“As a driver of the global soccer industry, we wanted to introduce a new level of presentation when it comes to player behavior and ball physics for FIFA,” said Sebastian Palmer, FIFA Director of Audio & Audio Designer at EA Sports. “Our focus with FIFA has always been the realism of the experience and the way players move, interact with one another and the ball, how the ball rolls off the ground, and we are excited to continue to push the gameplay and presentation of the FIFA franchise forward to an all new level.”

“Over the last decade, we have become experts on how players interact on the pitch, and have acquired more relevant data than ever to help portray their physicality,” said lead designer Michael McCann. “The data we’re using will provide the basis for much of the natural running behavior of players in action. The goal of the HyperMotion Technology is to create more natural, reactive player behavior, and better feel as you attack or defend.”

FIFA on Xbox One has several signature new innovations and features for an authentic experience. These include first-time integrated support for Xbox One voice commands through the game controller, and the return of contextual controls. The game also adds Xbox Adaptive Controller support (for Windows PC and Xbox One) for easier one-handed control and simultaneous play.

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• Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version supports a legacy library of over 20 million current-gen FIFA players, and will also be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Windows PC.

• The official Xbox One launch date for FIFA 22 is Wednesday, August 2, 2016.

• Players can purchase FIFA 22 now via Xbox Live, Amazon, GAME and participating retailers.

• In the coming weeks, EA SPORTS will release more details about the new players, modes and features of FIFA 22.Law

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory.Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

Key features:

  • Experience the challenges and rivalries of the most elite European and South American leagues with more depth and realism than ever before, while facing off against 16 iconic teams including Juventus, Bayern Munich, and FC Barcelona.
  • AI-driven tactics and player decision-making give you unprecedented depth of control over match-day scenarios. Sense your player’s attributes, your opponents’ styles, and the ebb and flow of the match to prove your bona fides by mastering the art of football. And control Real Madrid’s Ronaldo, Liverpool’s Suarez and Guardiola’s Barcelona from the pitch.
  • Packed with the most authentic team kits, props, and player-worn boots ever. Beautifully rendered atmospheres, breathtaking stadium settings, and it all comes to life with stunning 3D replays and the wealth of behind-the-scenes Extras FIFA brings to the Pro and Ultimate game modes.
  • New challenges to overcome: New Engine Upgrade introduces 100% more responsive gameplay on more ambitious sequences, while Expected Goals will push you to use every opportunity to score.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the leading video game publisher of football simulators, having sold an estimated 160 million copies worldwide. Millions of players compete year-round on the FIFA World Tour, live and virtual, in an attempt to become the FIFA World Champion.

Meet our President and CEO

Jag Johansson, Chief Executive Officer

Jag is a 20-year veteran of the video games industry. He spent 16 years at Electronic Arts (EA) working in product development and strategy, playing an instrumental role in the creation of the EA Sports franchise. He is a member of The Football Association’s (FA) UEFA Academy Committee, UEFA’s Sport and Media committee, FIFA’s Football Business Forum, and FIFA’s Strategic Product Planning Committee. In addition to leading EA’s FIFA franchise, Jag is also responsible for the EA brand and EA Partners.

What’s in the Box

• FIFA ’22

• Standard Edition

• A FIFA account (available to eligible Play First members)

• A season pass for FIFA Seasons

• Existing downloadable content (DLC) content (playable online only)

• Match Day Live mobile app

• Pitch Animation

• Virtual Pro Experience

• Bonus Content (downloadable content)

• Licensed in-game content

• Official soundtrack

• World-renowned animation studio – 3D Hub Studios™

• Season Pass add-on

• Free online action – EA SPORTS Seasonal Games

• Free internet connection and EA ID account* to play, install and maintain the game

*Requires broadband Internet service available through cable, DSL, 4G LTE and satellite television services, and a broadband-enabled EA Account. See link below for more details

Learn more about the game, including FIFA Moments, the official broadcaster, in the FIFA Guide.


The Goalkeeper

• Better passing – For the first time ever, players can pass through each other while moving towards the ball. Defenders can now anticipate faster and more accurate passing movements while Goalkeepers can more smoothly track an attacker’s run-up, open up better angles for their kicks, and see the game through a wider angle.

