This is the first video game FIFA title developed by EA Canada since the studio’s creation in 2006. The developer has also remained dedicated to consumer-based game design, with the continued development of its suite of sports games with NHL Hitz series, Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team.

The EA SPORTS FIFA community continues to grow and remains the most popular and engaged sports gaming community in the world. More than 1.4 billion people in over 200 countries are active FIFA consumers, and all of the EA SPORTS FIFA players over the course of the past 20 years have collectively logged over 50 million hours playing.

Preliminary FIFA 22 screenshots

“EA SPORTS FIFA 22 captures the excitement and atmosphere of a high-speed football match, and introduces ‘HyperMotion Technology,’ which uses motion capture data to accurately replicate player movements, ‘fluid’ ball control and gameplay transitions,” said Andrew Wilson, Creative Director of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. “To get the most out of this new title, fans will need to be active in the FIFA community and have their own input when it comes to creating FIFA, and all of the content they want on top of that.”

“We’re bringing the first next-gen game engine to life and implementing amazing new features, all within FIFA’s most realistic gameplay ever,” Wilson continued. “FIFA 22 truly rewrites the rulebook of football simulation: everything from player physics to ball physics to the artistic depth and production values that the next-generation game engine allows for.”

A full FIFA 22 demo is available starting June 13 at select retailers, as well as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Key elements of the next-gen engine are featured in the demo, including:

Slightly lofted ball physics that deliver smooth, responsive ball handling;

New artificial intelligence engine that provides better, more reactive player and ball interaction;

Full motion capture powered gameplay physics, that bring lifelike player animation and next-generation ball physics;

Developed using the newly released Ignite engine, the first next-generation game engine designed to support free-to-play games;

Advanced match engine, allowing for dynamically-changing gameplay based on player positioning, formations, weather and other factors;

FIFA 22 on Nintendo Switch is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Hundreds of new and revamped player animations
  • Forty-eight all-new Stadiums to bring authenticity and gameplay feedback to the pitch
  • New moves, celebrations, and atmosphere noises to bring a real, matchday atmosphere to the pitch
  • New Player Movement, Improved Player Trajectories, Pass Arcs, Zonal Awareness, and Sprinting
  • New physics, improved player control, and ball control
  • New muscle mass development, recovery, and recovery modes
  • Enhanced and intuitive Manager controls and simulation
  • Real-world data brings more control to your squadbuilding
  • Improved roles and Tactics
  • Improved accuracy and use of player strength
  • Refined Body Swerve and In-Hoop Activations
  • New Skill Switch Guide and Tackling System
  • Improved replays, improved Bus/Interactive View
  • Improved goalkeepers, update to new goalkeeper models
  • Watch a Quick Pitch Demo:


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The official videogame of FIFA, FIFA is more than just a great game of soccer. Through a deep and immersive soccer experience, FIFA brings the excitement of the beautiful game to life.

Console Compatibility

In addition to the on-screen graphics, FIFA allows you to play and connect on any Xbox, PlayStation or PlayStation®2 system.

Play on the go

FIFA was developed as a console game but now features complete wireless connectivity. Play anytime, anywhere with the PlayStation®Move motion controller or PlayStation®3 Eye.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch™ version of FIFA features cross-platform connectivity with PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC.

Customize your journey

As with FIFA 19, there are 20 national teams to choose from. Each has its own unique attributes and play style.

The full game comes with:

Breathtaking Graphics

FIFA has a new level of detail never seen before in a videogame. From the brilliant lighting and sun effects to the depth of the surfaces, Fifa 22 Crack Mac is sure to bring the same sense of authenticity to your living room.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is back. Created by the most powerful, influential and passionate football fans in the world, the ULTIMATE TEAM is the cornerstone of the experience, providing more ways to get ahead in FIFA than ever before.

The Challenge of the Season

The FIFA Championship is back, and with the new season comes new challenges. Whether you’re a first-time FUT champion, or a competitive veteran, there are lots of rewards waiting for you this year.

Play as Messi or Ronaldo

Take the reins of your favorite player in Cracked Fifa 22 With Keygen. And if you prefer to play as someone else, just grab a friend and control the talents of one of your favorite players. It’s more fun that way.

Take the reins of your favorite player in FIFA 22. And if you prefer to play as someone else, just grab a friend and control the talents of one of your favorite players. It’s more fun that way.

Grab the ball, make a goal and celebrate!

FIFA offers you the opportunity to be a striker, a defender or a midfielder. Choose your favorite position and practice all your fancy footwork, passing and shooting. With all-new creative controls, you are free to celebrate your achievements as you please


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Build your dream team of the world’s greatest players. FIFA Ultimate Team is the way to build the very best team, brick-by-brick. Improve your club with cards you earn from gameplay, online events, and in-game sales, then showcase your team on the pitch and take your squad to the next level.

