Every action from the player is recorded at a resolution of 1.5 milliseconds. Every time a player touches the ball, takes a shot, dodges or performs a pass, the game will analyze their movements and create animations or refinements based on this new form of data.

Anyone who has played Fifa 18’s Ultimate Team mode will know that full customization is king, and I have to say that FIFA 22 is the best looking in the series. The game is about to be released soon, and as one of the first titles which you can get your hands on, here are my impressions.

The gameplay

Gameplay is unchanged with the core controls featuring the same super-smooth ball movement and contextual swivel tackles which combine to make the most realistic and responsive football game ever made. FIFA 20’s ‘The Journey’ campaign was a progressive story mode where you run the length of an entire country, followed by a thrilling finale. While this storyline is no longer present in FIFA 22, it has been replaced with a new main story ‘Soccer Stories’ mode which sees you navigating one of five career pathways. It is now a minigame which sounds odd but works nicely. Instead of just getting up and running and taking on different opponents, you have to complete the quest to unlock each game, and the good news is, if you play your cards right you get a ‘trailblazer’ for your FIFA Ultimate Team.

The new ‘Franchise Mode’ (we assume that’s the new name) is a story-driven singleplayer mode which pits you against 16-player squads. You play this mode on a personal island in a story which weaves through past, present and future seasons. It’s a good idea, and works well, with a full game of AI controlled teams. You can play as any of the 20 nations from around the world, and each squad has their own stats, kits, player likenesses and club badges, and highlights screen. You can also set your custom settings, create your own player profile and edit the teams. FIFA 20 has a wonderful library of more than 350 players, but FIFA 22 is far superior to its predecessor. We have a video below to showcase some of the new features.

The only problem is that the AI teams in the game can be slow sometimes when their opponent has possession, although the number of fresh, new AI teams playing in the new FIFA Ultimate


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Over 350 real-life global broadcast matches on Xbox One
  • Authentic VR World Cup and FIFA tournaments with real-life teams from every confederation including the 24 real-life clubs participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia
  • Over 35 playable leagues with the ability to manage 23 teams per club
  • 50+ real-life national teams for up to 30 players
  • Unmatched tactical sophistication, with over 1,000 new player and skill animations, and a new interactive No. 10 role
  • Substitute creator and manager, and more opportunities to design the club of your dreams
  • Full stadiums with crowd noise and custom atmospheres
  • Team-specific attributes that differentiate real-world and virtual players
  • World-class stadiums like Wembley.

The Journey.

Key features

  • FIFA World Stars: New Fantasy Team
  • Raised Fifa Level cap from 150 to 200
  • Full Backheel Control
  • FIFA Manager: New Emotions Engine
  • FIFA World Cup 2018: New Player Modeling and Referee Animation
  • The Journey — RULES: Player, boss or manager? —
  • New Career Mode
  • NEW CLOSELY-RACE ENGINE: More dynamic environments, more realistic passing, receiving and close-range shots.
  • Exciting gameplay with faster passing and more fluid off-ball movements.
  • Realistic 3-4-3 formation play.
  • 3D dribbling support for your players on all situations in the game.
  • Persistent Stance Wars within the whole team with more unlockables


Fifa 22 Free

EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 sports video game franchise globally. Whether you’re an EA SPORTS FIFA MVP like Ronaldo, or you’re just a soccer fan, FIFA lets you experience the excitement of top-level soccer in all-new ways.

FIFA represents football at its purest, and it’s up to you to decide who wins the biggest and best matches. Choose from one of the game’s realistic game modes — Real World, Pro Evolution Soccer, and FIFA Ultimate Team — and compete in all manner of global matches.

With EA SPORTS FIFA you are what you play. Replay any match from the game’s three flagship modes — Career, Seasons, and Ultimate Team — then use your EA SPORTS FIFA Skins to make yourself even more unique.

FIFA is the place for football’s players, leagues, and fans to play their favourite sport at the top. The game inspires you to master FIFA’s award-winning gameplay and compete in the EA SPORTS FIFA World Tour to become a FIFA Pro. At FIFA, you are in control.

Watch the latest FIFA trailer:

Game Features

Real World

Powered by Football, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. Innovations include pre-match, a revolutionary way to create new game-changers. New school and new school-inspired controls, such as an all-new dynamic perspective system, and the first step towards a lifelong journey for your player.

The Real Career Mode will bring your player to life by improving their skills in training, building a squad, and managing finances. Manage your player and navigate the complex transfer market, from scouting through to manager negotiations. Experience the authentic emotions of completing the journey, from academy to the Premier League.

All-New Authenticity

The new Pro Evolution Soccer Engine sees FIFA 22 recreate stunning visuals, authenticity and gameplay. Real world locations have been recreated to bring you one of the most authentic soccer games ever made. The new engine adds more emotion to your tactics. You can now choose to get your players involved to break up the opposition and add new tactical wrinkles. You can adjust the weight of players and tactics to suit your style of play. And for the first time, set-pieces will complete the experience.


