WinDirLister is specially created for listing the folders on a disk (USB stick, hard disk, floppy disk, DVD, ZIP drive, CD ROM, removable disk) and to save the list in a text file located where the user wants.
You can list all folders or only those containing specific files. For specifying file names wild cards like * and ? are permitted.
Windows’ built-in search function enables a quick search, but it saves the results in a file format unreadable by word processors. Windows Explorer lists files and folders only in a window, not in a file. This gap is filled by WinDirLister.







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This description includes the features, settings and limitations of WinDirLister. If a more specific description for your PC version is needed, click here: WinDirLister System requirements, download size and ZIP file

System Requirements:

WinDirLister (0.74) software is supported by the following Operating Systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
License : Trial, Demo, Education

Program Features

Tired of taming the volume of files with folders and sub-folders, WinDirLister enables you to create an overview for your existing documents, folders and files.
WinDirLister enables you to store a list of drives (or USB drive, floppy disk, ZIP drive, hard disk, CD/DVD, removable disk) to a text file, and to enumerate and list files within these folders.
WinDirLister lists only the files, which match the selected file names.
WinDirLister can list all sub-folders or only those which contain specific file types.
WinDirLister saves the list of files in a format readable by word processors (like Microsoft Word) and other word processing or text editor software (like Notepad, other standard text editors).
WinDirLister lists the names of all files within all existing and future created sub-folders (note: it can create only one list for each sub-folder, not one list for each existing sub-folder and one list for each future sub-folder)
WinDirLister lists the names of the files stored on each sub-folder.
WinDirLister lists the directories, which can be created on each sub-folder.
WinDirLister lists the name of the folders with any sub-folder name.
WinDirLister enables you to exclude any name of folders or sub-folders, to any file types, any name of files and to the name of any folder (unlike the built-in Windows search function).
WinDirLister enables you to save a list of drives and/or sub-folders in a text file (named e.g. List01.txt).
WinDirLister enables you to save a file which contains the list of drives and/or sub-folders. You can choose any name for the file.
WinDirLister enables you to browse and list the contents of any existing or future created folder (note: it can

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1) Show file names in bold and underlined. WinDirLister creates and saves a text file for listing files in a default format (no wild cards, line endings, separators) and a text file with file names in bold and underlined.
2) Select only specific file names. With WinDirLister it is possible to list all the folders and/or files containing a specific file.
3) Show full path on a disk or ZIP drive. WinDirLister shows file names separated by forward and backward slashes and uses file paths for sorting.
4) Show size of files and folders.
5) Run WinDirLister automatically at startup.
6) WinDirLister can be used for checking file attributes (size, date, etc.).
7) WinDirLister can be used as a replacement of Windows’ built-in search function.
8) WinDirLister uses less disk space than other tools for listing file names.

How to use WinDirLister:
To configure WinDirLister for listing specific folders or folders containing specific files, right click on the folder and choose “View by WinDirLister”. For the usage of WinDirLister as a basic search function, right click on any file and choose “View by WinDirLister” in the search field at the top left corner of the screen.

All WinDirLister actions can be performed with any text file. WinDirLister creates an output file if none already exists, overwriting any previous output file.
If you already have a text file with file names in bold and underlined you will see how WinDirLister lists file names from your file. WinDirLister is also able to list folders from a folder on disk.

Check list of commands with WinDirLister:

1) View by WinDirLister: select the folder where you want to list files. This will start WinDirLister.
2) View only folders: in the folder list select all folders.
3) View only files: in the folder list select only files.
4) View file names, path, size and date: click on the first file in the folder list to start viewing the selected file.
5) View file attributes: click on the first file in the folder list to start viewing the selected file.
6) Create text file in the selected directory: choose “Create Text File…” in the

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This program enables you to list all folders on a disk in a window or in a text file. It will be easier to find the right disk, if you have the correct file name for the desired folder.
WinDirLister can also list only the folders containing a specific file name (with wild cards or not) or only the folders containing a specific file name or not. In addition, WinDirLister has a built-in search function, which helps you to find the right disk. If you have saved your search results in a file, it is easy to open the result file and to paste the list of folders in a window of your word processor. No matter if you have found your files via the window or via a file, the result will be the same: the ordered list of folders.

One of the largest advantages of WinDirLister is the ability to use wild cards (you will find this very useful, if you have a list of files and folders on multiple disks).

WinDirLister – Main Features:
(1) Visual list of folders and files on all disks (pendrive, hard disk, optical media, ZIP drive, CD ROM, removable disk)
(2) Light weight program, no heavy dependencies, no disc access, no permanent memory
(3) List of folders and files in a file that can be opened in a standard text editor
(4) Built-in search of folders
(5) Show the full path to the disk, which includes all subfolders
(6) Describe all folders or only those containing certain files
(7) In the GUI of the program, you can run the “Run Disk Scanner” option to find all “non-usual” folders.
(8) The program can detect the size of all folders and files on a disk and lists it in a log file.
(9) No installation is required.
(10) A very small amount of memory is required.
(11) The program uses no resources when it is idle. It can run for months without eating any memory.
(12) The program supports counting in the event log files.
(13) WinDirLister can start at the start of an USB device, CD Rom and Zip drive without any trouble.
(14) WinDirLister is available in all versions of the Windows operating system starting from Windows 95 through Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 64 bit, 32 bit and Microsoft

What’s New In?

WinDirLister is a very flexible tool that enables you to have a list of all folders and files in Windows.
It can be used to list in alphabetical order or on the basis of folders’ content the list of subfolders and files. You can also select a specific type of files (f.e. all images files) or a specific extension (f.e. all images files, *.jpeg, *.jpg, etc.).
WinDirLister can list all folders and subfolders contained in a directory (or a current drive) or a specific drive. It can also list all files contained in a directory (or a current drive) or a specific directory (including the directories contained in it).
You can create a list of directories (folders) and a list of files, or a list of file types and a list of directories (folders).
WinDirLister can be used to list the folders and files contained in a ZIP drive.
You can edit a list of files and folders. The list can be saved in any text file.
It has an embedded text editor to edit the values of the fields. If you want a list that includes the files that you have modified in the previous session, you must save the list before closing the program. You can save the list using the buttons located on the top bar of the program. The list can also be saved to the same directory where the program is.
You can print the list to any printer.
You can send the list to email with the help of the program’s conversion to HTML file.
You can also save the list to the clipboard to use it anywhere in Windows (Word, Excel, Access,…).
You can create a new list with some pre-defined fields (i.e. all files, all images, or all text files).
You can create a list of folders or a list of subfolders. You can also create a list of file types or a list of directories.
You can also create a list of subfolders or a list of files. You can also create a list of specific file types or a list of subfolders.
You can create a list with all the files contained in a zip archive or in a folder.
The list can be displayed as a table (with columns and rows). You can also visualize the list as a table (as in the Windows explorer).
You can select specific columns (or all of them) to display

System Requirements:

Can be played on any PC that meets the minimum system requirements listed here.
Minimum system requirements for all supported platforms are:
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or better. (AMD Phenom II X2 555 or better)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
DirectX: Version 9.0c
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