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The included piece of motion capture data then gets combined with that of virtual players, and reproduced in-game.

As an example, a typical low tackle used in European football will now yield a realistic low tackle that leads to a marked jump in the virtual player. The tackle should now be very uncomfortable for the player receiving it.

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The following video shows how the new motion capture system plays out in the new motion capture mode, which can be accessed by pressing the START button on the Xbox One controller while a match is underway.

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Pre-order FIFA 22 today and you’ll receive “Sweet Caroline” by the band The Violent Femmes as the game’s soundtrack on day-one. FIFA players will be able to listen to it in-game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One by pressing START while the game is running.

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Sweet Caroline by The Violent Femmes is out on 12 September in CD, digital and cassette formats, in 5.1 Surround Sound and featuring Dolby Digital 5.1.


Developer: EA SPORTS™ FIFA

Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.



FIFA 20 on PS3



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FIFA 19 brought the more animation-driven European-style football (“soccer”) you’ll ever see to PS3. FIFA 20 is a shot in the arm for fans of the fast-paced, American-style tackle-and-kick, “football.” However, those who prefer European-style football can now find it in the beautiful FIFA 19, or can go back to FIFA 15. Faced with the choice of the entire FIFA series on PS3, my experience with FIFA is that the games look better on Xbox, so I’m not a huge fan of FIFA on PS3. It’s not always as fast as the latest iterations on Xbox One, but it is a much-improved experience, according to some players.

FIFA’s ‘biggest gameplay change’ won’t do


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Take control of the game like never before and master your tactics as you win matches the old-fashioned way or try a new approach and dominate using dynamic special moves.
  • Compete in the new international Cup Tournaments Mode, featuring six stadiums, a detailed match engine, and authentic football entertainment.
  • Comes with new Men’s Brazlania, Men’s Ivory Coast, Men’s Colombia, Men’s Swaziland and Women’s Japan kits, available with or without alternative jerseys.
  • Choose from over 150 real-world players and legends with a variety of authentic kits.
  • Detailed player animation with fluid player movement and controlled hits.
  • Varied ball physics, animated crowd & pitch visuals, new rearing motion, goal celebration animations, improved ball handling and passing.
  • Use lightning quick and accurate FIFA Passes to beat your opponents.
  • Innovative Finishing Creates a more realistic and entertaining game dynamic.
  • Lightning fast attacking system allows you to run through the defense with accurate X2 Connect – Unlike ever before, connect the pass and the shot to create true one-v-one situations with the opponents.
  • Interface completely revamped with more intuitive design.
  • Create your own Team of the Year and present it to the world.
  • All-new Player Impact engine and enhanced ball spin variations.
  • Internalize Ultimate Team to unearth fan-favorite custom characters, make them fight it out in cutting-edge multiplayer matches.
  • Comes with FIFA Ultimate Team Moments created by world-class studio EA DICE.
  • New gameplay enhancements and features, including all-new Goal Tool.
  • Player DNA allows you to create the perfect soccer playing style by selecting personal traits in the game.
  • Take on your friends in the all new Social Proposal Mode.
  • Comes with all-new FIFA 360 Live Season Pass.
  • X1 Authentic Ladies, U-20 and Beach Soccer kits.
  • Brand new FIFA Mobile.


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FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Need for Speed and Need for Speed: Rivals are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Xbox is a trademark of the Xbox gaming group. FIFA 22 is available in the US on Xbox One and the Windows PC and on digital platforms, including the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One X, and Windows PC. EASPORTSFIFA is available on Windows PC and Xbox One.


REAL-FOOTBALL MEETS REAL-PLAYER CONTROLs. Real football comes to life with new features and responsive gameplay in every game mode.

Real Football. Every aspect of FIFA’s gameplay has been improved, including a brand-new game engine that makes your favourite real-world leagues even more realistic than ever before. From improved ball control and touch to more advanced ball touch and player intelligence, FIFA 22 delivers a true to life experience.

Establish your vision. Use the all-new advanced ball control system to re-create the unpredictability of real-world play. From the low block to the high press, every play is a different challenge. Dodge tackles and overpowers in one-on-one situations. Keep possession and adapt your play. Hack, pass and move your way to glory.

Meets Real-Player Control. From your favourite players to new faces, you’ll come up against a new bunch of real-world opponents. Master the intricacies of one-on-one play and recreate the precise moments of Champions League or World Cup soccer.

New in-game Management. Adapt and hone your tactics and strategy in a new in-game management system. Play it safe or be more aggressive. Direct your players in a variety of tactical formations. Set up your team for success before every match.

Add to that new licensed team additions and new ball physics, and it doesn’t matter where you go to soccer, you’ll find the new FIFA to match the real world.

Graphic True-to-Life visuals. Nothing looks more convincing than a winning match. That’s why, for the first time, FIFA delivers the most accurate in-game presentation of the beautiful game. Every stadium, pitch and jersey has a true-to-life look that really brings the world of FIFA to life.