• Better positioning – Counter-attacks are as important as they’ve ever been, but attacking players now need to manage their positioning better to maximize their chances of scoring. Defenders can now intercept through-balls at a higher speed, while strikers


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 Put together the strongest squad you can by building and managing your own team of professional footballers. Recreate memorable moments as you compete with other players around the world to lead your squad to glory.

The Journey: Road to 2017 – Â Join the stars, rivals and characters of the game as they journey to compete in the newly created FIFA World Cup format of a 32-team tournament. From Brazil’s sunny beaches to the African deserts, from South Africa’s safari parks to the stadia of Asia, you’ll follow the thrilling twists and turns of a global contest. Play solo, invite your friends to join in online matches, and dive into the full-immersion Road to 2017 journey, featuring social matchmaking to play FIFA World Cup matches with real people.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New levels of player and team animations make Fifa 22 gameplay feel more lifelike. Dribbling and game celebrations are exaggerated for maximum on-screen impact. New boosts and sequences make players spring into action like never before.
  • Improved ball physics in FIFA Ultimate Team give you more control over your gameplay by letting you dictate your favourite shots with more precision than ever.
  • Compete in your manager’s team on-the-go or prepare your training plans with the new Training Centre.
  • FIFA Visual Concert – now live in-game, tune up to 80 songs from the biggest acts in the world such as Gnash, Pitbull, Robert Glasper, Meek Mill, Kesha, Luke James and Jeremih in the latest FIFA, The Game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – give your team license to dream. Play with the authentic kit of the 11 crowned World Cup champions and countless other amazing players from your favourite clubs and leagues. Experience the next level of FIFA gameplay with The Journey. Packed with all-new challenges for your team to master, this mode is the complete football experience like no other.
  • Fight Penalty Kicks – standing and moving or standing stationary, get ready for penalty kicks that will see you rev your engine.
  • New Pro and Scout cameras give fans in full-motion environments the most immersive spectators available in a game.


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FIFA is a series of association football video games. Created by Electronic Arts, the series is now in its 21st numbered title, having started with FIFA (originally titled FIFA International Soccer) in 1974. The franchise is among the most successful of all time, and has been played by over 100 million registered players worldwide.

What is FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 is the latest instalment in the FIFA series and the game’s official word is “passionate, driven, and evolving”, allowing the games to achieve “new levels of playability”. The game is powered by “Powered by Football”, a development toolkit that has allowed the game to use more realistic physics in all areas of the game. The added realism will be showcased on Sky Sports and BT Sport broadcasts, where it will be used in trailers and on-air graphics. “Perfect Player” animations and a new “SJ” (Soccer Judo) feature will be the focus of the Frostbite 2 engine, which has allowed for more precision in every aspect of the game.

FIFA 22 will be available for all major video game console and PC platforms. It is the second FIFA title to be released on Nintendo platforms with the Wii U, following on from FIFA 11 and before that FIFA 10 and FIFA 09.

Xbox 360

The first gameplay video, narrated by Phil Neville, kicks off with the game’s cover, and features a bevy of major new features, such as the new Physically Based A.I. – the first time that EA has been involved with a A.I. system like this in an official release of a football video game. The in-match news format is also available for the first time, and also features a brand-new Rock, Paper, Scissors-style mini-game, as well as new player and player/manager comments.

Game modes:

FIFA Season Journey – FIFA’s theme for this season is progression. A new career mode with an emphasis on improved presentation, introducing new and exciting features, such as Physically Based A.I. and a new playmaker. New content will be released bi-weekly after the launch.

PES Season Journey – The content of Season Journey will be the same as that in FIFA’s. The only difference will be that there are fewer game modes and an emphasis on physics during play. The game will be released first on iOS followed by Xbox 360 and PS


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download Rar file.
  • Move it to the destination folder (This can be done by double clicking on the file).
  • Run Setup.exe
  • Copy crack file from installed shortcut location to destination folder.
  • Enjoy FIFA 22!


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Frequency = 200
Time = 40
Resolution = 2
Edit: Just finished testing this on my ps3 with blu ray running gta 4 and it ran perfectly. I am pretty sure this will work for all ps3 game platforms.
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