The depth and realism of physical movement is improved through the player specific details including both physical and special skill levels. A key feature of the technology is that the physics models are enhanced and run at a higher speed. Players’ physical movements are designed to be more reactive and intelligent.

You can read more on FIFA 22 on our previous release article HERE.

Once again, we are very excited to share with you all some brand-new features coming with FIFA 19! Firstly, FIFA 19 will be the first game in the FIFA series to sport a 4K resolution, opening up the game to the next generation of consoles, including those still on the market.

Secondly, this year’s World Cup extravaganza in Russia and its 32 teams has been brought to life with the ability to play as any of the 32 participating countries, with a stellar roster of new player and manager faces from across the globe. FIFA 19 is packed with the most detailed national teams ever seen in the FIFA series!

All four stadia in this year’s World Cup – the Luzhniki Stadium, the Spartak Stadium, the Fisht Stadium and the Mordovia Arena – have been fully rebuilt, bringing with them a level of realism that you simply have never seen before. There is also a brand new broadcast graphics engine, which includes the ability to see the stadiums, players and cameras in motion across all 32 stadia.

Finally, for the first time, EA SPORTS Football Club will be available for FIFA 19. This season, we will bring to life the stories of some of football’s biggest players, events and most memorable moments, with new features such as transfer negotiations and squad management. Fans will also be able to create their own fully-customised player, then take them to a new career through to their retirement as players, or their opening in a managerial role.

We can’t wait to share more with you about all of the new features of FIFA 19, but until then, you can preview the new content in the new trailer below, get a glimpse at the new Transfer Bar screen, and check out some of the new player and manager faces in the stunning new 4K videos, including Xherdan Shaqiri’s return to the game, and Mourinho’s debut at Wembley!

Stay tuned, and check back here regularly for more information about FIFA 19.

We hope you will enjoy playing


Features Key:

  • Career Mode is the biggest and deepest career mode ever in EA SPORTS FIFA.
  • New Agents, brand new story, a brand new look.
  • Tackle Engine – Added motion reactivity.
  • Steal and Counter Attack
  • Choose players to win my own tournament
  • Customise Equipment using the new Creativity Engine.
  • New in Career Mode – Fully integrated Pro-Kit Style editor.
  • Face your clubs opponents online in real time.
  • New Cards that trigger after a gameplay event,
  • New in-game soundtrack with full stadium atmospheres and new club themes.
  • New striking animations featuring dynamic cover repos, post animations and more.
  • Create your own club by modifying player attributes, kits and stadium.
  • New crowd and supporter models including new 50 and 30 photographers.
  • New animation transitions based on player positioning.
  • New broadcast shots featuring footbll movement and wider, dynamic camera angles.
  • New endline effects to reflect the game action.
  • Improvements to ball physics and debugging tools to confirm key aspects of gameplay.
  • Realistic crowd modelling, substitution and penalty decisions.
  • New lighting flare effect on player balls.
  • UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League
  • Completely rebalanced gameplay system to fix issues in previous FIFA titles.


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Compete for trophies, face off in 1-on-1 matches, and build squads with new and improved rosters for the first time in a FIFA game. Additional systems such as DNA, Signature Skills, Ultimate Team, and My Teams give you more ways to take part in the action.

Exclusively on PlayStation 4, FIFA Ultimate Team™ is back for the first time ever with a completely new set of cards and gameplay. Creating teams and squads gives you the opportunity to build your dream team of best-selling football players, and trade, sell, and even use your own in-game currency to buy packs of cards or single players with exclusive rewards.

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An all-new graphical interface brings about a whole new level of accessibility to the game. Quickly access your favorite menus without ever going into the sub-menus. The touchscreen and motion sensors let you take control of every aspect of the game. Bringing players even closer to the experience, form your team with up to 9 other players in the one-v-one live mode, or create your own Legends and take them on in 5-a-side live and global replays, or face off in large-scale 5-a-side live competitions.

