HyperMotion Technology was introduced at various events over the past two years, including the launch of FIFA 19 and its status as a sport that can include a goal scored with an overhead kick.


It also introduces several new features, but most notable is the introduction of “personal play,” a catch-all term which can apply to any of its high-tech additions. Personal play has been rolled out on consoles as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Features available include intelligent behaviour, action and player models, and improved animations and transitions.

FIFA’s Personal Play system. Look at the animations…

FIFA’s Personal Play system is also responsible for the animations and player models, which are what we’ll be focusing on for this article. These new animations are what help make Personal Play so much more realistic than previous titles in the series. Dynamic actions and animations – like players being able to float, their kicks and touches becoming more natural looking – are a result of a feature called, “Integrated Player Simulations.”

“Integrated Player Simulations” are a result of the collision data from “HyperMotion” and use it to morph the player models from real-life. Previously, players’ animations in FIFA games took place out of their current surroundings, simulating in-game situations. E.g., as a goal was scored in FIFA 17, the player would then enter a goal celebration animation.


But this only applied to player animations, not the visuals. A “HyperMotion Engine” was used to track each player’s movements, which was then used to create individual animations based on where each player was in the match. The player would then enter animations based on the real-life situation, as the game already knew where they would be.

“Integrated Player Simulations” (I.P.S.) is essentially a result of “HyperMotion,” but now applies to the 3D models as well. While the engine knows where the player is in the game, it applies the new information to the 3D models to create an authentic simulation of player movements and reactions.

Imagine jumping and running. A goal is scored. The player enters the celebration animations that would have been used had this happened in real life.

The look and feel of the overall game has changed to reflect its higher fidelity. Take


Features Key:

  • Improved Player Modeling
  • Redesigned ball physics
  • More realistic and accurate controls
  • Improvement of the player movement mechanics.
  • Fantastic new crowd sounds
  • New camera angles
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Player personalities
  • Improved FIFA Ultimate Team Trainers; form, tournaments and custom games
  • Modes offline training, most like a real-life training session.
  • FIFA trophies
  • Create the best stadium of your dreams
  • Unlockable project upgrades and accessories
  • Colors seperate categories (social, blood etc)
  • Outstanding AI and reactions
  • New league play
  • New commentary
  • More Celebration animations, new updates
  • New cards and cards of the world
  • 18 national teams
  • A huge Journey Network content
  • Gameplay is connected to the reality
  • Improved chemistry
  • Gameplay Update

New in FIFA 21:

  • Breeze Ball Physics
  • Better Player Animation
  • New Weather System (Rain in FIFA 21)
  • Intelligent AI
  • MLS Support
  • New Stadiums
  • Improved Techniques
  • Better Engine
  • Better Passes and Corner Defense
  • Improved Free Kicks
  • Improved Penalty Kicks
  • Smarter AI
  • Ball Physics refresh
  • Stadiums with visual environments and LED advertisements
  • Bug fixes


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the world’s biggest, best-selling and most popular video game franchise. FIFA connects millions of people through stories of triumph and heartbreak, passion and commitment, on and off the pitch.


AI Mechanics: EA SPORTS FIFA 22 moves beyond the marking system of its predecessor and into the more advanced field AI. Players will be programmed to move more intelligently and unpredictably within the game. Players will make smarter decisions with their teammates and find the ball more quickly with new marking algorithms.

AI’s intelligence has been upgraded in a number of ways, with positional information, directional lines, blind-spots and coverages all refined to enhance the overall game experience.

Innovation: The biggest innovation in FIFA 22 is the addition of the Power Take Control (PTC) feature, a new brand of 3v3 player-vs-player action. For the first time in FIFA, players will have the ability to directly control one player, enabling them to press the opposition high up the field and create space for their team mates. When the opposition player has received the ball and is about to attempt to pass, the player-controlled player (PPC) will apply the tackle if they are within the strike zone.

Players will be able to step up into the opposition half to tackle the opposition, holding the button for a long period of time or increasing pressure as they close to the box to apply a penalty kick or foul.

FIFA Cloud: The new ‘V.I.E.N.T’ mobile app will also enable players to compare performances with friends and rivals in real time on their smartphones and tablets. Users can receive instant notifications of changes in their virtual form with the push of a button and are able to choose from several viewing platforms, including the detailed chart.

Real Player Motion: For the first time in FIFA, players will feel the intensity of real human movement. Every move on the pitch has been recorded and replayed in-game for a more authentic football experience.

In addition to the new physics engine, in-depth improvements have been made to player behaviour, including the ability to change direction quickly and to rotate the direction of movement.

Real Player Motion

The biggest innovation in FIFA 22 is the addition of the Power Take Control (PTC) feature, a new brand of 3v3 player-vs-player action. For the first time in FIFA, players will have the ability to


Fifa 22 Product Key [2022-Latest]

Build a dream team from over 800 FUT Proven Legends and discover explosive new ways to play as the fastest, most intelligent game on the planet. Keep your squad healthy with updated medical animations, or tweak tactics and strategies as you play against new FIFA Ultimate Team Draft champions. Control the game as you choose.

Ultimate Team –
Build your dream squad of real-life players from authentic clubs from all over the world. From La Liga to the MLS, the new FUT Draft allows you to create clubs around the world and compete with other managers to win trophies.

World Cup – Pick your team and prepare for the biggest and most emotional day of the year. Show the world your pride in the new all-new FIFA World Cup mode, where you’ll guide your country to glory, while becoming a legend with the best team you can put together from the over 600 players. With additional official World Cup tournaments, a new Story Mode, and a rebuilt World Cup Experience, FIFA World Cup 2018 is the most authentic and complete FIFA experience yet.

Champions League – The Champions League™ returns for FIFA 22, where the best clubs in the world compete to win the ultimate prize. Qualifying for the Champions League is made easier than ever, with the new Playmaker & Manager career modes that will help you pursue your dream and achieve everything from the comfort of your own living room.

In Season – Resurrect your favourite clubs and compete in the prestigious UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. With the new playmaker mode, you’ll be able to play as a manager on the touchline and lead your team to glory.

FIFA 22 is out 11th of September and is also Xbox Play Anywhere.

DLC Details

1. Champions of Europe: Includes Alvaro Recoba, Wesley Sneijder, Gareth Bale, Andriy Shevchenko and many more

2. 16-Bit Champions: Includes Diego Forlan, Paolo Maldini, Thierry Henry and more

3. The Best FIFA Football Awards: Includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, George Best and more

4. Ultimate Team Gold Pack: Includes Lionel Messi, Neymar and other top players

5. Ultimate Team Black Pack: Includes Luis Suarez, Neymar and other top playersSearch form

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