Designed in Java, NixNote is an open-source Evernote client that copies the same features of the well-known application to deliver simple and efficient methods to create and organize notes. It integrates only the essential features of the app and works on Windows and Linux.
No installation necessary, aside from Java
There is no setup pack involved, which makes NixNote (almost) portable. Provided that you have Java installed on the PC, you can directly run the app as well as save it to a pen drive to launch it on any machine with Java installed.
An important factor worth taking into account is that, unlike most installers, it does not modify Windows registry settings, so it does not increase the risk of system stability issues.
Simple interface and rich options
The GUI has a neatly organized structure that's easy to navigate. You can take advantage of standard text formatting options to write personalized notes, create multiple notes and organize them in different categories, as well as add tags to find particular types of notes faster.
Manage and save notes
It is possible to duplicate or delete notes, change the title color in the list to spot them easier, pin and unpin notes, print or send them via email, export them to file and import them at a later time or another computer running NixNote, as well as back up and restore the database.
Evidently, you can resort to a search function to locate notes by title or content, encrypt the database, enable a spellchecker, change the UI style and date/time format, minimize NixNote to the system tray to make it non-intrusive, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
There were no stability issues in our testing, since the app did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and minimal impact on PC performance, thanks to the fact that it runs on low CPU and RAM.
All in all, NixNote delivers a fast and simple solution to create and save notes by cloning the essential features of Evernote.









NixNote Torrent X64 (Updated 2022)

NixNote Cracked Version is a little notepad that keeps your notes organized. It gives you the same features as the famous Notepad: organize your notes into different categories, protect you notes with passwords, combine multiple notes into one, and recover notes when the need arises.
NixNote 2022 Crack is designed in Java, and no installation is required. It runs on all Java-enabled operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
NixNote Crack Free Download Features:
– Organize notes in categories: List your notes with keywords, it can help you remember and find you notes later.
– Create multiple notes: Create as many notes as you wish to have more notes to organize.
– Print notes: Print notes with pre-configured margins, style and paper size, and have a resume mode if you want.
– Add labels to notes: Take notes and enter your notes with labels, create several groups of notes, and sort notes according to labels.
– Protect your notes with passwords: Protect your notes with passwords to prevent unauthorized changes.
– Download notes as HTML: Download notes as an HTML file. It is ready to be hosted on web and supported by all browsers.
– Email notes as HTML: Send notes as an HTML email. It is better to read and share notes with friends.
– Tag notes: Tag notes with keywords to make it more convenient to find it later.
– Find notes by title and notes: Find notes easily through searching the database by title or content.
– Export notes: Export notes to other programs or to an archive file. You can also export notes as HTML, HTML email, PDF, DOC, TXT, and CSV files.
– Add notes and auto-save: Add notes and auto-save each time you create a note.
– Restore notes: Restore notes from an archive file. If the original notes are lost or have been deleted accidentally, you can restore them.
– Last version: Get updates when the app is updated.
– Theme: Change the UI style and look.
– Open API: View and get notes through an API. The interface can be extended by developers.
– Integrated tools: Get tools to help you organize your notes easily.
NixNote System Requirements:
– Windows: XP or later (or Linux / Mac), Java is required.
– Mac: Mac 10.4 or later, Java is required.
– Linux: Java, deb package or rpm package.
Recent Versions

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Procedural generation

Ember (aka Emberi) has been using OMR to depict vector graphics drawing, line segment generation and text to fabricate distinctive business graphic styles, then use App Designer to make the pixellated stuff on the canvas. The beta is looking great.
What’s awesome
1. The performance is quite remarkable. The machine with GeForce 9400M in Windows 7 is mainly to do everyday tasks, along with almost all tasks that is mainly based on vector graphics, the workload is also tolerable, even as low as 50% of it is not able to cause any lag and flickering.
2. High-quality vector graphics drawing and line segment generation. It got me the feeling that I’m using photoshop, even when I can’t use a computer which has photoshop.
3. The palettes are highly impressive. I can create a layout that is similar to Photoshop or Illustrator as long as I know the anatomy of vector graphics.
4. No feature of Illustrator can compare to App Designer’s preview and control modes.
What’s less impressive
1. It is a bit buggy, at times something will happen after restarting, though rarely or rarely is its application. It is of course not Java’s fault, but the problem should be taken care of.
2. The lack of additional features. The other reason why I still haven’t moved to JCE is that App Designer is able to help me design and edit a whole storyboard while the bundled developer tools for creating graphics within a document was not able to fulfill that task. I wish the App Designer could help me manage storyboard effectively.
Well, I think it will become my best vector graphics software.
The comments and opinions of users give me a lot of confidence. It encourages me to create more vector graphics, and I’m also excited to build a vector graphics department with this software.