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Deep Links to Social

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From sending your star players on loan to buying and selling them, you are in complete control of your favourite players in the most immersive and comprehensive in-game mode ever created for FIFA. Make your Ultimate Team dream team and work towards glory in the FUT Champions Cup.

Combine your Ultimate Team with your manager career to grow your club and compete for the glory!

Online Experience – FUT, FUT Champions Cup, and Ranked Friendlies The largest online experience in football will be launched for the first time ever in FIFA 22. Building on the legacy of FIFA with a huge roster of new players, FUT Champions Cup will bring together the very best players from around the world to compete online in an intense series of knockout tournaments.

Combining FUT Champions Cup with Online 3v3 Champions and all FIFA 2.0 features, play for a chance to win up to $1 Million in FUT Champions Cup 2018 prizes.

The online experience for FIFA 22 will also include a completely revamped Ranked Friendlies experience with features inspired by the FIFA Community Cup.

Compete in online Friendlies with up to 12 of your friends, with worldwide leaderboards and stats across a variety of new gameplay modes. Create or join a team with your friends and earn points to climb up in the ranks. Matchmade and FUT Champions Cup matches are also available.

Defeat players of similar skill levels to yours in an exciting objective-based online mode and get rewarded with instant squad unlocks.

Live the online experience in 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 with up to eight friends and win FIFA Ultimate Team content in the process.

Leaderboard leaderboard with your friends and the whole world online, based on up to 12 of your friends’ performances.

FUT Champions Cup – The FUT Champions Cup brings together the very best players from around the world to compete in a series of knockout tournaments.

In addition to the competitions, daily challenges unlock Champions Cup tokens that can be redeemed in the FUT Champions Cup Store for exclusive content.

The FUT Champions Cup will include new titles and modes, as well as highlight the best online performers throughout the series.

FIFA 2.0 Online – Enjoy the online experience in FIFA 2.0 with the new online mode, available for all FIFA 2.0 players. Compete against players of a similar skill level to you in exciting modes including online 3v3 Champions and Survival. Earn coins that can be


What’s new:

  • Complete Immersion Experience: Innovative technologies have allowed us to create an utterly authentic, nuanced virtual football experience, bringing life to the most crucial parts of football such as ball physics, player feel, pass and tackle animations, and atmosphere.
  • Superstar Transfer Insider: A deeper transfer analysis tool, accurate scouting reports and agent interviews provide new insights into the strengths and weaknesses of players to help you make better decisions and improve your club’s performances.
  • Covering Tactics and Over-Tactics: With a refreshed cover star system and three new underlines that demand more from players in your squad, the ball and always AI, our Tactical Cover System helps you find the right deployment solution for every game situation.


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Join millions of players around the world as you compete in FIFA tournaments from real-world leagues, or take on your friends in online FIFA matches. Either way, FIFA delivers authentic football on your terms, with true-to-life movements, unpredictability and emotional drama that makes matches feel unpredictable and captivating.

The truth is, you can feel the physical connection to the real thing in FIFA.

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From the defenders blocking off space, to the ball travelling through a perfect stream of players – every action and reaction in FIFA is authentic.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in FIFA brings a deeper connection to the game than ever before. The natural athleticism and unpredictability of the players at your disposal will make you feel like a world-class striker, goalkeeper, defender or attacker as you command your team from the sidelines, no matter where you are on the pitch.

We’ve also reinvented the in-game Commentary System, adding a new scriptwriter which reacts to your play, and dynamic crowd reactions that change during the game.

As well as featuring more long-time partners and their brands, new faces join the global celebration of football and its fans. Every time you step on the pitch, you have the chance to experience what it feels like to play with the likes of big names like Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

Make your plays, chase your shots down, score in-game goals with your teammates, and become the next great player in our world of more things more than ever. Experience your gameplay with the new PbF Engine, which features a more responsive and immersive gameplay experience and creates an even more authentic feel in every part of the game.

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