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Become a soccer legend by customising your FUT team with real-world player performances, club heritage, kits and much more. Dive into the new FUT Draft mode, where for the first time ever, you’ll get to choose which players join your squad. Everything you do in FUT is now going to matter. From your strategy for the matches, to your tactics and formations, to your ability to create a winning team, every choice you make is critical.

FUT Draft – Fans all over the world have been asking for Draft Mode, with real-world player ratings, more ability to build and maintain your fantasy squad, and the need to have a diverse and compelling teams. FUT Draft allows you to draft at any point in the Season, and even on any day, or even a full week, with a wide selection of cards to choose from, including VAR Enhanced cards, all from all the leagues we have on FIFA Ultimate Team.

Be A Pro – Take on the role of a new pro player by creating your own custom skill set, and play in solo or multiplayer. Be a goalkeeper, defender or midfielder and go from pro to star. Dynamic editor allows you to share and/or sell your creation.

All New Authentic Moves – New Authentic Moves are what makes FIFA live. Now, for the first time, we’re introducing pro-level, authentic, innovative skills players can use to beat their competitors, to change the dynamic of a game, and to win.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Create Your Own Stadium – Utilise the updated Morality system and create the stadium of your dreams using the new stadium editor. More immersive than ever, new stadium editor allows you to use a point of view camera to explore your stadium, save and share your creations, and even view your stadium in 3D on your TV.

New Customisation Schemes – Customise your player with the new player visual progression system. Create your own identity by adding and showcasing unique boots, shirts, and accessories from your favourite teams or your own custom club. You’ll receive rewards based on your player progression.

Real MyPlayer Identity – New identity system based on your skills, your club badge, your real-life sponsorships and merchandising. This will help you stand out and make it easy for people to know who you are.

New Team Identity – The second team identity is now being developed to help you create a compelling


What’s new:

  • Get ready for fun and fierce new online and offline challenges.
  • Discover what the pros are wearing with an all-new Outfit Creator, bringing your dynamic new player visuals to life.
  • Get ready for a new way to control the game.
  • A new live event system, delivering high-adrenaline matches to your live streams.

These are just some of the new additions to the FIFA 22 fully automated player transfers and fully-featured Transfer Market featured in FIFA Ultimate Team Manager. FIFA Ultimate Team Manager is the ultimate tool for customising your team and personalising your FIFA Ultimate Team collection!

FIFA Ultimate Team Manager

  • Completely redesigned FIFA Ultimate Team Manager. You can now view your current roster, analyse players and easily make customisations and trades across your 16-man squad.
  • New Trade Perks: New tradeable and tradable Perks for all non-Ultimate Team items including FA icons, FIFA coins, Gold awards, transfer records, and more are now assignable to real-world clubs. Put your Perks into them to create a personalised Fantasy team collection.
  • New right-click context menus: New context menus allow you to scale your stats, save signature moves, scores, records, squad lists and more. Quickly toggle everything on or off with just one right-click!
  • Trophy manager. Decide on your trophy victory by automatically entering play, or tell us to skip ahead of yourself and just watch it happen.
  • Player cards. With Player cards, you can create your own, edit existing cards, or import existing ones. They update themselves in-game, so you can always see your favourite signings in real-time. Build your dreams in our brand new Player Cards manager.
  • Scoring changes. See your long-term stats change live, as goals and assists tally across your matches. Your cards will also update automatically to reflect your on-going improvements in game.


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FIFA is the leading videogame franchise of Electronic Arts Inc., with over 300 million players in more than 100 countries. The FIFA franchise, which began as a soccer game in 1989, has been the pioneer in creating realistic sports games and has become the cornerstone of the Electronic Arts sports franchise.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a service that gives fans the opportunity to dress their favorite players in the kits that have made them immortal.

How is the community involved with FIFA?

The FUT community plays an important role in the development of the game, and the community feedback provides valuable input into future improvements. The FUT community can access the game via a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and on the web.

This content has been removed from after the November 2019 service update.

What new features are included in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Players can now build Ultimate Teams from a franchise-defining collection of over 50 licensed kits. This includes a host of new kits designed by FIFA Creative Director Alex Hleb and other elite international football apparel and footwear brands. Fans can also import 3D scans of themselves using 3D Body Scan technology, to then use to customize their player’s kits. Further, fans can now manage their teams via the new FanATMS app, collect the stickers of their favorite players via the FIFA 19 Photo Pass in-game feature, and create custom songs for each of their players using the FIFA 19 “Creative Kit Editor”.

New Player Features

The Ultimate Team (UT) function on FIFA has a new training mode, in which players can jump in the boots of more than 500 players, and perform a variety of drills.

Season Mode

This mode allows players to develop their team throughout the year, in a number of different competitions, with the intention of winning the World Club Championship and earning the most FIFA points.

Match Day: Stadium and Community Matches

This is a brand-new mode allowing for almost infinite customization of each team’s individual elements (E.g. Formation, Pitch, Stadium, Player, Kits, Tactics).

FIFA 19: International Championships

This is a new mode where players compete in a range of international events throughout the year.

New Community Features

Players can now create their own


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