The central engine of the game is FIFA Ultimate Team, a new in-game tool that allows players to create, manage and share player items (e.g. players, players cards, kits, kits cards, player data, players cards and kits cards, etc.) and manage the virtual items they already have.

The third-person camera view is complemented by “True Player Movement” in FIFA 22, giving players a more immersive on-field experience. The new “Trackball” Aim/Scorepad system makes it easier than ever to score in-game. FIFA Ultimate Team is fully integrated in FIFA 22, with the “Training” and “My FIFA” modes returning to allow players to train and make custom kits before playing in the more competitive “Replay” mode.

The “Ultimate Team” mode returns from FIFA 20 as well, but is now free to play for all FIFA Ultimate Team players and allows the player to evolve their team to dominate the Ultimate Team scene.

“HyperMotion Technologies” gives a more immersive experience on the pitch. With new diving detection, a dedicated Defenders feature, the new “Tackling System” and more, as the game runs on all movements recorded from 22 high-level, real-life players.

A tweaked Defensive AI system

Over 4,000 new faces

An introduction to the brand-new “FUT Draft” mode

A new “Find My Missing Friends” feature

New foot animations for the Men’s and Women’s teams

And more!

The Developers’ Notes and Making of FIFA 20 explains the changes in greater detail

FIFA 20 introduces a new “FIFA Draft” mode where players can create their Ultimate Team squads by drafting players from existing FUT squads. A revamped “Team Management” system allows players to create custom training sessions based on the squad’s needs and objectives.

On top of this, players can now enjoy a new “Find my Missing Friends” option to help keep track of friends and family’s transfer requests. This feature enables them to quickly track down friends and family requests and helps to personalise the stats of their players.

For the first time in the franchise, the ball physics, animations and player deformation make it possible to accurately reproduce the real-life bounces and rotations of the ball.

A new �


Features Key:

  • Earn and score achievements earned throughout player and club careers.
  • Create your ultimate squad with more than 900 official player and club kits, exclusive member loot, and player faces.
  • Assist your teammates as the best players in the world.
  • Compete as part of real-world associations representing leagues from around the world.
  • Improve your Team of the Year squad with the Team of the Future, and take part in one of the biggest national team clashes in history.
  • Challenge friends and opponents with the brand new online Challenges and Leaderboards.
  • Compete against your friends and Worldwide leaderboards.
  • Replay any career action using Controlled Online, or use the Master Control Centre to connect to friends and challenge your Global Rivals.
  • Compete on 55 official tournament formats worldwide!
  • Enhanced Player Movements. FIFA 22 includes a brand new player motion system that allows players to be more fluid in their movement on the ball with tight maneuverability while performing different actions.
  • AI is better than ever. An all-new, smarter AI makes players think for themselves and adapt to the game situation, applying positional play and tactical ingenuity when needed.
  • First-of-its-kind EASEL system. A brand new skilled hit-screening system creates more exciting and realistic gameplay.
  • New intuitive control scheme makes controlling these players even easier.
  • Discover the way the experts do it. 9 practice match-like training drills provide players with new ways to level up their skills.
  • Improved gameplay systems that allow for more adaptive football when it matters most.
  • Focus on the action. FIFA has always been about making players feel the intensity of the match, and now it has even more — whether you’re dominating from the back or scoring goals to lead your side to glory.


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FIFA brings the world’s greatest football stars to life like never before, delivering authentic, immersive gameplay that delivers the thrill of taking on opponents in the most realistic way possible.Play with the world’s finest football stars in every mode.

Embed the world’s greatest football stars into your FIFA Ultimate Team.Design and play a unique series of competition modes.Create and share content with the largest variety of football content ever.Play Seasons and compete in real-world tournaments.

The classic FIFA gameplay returns with an all-new set of gameplay features, including deeper connection to the ball, more responsive controls, improved visuals and game engine, and AI driven defending.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

The best footballers in the world feature on the Ultimate Team. Design your dream XI from an extensive player pool, including more than 60,000 players. Build your own virtual playing room, and add all the licensed players from any league around the world.

What is the World Update?

The World Update introduces fan-favourite features to FIFA Ultimate Team, including:

Improved Player Traits

Unique team-specific players

Class-specific players

Trusted team specialists

Player progression

Improved set-piece functions

New celebrations

Improved refereeing

Update Competitive Seasons

Play in regular match settings with a season timer.

Create a daily challenge team, with a reward after each challenge.

How do I get the Ultimate Team Packs?

1. Create a FIFA account.

2. Purchase the appropriate pack.

3. Add new players by purchasing packs, adding new packs to your Ultimate Team, and redeeming code cards.

How do I earn the in-game FIFA Points?

*To earn FIFA Points, you’ll need to create a FIFA account. You can do so at

How do I earn the FIFA Team of the Week Award?

Each week, EA SPORTS will present the most outstanding players from all competitions, as voted by media partners across the world. At the end of the season, the team with the highest number of votes from all competitions will be crowned FIFA Team of the Year.

