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The teams have also been given the opportunity to test-drive the new “performance mode” and new “XG Football Intelligence”, the latter of which makes player performance more unpredictable. More details about the game’s new and improved features will be released closer to the game’s launch.

“The choice of the best in the world, the best players is not just the decision of the technical team, but that of the players themselves,” remarked president Gianni Infantino. “They select their national teams and so we are extremely proud to present FIFA 22, the game that has been chosen by the best football players in the world. Our objective is to provide for them a truly realistic experience of football simulation games.”

EA SPORTS will continue to build on the strides made with the introduction of FIFA 19 by introducing “HyperMotion” technology across various areas of the game. The company will invite the world’s best players to test this feature and provide feedback for further development.

FIFA has always been a game of doing things the old way, and in FIFA 22, the changes are coming in quick and fast.Heading into the new season of FIFA, players are likely to see a change in the way players perform. Unfortunately, these changes come at the expense of creating new challenges and thus making the game more fun.As per the new FIFA 22 screenshot, the players can now pick the referee after a match is finished. Thanks to the referee’s choice, you can now change things around in your favour. There are some other new features such as a mini-game and a new “Exclusive Features” mode which is now available for players to try.One of the biggest changes in FIFA 22 that is likely to please many is the inclusion of “HyperMotion”. This technology is going to enable players to make the game more natural and realistic.Previously, the game’s visual effects were very pre-rendered and not particularly realistic. However, this is not a major issue when there are no animations or animation that moves at a much faster rate than the frame-rate. With the introduction of HyperMotion, the old 4K game will become a real 4K game. It will also help in giving the game a much more realistic and top-level feel.The new HyperMotion is driven by the player’s own movements. Players will start the game with the ability to move in 360 degrees around the pitch using the advanced physics engine which comes


Features Key:

  • Play like the best team in the world with pro-level authenticity and ball physics in some of the most authentic stadiums ever recreated, such as Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, – as well as iconic venues from across the globe.
  • Rise up the divisions from club to international level as your manager prepares you for your journey as a Pro.
  • The most authentic dribbling controls ever available for the PC.
  • New Pro Vision provides an extra layer of player awareness to enable you to pull off more controlled dribbles or pick a pass with greater ease.
  • Hypermotion Technology delivers a seamless gameplay experience on the PC: whether you choose to control a game on the all new 4k ultra-HD screen of the new Xbox One X console, high quality 1080p upscaling of every game on your TV, or with the new 0.1 Split-Screen Display, letting up to four friends play a game at the same time.
  • UEFA Champions League – Take a journey through Europe’s greatest club competition and be part of the action in 120 authentic stadiums from across Europe, Australia, & Africa. The UEFA Champions League is the most popular football tournament on earth, which has attracted the greatest teams and stars of the world's game. Choose your team from a host of top stars and gain momentum as you take on your opponents from across Europe. The Champions League now has the same graphics and gameplay fidelity of FIFA on the Xbox One, and brings a whole new way to experience the tournament.
  • Autumn International Series – FIFA 22 allows gamers to compete head to head against your opponent in the UEFA EURO 2016 stadium: The start of a journey that culminates in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™. Play only official UEFA EURO 2016 stadiums – all 120 of them, including full spectators, authentic matchday atmosphere and gameplay accurate to the live action. Or become captain of your favourite national team and represent them in the competition to win the coveted FIFA World Cup 2018™ title.
  • Double Sided Gameplay – Experience the most ambitious game mode on the Xbox One X, Double Sided Gameplay, which showcases the power of the X by combining the front and rear screens of the X into one, larger picture perfect screen allowing both players to form up on the field with their respective sides.


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The world’s best football (soccer) game. Play the beautiful game on any platform that you own! FIFA® is available for the PC, PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 4, Xbox® ONE, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, iOS, and Android.

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FIFA 12 was the first FIFA game in the series since the 2005 original FIFA Football, to feature rivalries. Bring your rivalries into FIFA 13 with a new look, feel and depth! Rivalries are now even more prevalent. FIFA 13 offers fans a never-before-seen level of depth and game play. Players are now more vital than ever and their play shape the dynamic of the rivalry.

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FIFA is the only football (soccer) game where you are the star and can take the game in any direction you choose.

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FIFA 16 Demo:

Play in the 2015 FIFA Champions League including Copa América and UEFA Euros

FIFA 16 Demo:

* New Season: Choose your starting position and height. Choose your make-up, skills, and style. Play any way you want. Unique Skills. FIFA moves fast. The pace of the game is up to you. Prove yourself in head-to-head matches.