Blumenauf – Create and edit vector graphics

Somewhere in the 1970s, Ryan started to talk and write about “vector art”. He wrote some articles for Promax. During the late 1990s he started to work on his first game, and in 1998 he started and held the first web design comp in Joust, where he met Sile.
In 2001, he moved to Blumenau to work for GFox, in a support department. One of his tasks was to help GFox’s web master to handle the web sites in a modern way. He

NixNote Download

1. A faster and secure alternative to Evernote, NixNote is an open source Evernote client.
2. Copy the same features of Evernote: image/text tagging, bookmarks, search, share, search, keyboard shortcuts, notes, task lists, everything…
3. An easy to use note-taking app.
4. Free and open source.
NixNote Screenshots:
Using NixNote

NixNote – Top 3 features

Applying formatting to text

Creating a note

Uploading to Evernote

NixNote for Android

A big fan of NixNote

NixNote – Why should I try it?

Better than Evernote

Than Evernote

Better than Evernote

Note taking is getting in your way

Evernote fan

NixNote: The letter is missing from the toolbar

NixNote – Your Feedback

Excellent app, good job!

Awesome app, nice job.

Good job for a small free app!

Best note taker I’ve seen to date!

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks awesome so I recommend it to all my friends!

Thank you for your comment!

Why is “Mozilla Firefox” in English when I have an Italian Windows 7?

Why is “Mozilla Firefox” in English when I have an Italian Windows 7?

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser for Windows, Linux and OS X.

I was impressed by your performance in terms of response time and startup time. It is also easy to use, fast, safe and efficient. Overall, it seems that it is a wonderful app that meets my expectations. Thanks for this wonderful app!

I have installed this app and it works OK, but it goes crazy with over one thousand notes in my Evernote account. Seems like it cannot handle so many notes in the App. It also takes a long time to open.

I have installed this app and it works OK, but it goes crazy with over one thousand notes in my Evernote account. Seems like it cannot handle so many notes in the App. It also takes a long time to open.

I have installed this app and it works OK, but it goes crazy with over one thousand notes in my Evernote

What’s New In?

Item Name: A simple, clean, fast, stable and no hangups note software.

Windows/Linux version

Latest version: 2.1.11

Dependencies: Java version 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit), JavaFX Script version 2.0.3

Supported Java version: Java 8, Java 7 and Java 6 are all supported.

System Requirements: Windows, Linux

File Size: 9.2 MB

Platform: Windows, Linux

Package File:.exe

Winning points:

Advanced note management.

Chromium, Firefox, IE11, Edge support.

Supported language: English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech.

App is portable with no setup required.

Simple interface and rich options.

Manage and save notes.

Free package of 6 months service.


1-5 stars:

1 star is our lowest score.

Average is 3 stars.

5 stars is the highest score.

Memory and CPU Usage:


11.3 MB and 493 MB are the lowest value we saw during our testing.


25.8 MB and 341 MB are the average value we saw during our testing.


43.9 MB and 258 MB are the highest value we saw during our testing.

Download Size:


42 KB and 13.4 KB are the smallest and largest size of the app we saw during our testing, respectively.


45.3 MB and 12.4 MB are the smallest and largest size of the app we saw during our testing, respectively.



50 seconds and 47 seconds are the slowest app we saw during our testing.


54.8 seconds and 44.2 seconds are the fastest app we saw during our testing.

File Transfer:

File transfer in fastest:

30 MB in 11.9 seconds.

File transfer in slowest:

813 KB in 24 seconds.

Interface and Usability:

Love it:


We like it.

Use it:


System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1GHz
Memory: 256MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
Hard Disk: 7GB free space (10GB recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 128MB video memory.
Internet: ADSL or Cable connection.
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card.
Additional Notes:
We have only tested the game on Windows XP but it should work fine on Windows 2000.