version.
– HD PRO: Bringing together Creative Suite 5.5 HD PRO Workflow

Studio Play, the industry-leading creative tools for VFX and editing, has been awarded the 2014 Creative Software & Media Choice Award by The annual award recognizes software that demonstrates industry-leading performance while filling a special need in post-production or media production.

“After a year of unparalleled success and growth, Studio is at its core a software company,” said Anders Loof, CEO of PreSonus. “Our goal is to be the best VFX and Media Center software in the industry. As it relates to VFX, we are today delivering the industry’s most advanced and efficient tools for 3D, compositing, offline, and more. As it relates to Media Center, we are delivering an intuitive interface, powerful new key tools, and best of all, easy to use premium services that let your creativity go to where it is most inspired and create within the world’s most beautiful places. That is truly moving music forward!”

“We are so very proud to recognize StudioPlay as this year’s best creative software choice,” said Rich Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of “This award is a true reflection of the quality and exceptional value you get in StudioPlay. We look forward to an exciting future together.”

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Studio Play 2013 Version 3

Film Looks Vol 4 With License Code (Latest)

-Create effects, styles and presets easily and quickly
-Multiple effects and styles supported
-Apply effects to video clips and also to single frames
-Apply and mix effects with video clips, images, and photos
-Preview effects on real-time, cut-time, and overlay modes
-Apply filters to clips, images, and photos to create stunning results
-Adjust the length of effects and styles
-Save presets to use at later
-Effect can be created during the recording process
-A visual guide during creating and sharing effects, styles and presets
-Enhance photos with effects and styles on screen display.
-Add text, text and graphics.
-Clean video of frames, video clips, photos and images that contain sharp edges,
-Make blurred videos.
-Adjust the default value
-Added and export presets that will be automatically added into shared preferences
-Added options to display a size of the preview window
-Add, delete and remove photos, images, videos, and videos
-Enabled ability to create a playlist, saving all created effects and styles

Video lightroom for Android is an utility app for processing and organizing video files in single and batch mode, also it have support for video music in all supported formats.
Videolightroom supports both the S-video and composite video output on your Android device. Moreover, it will enable to convert and transfer files from your computer to your Android device.
Videolightroom main features:
-Process and organize video files
-Copy, move, delete, rename, extract video files to SD card.
-Get the metadata of video files.
-Video file properties (size, duration, image quality, bitrate, fps, etc.).
-Adds and shows file information and preview of files.
-Import photo from an SD card or select from your device memory.
-Manage video collections by various ways: folders, ratings, sort, rename.
-Save/load video collection from SD card.
-Save/load popular music video playlist (more to download).
-Apply playlist.
-Add a video or photo to the playlist.
-Delete a video from the playlist.
-Get file information.
-Compare with other collection.
-Copy, move, delete, rename, extract video files to SD card.
-Resize video and choose the frames of the video.
-Ocrify video files from camera.
-Change brightness.

What’s New In?

? Add artistic B&W, Golder, Vintage Blue and Retro Poster styles to your footage
? High Quality and Ultra-Fast
? Easily apply and fine-tune each effect and style
? Adjust your video’s brightness, saturation and contrast
? Easily apply or remove every effect, style, filter and transition
? Choose from over 20 transition options
? Presets included
? Works great with the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro
? Included in this product
? Film Looks Vol 4 is an extension for Sony Vegas Pro
? Subscription is required
Dope & Dopeer are a team of top-notch professionals who are passionate about filmmaking and developing innovative tools to help artists capture their vision. We’re constantly working on ways to improve our editing software, and we love to share our work with everyone! We’ve released a new version of Dope & Dopeer and the company is now part of the Levon Video Group.
We’re so happy to have been part of such an amazing journey, and we hope you love our current and future products as much as we do!
Dope & Dopeer Ltd.
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