Take your squad to any pitch in the world, free-kick on virtually any surface. Use the MLS live functionality to compete with real players in real matches.

Winner of the award for the Best Sports Game at E3 2014! More details can be found here
On the move on the go and on your tablet, FIFA Ultimate Team continues to live on your mobile. Customise your ride and develop your own style with the new Team of the Week feature, which allows you to share your man of the match performances on Twitter and Facebook.

Show your friends around the world your FIFA skills. Challenge your friends or take your squad online and take to the pitch against other teams. FIFA on mobile will have 8,000 players and 50,000 team members. Create your own unique squad and earn FIFA Points to upgrade your player’s skills.

FIFA Rivals – Are you the ultimate football agent? Experience FIFA’s grandest and richest environment and attempt to build the most famous clubs in the world. Take your club on the road through the European Cup, head to China in the Asian qualifiers, and engage in thrilling series against online opponents.

FIFA SPORTBALL – Live out your dream as an athlete! Maintain your career balance by handling multiple teams in your club while performing with your clubs at World Cup level. Plus, enjoy the authentic atmosphere with all your favourite athletes and watch matches live.

Your valuable player cards may also be shared with select people you invite to FIFA Ultimate Team on the PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U, allowing you to connect with your friends on three different platforms and have the chance to earn limited edition cards together in the FIFA Vault. And don’t forget to check the video above to learn more about new features coming to FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21st Anniversary Celebrates 20 Years of FIFA. The FIFA 21st Anniversary features Online Fanzone will include live matches and tournaments.

Exclusive New Features
Customize your FIFA 21 team with Proven German Clásicos, featuring


What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 launches a new themed celebration that lets you share your bravest moments from the pitch with the world.
  • Fans can show their support for their favourite teams on social media with customized jerseys and ball models.
  • "Take A Seat – a unique 360-degree view, that allows fans to watch from a different perspective and help create the drama while highlighting key moments during a match."
  • #ILLU
  • COME ON U TEAMMATES – Another new feature in the single-player campaign is that EA Sports lets you design your own football boots.
  • Goals from all corners of the world are now featured in Create A Player.
  • New way to score: Over a million new face-offs in FIFA games over the last 7 years.
  • Way of life for true football fans, the industry's only mobile prediction engine, LAGOO, in FIFA 22.
  • Thousands of amazing community clubs over 195 countries: Clubs can now be made and managed online – anyone can be a club owner now.
  • New clubs: Clubs in 203 countries can now be created by new club managers and players. Come create yours today in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Added “Authenticity mode” – goes by the name of "Authenticity mode" – adds animations and graphics that are more accurate to FIFA 21. Authenticity mode is now fully complete and confirmed to be in FIFA 22 in Origins version, which will be launching around April/May.


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The best soccer game.

The best soccer game.

You can be the best you’ve ever been, or be the best you’ve never played.

FIFA Ultimate Team™

Create the Ultimate Team™

With FIFA Ultimate Team™, experience the world of football like never before – and take your footballing career to the ultimate level. Be the ultimate soccer pro by assembling a squad of footballers from the world’s best leagues, playing them in exhilarating 5-on-5 action against your friends on the FIFA Ultimate Team Leaderboards. Form an unbeatable squad of footballers, to dominate the FIFA Ultimate Team™ game modes. From your favourite footballers, to the most sought after players in the world, there are plenty of stars to choose from – and it all depends on your ability to succeed in the auction.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ Live

Live the dream.

Packed with features and innovation, Ultimate Team™ Live gives you the chance to step into the boots of your favourite football stars, and face off against your friends in live 5-on-5 matches. Compete with your friends in 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 5v5 matches on the pitch, then go into the match making and create a custom-made mix of footballers to use against your friends. Play against the computer to try and dominate the opposition, and deliver an epic career in Ultimate Team™ – LIVE.

Captain your Ultimate Team™ and lead them to victory.

The ultimate footballing experience.

Introducing FIFA 22, powered by FIFA Ultimate Team™. Experience the best football game.

Performance-driven gameplay

The game engine powering FIFA has evolved to improve the flow and consistency of the game, and provide for a greater level of realism and authenticity. FIFA 22 features a new edge of competition AI, dynamic celebrations and new player interactions.

Next-gen visuals

The game features next-generation visuals, to deliver a more immersive game experience on consoles, and a photo-realistic experience on PC. With the game’s overhauled full-body animations, and the game engine’s ability to accurately predict a player’s movement, the game is both more life-like and easier to control.

Next-gen animations

The game engine accurately predicts players’ movements, and also simulates the movement of objects around the pitch,


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4160 (3.6GHz – 4.6GHz) or equivalent
Intel® Core™ i5-4590 (3.5GHz – 4.9GHz) or equivalent
Intel® Core™ i7-4790 (3.8GHz – 5.0GHz) or equivalent
HDD: 16 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
1. This pack can be added to all existing Portal 2