Master the art of passing. Add more passes than ever before to your play, adapt your playstyle and master


Fifa 22 Free License Key PC/Windows

FIFA Ultimate Team continues the evolution of playing the beautiful game, giving you new ways to assemble the most authentic, realistic and advanced playing experience in football. Unlock incredible new content and transfer upgrades with brand-new cards as you progress through your career. Enjoy new in-game match types, new fields of play and the introduction of the brand new online Seasons feature.

*The Ultimate Team feature includes the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode (“FUT”), which allows users to establish their own unique squad of players from different teams and leagues; this allows the user to play with the greatest names of the game, such as Ronaldo, Messi and Maradona, as well as classic teams and players from all over the world.

Virtual Pro – Become the ultimate football star as you rise up through the game’s global leagues. Play as a defender, striker, goalkeeper, midfield maestro or just score goals with the debut of shooting mechanics that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Or take on the role of any player across the globe to dominate in all forms of the game.

Quick Play – Made for those who just want to kick some balls around, Quick Play puts you in control of a match in under three minutes for quick and competitive matches. Customise your team and watch your opponents crumble as you score thunderous long-range goals.

Casual Multiplayer – Get to know your FIFA crowd online with Casual Multiplayer, a mode that puts the emphasis on having fun, no matter what your skill level, with 4-player online matches, friendly chat and a wide range of user-generated content.

*Multiplayer features require connection to the Internet.

Multiplayer Highlights

New online Seasons – Complete seasons for each of the leading leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, where users can play with their most favourite clubs and create their own unique squad.

*CONCACAF – User-generated content and exclusive online Seasons make this competitive region, home to the likes of Mexico’s Guadalajara, and Costa Rica, home to Deportivo Saprissa, one of the best clubs on the planet.

CFB18 – Build and manage your own team of the best players in the world and compete in an online league in this new leaderboard-driven competitive mode. New animations and celebrations, as well as a stunning presentation that brings the action and atmosphere of the game to life.


What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 introduces the Prologue, an exclusive prologue that offers brand new ways to play the game and test out elements like faster paced game play, new customisation options for managers, and movement control for players. Play these new ways in a one-off prologue challenge that gives you access to three brand new playable leagues, as well as five different tournaments.
  • FIFA Manager Mode.
  • Career Mode has been revamped with an all-new Player Training, multiple stadium visual updates, and a fully rebuilt Training System.
  • A brand new Best of the Best mini-campaign lets you compete in three different League Events, as well as three new single player challenges.
  • Rotation for packs, so you can collect Footballers and Tacticsets, and you can use them interchangeably.
  • Ten new stadiums are available and shared using the new version of One Hotspur.
  • FIFA Live Events are returning with the introduction of the Nitro Throne. Compete with your friends in Time Trials, and take home bragging rights for the win.
  • Spectating on any pitch across the world is now easier than ever with the introduction of Matchday Streaming.
  • FIFA features 9 stadiums, across 4 continents, in 20 locales.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team remains the most connected in-game feature and continues to evolve, with 15 new ways to acquire new cards and items.
  • New Player Visual customization options including armors, kits, number plates and more.
  • An entirely new card equippment system allows more importance to the item you get instead of the position you play as.
  • A brand new Card Design and Draft feature lets you recreate more of a card drafting experience than it has before.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the Classic Barriers UI, making it easier than ever to setup barriers to your teams defensive zone and attack
  • FIFA Ultimate Team remains the only way to win rewards in the game.


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You don’t need to know much about football to appreciate FIFA. All you need is a love of the beautiful game and a passing knowledge of some football terms. That said, FIFA’s real magic is revealed when you start playing the game.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)?

FUT is the ultimate FIFA fan experience, which allows you to build and play your dream team. Every transfer, every match, every position is at your fingertips. Build a side of superstars, then create the very squad you always wanted. It’s all there. Play against your friends, or other FUT users in an ever-evolving online league.

What do I need to play?

The minimum specs for FIFA are a 2.0GHz processor, an ATI Radeon HD 4800 or better graphics card with 1GB of RAM, and Windows Vista or Windows 7. While these aren’t absolute requirements, you may run into issues running FUT or an online match in poorer conditions.

What is the Madden NFL 25 series?

It’s football, with the flair of EA’s real-life sports franchises. The 25-year history of Madden NFL is legendary. It’s the longest-running video game franchise in the world. It’s always been the most authentic football simulation on the market. And it’s back. Madden NFL 25 gives you the chance to work your way up to the ultimate Super Bowl glory. With amazing player models and perfect collisions, the control of the game feels just like it does in the real NFL. From the first snap to the first time you break down a record-setting pass, football fans of all ages can enjoy and be part of the action.

What is Madden NFL 25 series?

It’s football, with the flair of EA’s real-life sports franchises. The 25-year history of Madden NFL is legendary. It’s the longest-running video game franchise in the world. It’s always been the most authentic football simulation on the market. And it’s back. Madden NFL 25 gives you the chance to work your way up to the ultimate Super Bowl glory. With amazing player models and perfect collisions, the control of the game feels just like it does in the real NFL. From the first snap to the first time you break down a record-setting pass,


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