Can I use Facebook to connect my FIFA Ultimate Team?


How do I sign into FIFA Ultimate Team?

You will


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Play in the style of football-mad fans by customizing your very own Ultimate Team, then challenge your friends to team challenges and go head-to-head in dynamic, real-world competition. Build the ultimate team from scratch, or choose from dozens of real players like Ronaldo, Falcao, Neymar and Van der Sar to craft your very own fantasy superstars.

Trophies – Earn trophies by competing against the top clubs across Europe in single-player and multiplayer and in challenges to complete exclusive sets. When you play the game, you can earn FIFA Points that can be traded in for exclusive squad items, coins and ultimate team packs.

FIFA 22 introduces a new control system for your very own football journey. With multiple and customizable control schemes, you are free to test your control skills to make sure you’re 100 percent comfortable and are perfectly tuned to command the game.

Play with the control schemes you know and love:
– Precision – Individually customized, all of FIFA 22’s controls are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your personal preference.
– Precision D – Improve your skills by practicing with the Precision D control scheme to simulate playing on professional quality settings.
– Default – The new default control scheme is designed for players who want to enjoy the game as its designed to be played on a keyboard and mouse.
– X-Pod – With the Xbox 360 controller, discover X-Pod. It’s a powerful, intuitive control scheme for X-Box 360 and PC gamers who are looking for a competitive edge in-game.

Introducing an all-new expert mode – the ultimate training simulation tool that immerses you in the ultimate football club environment. Play the matchday coach, exploring team tactics and making tactical decisions as you lead your team through a full game, all while gaining in-game experience, gaining additional control schemes and fine-tuning your skills.

Evolving visuals to move closer to real world football. When you pick up the ball, you will see realistic visuals, like pitch markings on the ball and dribbling the ball with an invisible rubber band. Clarity is now sharper and the ball glides effortlessly past players, allowing you to control the game at a higher level of the pitch with minimal lag time.

Experience a new era of football through FIFA 22.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Score events to win cool moves, coins or cards
    You’ve got specific options to score famous events to earn more gold. The Coin & Card events are brought in 2 or 4-star versions and are accessible in matches of a certain difficulty level. Other cards can also be won as a reward for scoring particular goals (i.e. corners, free kicks, penalty kicks).
  • Upgrade your favourite player with new items & power-ups
    You can use the items that you earn as you progress through the game to upgrade a squad of up to 55 players. For example, you can enhance your captain’s abilities and help your key player to dominate the midfield and give the right orders on the pitch. You can also win in-game rewards such as Player Coins and Account Coins.

  • New assistant manager moves
    Use your new likes and dislikes to find the right tactics and items for your perfect team in Game Modes. Your assistant manager will help you out in creating the best team possible in total customisation. With this managerial role, you will have full control over your formation and player rotation in your team.
  • XP rewards just for playing on certain days & matches
    Fifa Ultimate Team players will gain XP rewards for playing on specific days, as well as playing important games. There will also be offers for specific events, depending on the difficulty level.
  • New coach tutorials
    The tutorial now focuses more on to the full FIFA Ultimate Team experience, presenting you with new challenges in the game. You will learn about the new gameplay features, the squad updates, player specials and much more.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sport video game series. Started in 1994, the original FIFA was followed by FIFA Soccer in the UK, FIFA International Soccer in Japan and many more. This series remains the most popular sports video game series of all time, with over 120 million sold in total.

© 2011 Electronic Arts Inc. EA and FIFA are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. All other marks and trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


Today, 8.5 million players every day across the world play FIFA online via Xbox Live, PlayStation®Network, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 and mobile devices.


In FIFA 22 we will open up the world of FIFA to the entire world through our ‘World Leagues’ concept. Play your way online in the most prestigious leagues in the world, and compete with your friends from across the globe. The ‘World Leagues’ will be localised into 43 languages across more than 200 regions worldwide, in addition to ‘FIFA Mode’, the new scoring system, ball physics and more.


FIFA 22 gives you complete control over your gameplay experience with a brand new Take-Control Mode system and the biggest Career Mode in FIFA history. No longer will you have to go through the rigmarole of sub-squads to create a true team, this new focus on the player puts the power in your hands and gives you complete control over everything. Pick the tactics and formations that work for you, play a 4-2-3-1, a 3-4-3, a 4-3-3 or a 3-5-2.

The game dynamically react to team tactics. Follow a pure defensive system and defend with your heart out, or go out and attack with your heart in. Dynamically adapts to the way you play, giving you more freedom than ever before to adapt your own style of play.


FIFA 22 innovates on the huge world of Football Club, with brand new ‘FIFA Players’.

Take your customised squad on the pitch with you to play in any mode


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

iPad min. 2048 x 1536 display resolution or a Mac running OS X 10.7.3 or later
A Dual Core processor 1.3 GHz or faster
512 MB RAM
1024 MB of free space
Supported Languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Ukrainian
Please Note: Any devices other than the


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