FIFA 17 Demo:

Tackle the new dynamic physical tackle system. Play in new online mode, Global Clasico. Play in the 2015 FIFA Champions League including Copa América and UEFA Euros, and take the helm in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

FIFA 17 Demo:

Experience the FIFA Champions League in its entirety including the new dynamic physical tackle system. Play in online mode. Multiplayer and training recreations are included with full functionality. Players can select the match-ups and opponents. FIFA Champions Cup has the most comprehensive set of options for comparing teams. Players can select their opponent’s training mode, stadium, formation, and short


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FIFA Ultimate Team puts the power to your fingertips – you name your price for players and determine what they look like. Trade, sell, loan, and buy players to bring together the squad that’s right for you. Take your Ultimate Team to the next level with our new cards trading system. Improve your skills and become the ultimate player by unlocking the secrets of our brand-new card creator.

Play Four ways to play – There are four ways to play in FIFA 22.

Play the way you want with Ultimate Team – For the most immersive experience, include new cards in your Ultimate Team for massive new customisation opportunities.

Walk on the Grass – Turn-based gameplay includes Walking players, a 4v4 game, and special gameplay modes like Counter-Strike-style online matchmaking.

FIFA Ball – This new, fully-intuitive control scheme is designed for casual and core players alike.

Forward Pass Soccer – Experience new gameplay modes with less players on the pitch, less collisions, and more control. You decide when to kick and when to go for the pass, making the most of every situation.

Rivalry and Clubs – The depth of the new rivalries, clubs, and leagues have never been greater in EA SPORTS FIFA.

Be a Pro – Play any way you like with the new pitch and players options, as well as brand new camera modes and the ability to play on horseback and a variety of new bikes.

Situational Awareness – Through numerous new camera angles, with the ability to toggle between first and third person views, and by being able to choose how far away to get into the match, you can see just what is going on in the surroundings, making it easier to communicate and read the game.

Improved Player Memory and Injuries – You’ll have more on how to kick, how to dribble, and how to pass. As well as a new interactive Injury System which will help keep the players from being injured.

Shoot On the Run – Using gestures, players can now control the ball’s trajectory during a run. Before in FIFA, a player would have to choose a shot target, which was not always the best choice.

Improved Gameflow – The Gameflow system in FIFA will help you manage the in-game pressure. By varying your players’ pace of play and positioning, you’ll get what you want out of


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Soccer Stories
  • the pace of play has been improved and players use the momentum of the ball to quickly move forward
  • New animations – players drive the ball in a different way in the new animations.
  • Controls – the on screen system uses the WASD keys instead of Q, E, A,S. Players can now control the ball individually, being able to move by holding down each of the four directions.
  • AI and improved animations – the new AI has been improved and now players are more aware and react to your movements. There are also improved animations, particularly with the ball.
  • New control schemes
  • Dynamic and responsive gameplay – The ball reacts to the player more, plays with the movement of the player rather than only passing it forward.
  • Players use the motion to their advantage – Players choose where they pass it rather than getting the ball and hoping it goes to an area they want to. Players are covered off as they move and use this opportunity to run at their opponents. The space of the pitch and the number of players they face also affect how they move.
  • Improved progress system – Players will always know what is achievable from them and at which club. They know how long it will take to reach the next tournament, to get as many trophies as possible and go all the way. They can progress through promotions, receive endorsements, and become the star of the club. Progress is now linked to progression through the GMN.
  • Improved, connected commentary – The commentators of the game are better and more connected to players and activity on the pitch, they communicate emotion and the meaning behind what is happening.
  • Improved Player Control – Players are now more controlled in the games, allowing for intelligent passes into space and more fluid movements of the player.


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FIFA is a game of pure, real football that plays like no other. Starting from the grassroots level of FIFA Ultimate Team™, all the way up to the pinnacle of the EA SPORTS™ Pro Clubs, there is no shortage of ways to play. Make plays that confound opponents. Score insane goals. Win over-the-top celebrations. And make impossible moves with unique new tools. From the traditional 5-a-side match to the all-new 3v3 Intercontinental Cup, FIFA sees players compete on every field.Whatever platform you play on, FIFA brings players of all levels the ability to be the best on the pitch in FIFA.

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Powered by the all-new FUT Champions Draft™, which is available exclusively in FIFA 22, you will have the opportunity to build a real-world squad from the world’s best players. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar can be yours if you pick them at the right time in the Draft. The Draft will also be available in all game modes to give you the power to draft the world’s best player at any time, whether it’s in Final Ball, friendly matches, or competitions.

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Develop yourself into a better player with the all-new Career Mode. Create your own young player and decide his path through the FUT Ratings and develop him into the best footballer in the world. Take him all the way to a Pro contract at the top of your club, perfect your skills with expert training and medical care, and even compete in an exciting Pro Draft at Pro Clubs to get your season started right. From domestic action to international tournaments, Career Mode has endless ways to play and plenty of player development opportunities.

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Speed, skill, and fitness are just the beginning. Take every challenge on the pitch with you wherever you go in the many all-new game modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team™, Online Leagues, Online Tournaments, and more. Play any way you want thanks to a flexible and exciting new card system. Earn virtual cards that can be combined to earn boosts, new attributes, and special skills. And now, cards are in the engine, so players won’t need to swap them around to find a combination that works best.

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