FIFA 22 technology allows for increased player intelligence:

Telepathic Connections with Players’ Intelligence – One of the most significant new additions to this year’s global game is the Telepathic Connection. Telepathic Connections allow players to become alerted to potential plays before they occur. Before any play occurs, players can activate a feature on the pitch known as Pre-Play by hitting the R2 button. By using this feature, a player can detect who is about to be a potential passer, dribbler or shot creator and choose to switch tactics accordingly.

Automatic Pivots – Telepathic Connections also work on the D-pad, which allows defenders to switch their position to a position they’re familiar with. Defenders often will know in which direction a team is moving to begin a counterattack, so they can potentially be moved to that spot automatically.

Telepathic Connections also allow players to instantly see where their nearest teammates are on the pitch, eliminating the need to check the eRoster, or the player roster, over and over again. With Telepathic Connections, a player is no longer limited by a time constraint to perform a certain action – they are given the ability to perform that action at any time.

Spy-Cam for Defenders – Defenders have the ability to scout a wide range of attacks from different parts of the pitch. The defender’s eyes are also provided with live data to signal when the opposition is breaking down the opposing defensive line.

Smooth Connections with Pitch Intelligence – Most teams use the quickest route when executing long balls or through balls. With Telepathic Connections, the pitch intelligence allows the ball to be more accurately transferred for a quicker pass.

Smooth Connections with Pitch Intelligence (2) – The pitch intelligence also marks with a yellow line the spot where the ball can enter a teammate’s feet for a score.

Dynamic Intelligence on Pitch – Telepathic Connections also allow players to perform actions on the pitch based on data, such as adjusting their run if the opposition is in possession of the ball, or choosing a pass if a teammate is open. When players make strategic decisions on the pitch, their actions are custom-tailored to their unique playstyle, rather than matching FIFA’s pre-programmed reactions.

Highlighting Specific Match Elements – All of this intelligence is constantly displayed on the pitch and integrated into gameplay. Players are constantly adjusting their runs to


Features Key:

  • Compete in FIFA’s most authentic and realistic transfer market ever. Take part in the newest club setup and styling, changing kits, logos and stadium styles with real-life decisions, and give your team character and flair as you dream of being the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.
  • Enjoy first-hand technology innovations like HyperMotion Motion Capture and Prezi Cameras: move the ball with more authenticity, control and accuracy.
  • Scare your opponents by the power of new Moment of Magic features, like goal explosions.
  • Twitch integration enables the connection of all your devices to stream gameplay to the gaming community. Bekijk online FIFA matches, form live games alongside online pros, or make your own with the newly integrated Remixed together with the crowd: create fan interactive moments live during gameplay and personalize official team kits.


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FIFA is the number one global soccer game, with its annual installment outselling every other game combined in the U.S. According to Electronic Arts, over 400 million people worldwide have played the FIFA brand and FIFA titles.

The Fastest Game in Sports

FIFA gameplay is among the fastest in the industry. The physical simulation of realistic movement and tackling, improved ball physics, and real-time player reaction make for a tight and responsive soccer experience.

The most authentic FIFA

FIFA’s gameplay engine creates the most authentic soccer experience available for consoles. Improved accuracy, ball control, ball physics, and critical elements of player control make FIFA a simulation that more closely matches the feeling and feel of playing the beautiful game in its purest form.

Introducing Play the Game

EA SPORTS FIFA is the most authentic in terms of its authentic atmosphere, unique user interface and all new touch features make it the best gaming experience on the market. Play the Game features are designed to enhance any FIFA game with the tools to tackle any challenge.

Play the Game introduces new features for every mode including PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements including more realistic visuals and new controls such as D-pad on PS4 Pro.

FIFA Authentic Experience

The FIFA Authentic Experience provides new social elements to the game. Connect with your friends in real time on social networks with leaderboards and new challenges. Create new friends in the “Create-a-Club” system that lets players create their own leagues, win tournaments, and earn rewards. Plus, players can connect with friends, and their clubs, on Xbox Live.

FIFA The Premier League

The FIFA The Premier League experience allows players to create a club from the ground up, and compete in the English Premier League. Take control of a soccer club, hire staff, build its stadium, and assemble a squad that can compete in the EPL.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the hub of matchmaking, as players put their new found skills to use, and take on teams of other Ultimate players in online matches.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is EA Mobile’s free-to-play game app featuring real football right on your mobile device. FIFA Mobile provides the ultimate soccer experience on mobile and allows you to take the pitch, manage your squad, and create your custom-built club.



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Get the game on your Xbox One and manage your collection of over 25,000 real players, along with unique player kits, unique player celebrations, and more to help build your dream squad.

FUT Champions – FUT Champions will be launching alongside the game worldwide. This is where you get to play 10,000 years of football at the same time. Test your skills as a football manager, choosing from over 1,000 managers to begin the process of building your own club. Claim your job, work your team into the big time, and become the best football manager ever.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Watch game, upload replays, and earn coins and club badges using your gameplay on Xbox Live. Keep your history of all past gameplay from your account.

FIFA Ultimate Team – On Xbox, you can get to know your Pro better when you watch the replays of matches you play in Ultimate Team. Update your Pro. Check his recent gameplay. Discover how the rest of your team performed. You’ll also be able to add a digital training ground to your Pro for the offseason.

FUT Champions – Connect your FUT Champions profile across all your consoles to earn coins, earn club badges, and engage with other players.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Defend your goal, dribble through defenders, and score the winning goal to put your team into the next round.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Choose from over 500 footballers in FUT Champions mode for your FIFA 22 roster, along with unique player kits, unique player celebrations, and more to help create your dream team.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Play against clubs in the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Super Cup.

FIFA Ultimate Team – With over 750 badges in Ultimate Team, FIFA 22 includes more than 45,000 customizable football items for you to collect across the game. Create your dream squad and customize every aspect of your kits, stadium, training ground, and team.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Managing your Pro’s gameplay and updates is just part of the experience. In Ultimate Team, find your Pro, scan the barcode, and watch the gameplay.

Pro Player – Create your own player with custom faces, BODY, and improvements to PAS, movement, and speed.

Pro Player – Customize your Pro’s training ground. Put players in different roles and position them to execute your game plan.

Pro Player


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team brings its biggest season ever for new items, more cards, old items, and more than 60 million total card packs released for the Ultimate Team mode.

    – New and improved squads with more than 60 million card packs.
    – New and improved cards with the first version of Fan Kicks, new cards for iconic characters such as Ronaldinho, Neymar and Lionel Messi, and classic cards such as David Beckham.
    – New and improved goal celebrations, additional goal explosions, and more.
    – New Ultimate Team Arena where players can upgrade their custom stadiums
    – New card packs, including 70-card player packs and 40-card squad packs, to get your Ultimate Team party started.
    – A number of balancing tweaks and gameplay improvements.


  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • FIFA’s Career mode now allows players to customise their character in all new ways: create new muscle-memory, characters, faces and hair, and give your fantasy manager the ultimate performance by designing their new kit.


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FIFA is the world’s #1 football video game and continues to deliver authentic football thrills. FIFA is the #1 football video game and continues to deliver authentic football thrills.

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