Creating the best possible gameplay experience for the most passionate football fans has been and continues to be an overriding priority at EA SPORTS. At the heart of this is EA SPORTS Football Lab, where teams of EA engineers and artists have spent countless hours studying the real-life data collected from motion capture suits worn by some of the world’s most talented players. In addition, the Digital Soccer Laboratory, EA’s largest real-time simulation center, continues to supply massive amounts of simulation data to FIFA teams in order to help improve pitch movements and ball flight.

Information on these new gameplay features will be shared later this year.

Be a #FootieHead

In addition to these new “HyperMotion Technology” motion capture features, FIFA 22 introduces a user interface that allows players to be aware of each other in a way never before possible.

Players now will see visual indicators whenever another player is nearby. They will also be able to see who is looking at them and who is keeping track of where they are on the pitch. The new user interface will improve on some of the issues with player detection in FIFA 21 – the new vision indicator is small and will display only when it is in the area of the camera view, reducing the amount of time it is onscreen. This also helps on-screen performance as it reduces the amount of object clutter in the player icons. Finally, the new proximity to player indicators will be on regardless of whether players are in a social/tour guide view or in free roam.

Players will have the ability to “call” out to each other, alerting them to an approaching player, and in turn, open up communications between players. Each player will have a unique ability to “call” out to their teammates, notifying the recipient that they have spoken to them and “spoke to your face” as the specific call out tone will be unique to the player.

These new communication features enhance fan-favorite Real Player Motion Technology, giving players the power to have a real conversation with their teammates across the pitch, no matter where they are located on the field. Along with Real Player Motion, players will notice a new added “short chop” command, which will give players the opportunity to quickly make a short-handed pass during a full-length game, between 30 and 60 seconds.

On-pitch improvements are the finishing touch to a package that already


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Gain experience to be a better player
  • Play as any of the real-life players, with their unique traits and styles
  • Play for your favourite teams in leagues from all over the world
  • Play with a more intense game style including more player animations and reactions.
  • Feel the adrenaline of the real stadiums; perform epic free kicks and precision dribbles
  • Be the Leader of a Club
  • Become the manager of your favorite club as you leave your mark with your own style
  • Develop and strengthen a partnership with one of your fellow players
  • Your club, your life
  • Icons!
    • Build your own brand through playing, movement and style, and then show it off.
    • Acquire your favourite players by playing football to win items.
    • Inspire other players to give you a helping hand by helping them play football better.
    • Stake out the number one spot by playing football to win better tournaments.
    • Become the best with a full range of kits and flags available to buy or unlock.
  • A new ultimate commentary experience.
  • Experience the feel of 22 authentic stadiums with detailed surface physics and enhanced crowd modelling.
  • More 60+ international teams with 9 leagues including BeNe (Belgium), Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and many more.
  • PES & PoP: personal goals, personal development
  • Single Player and online play
  • FIFA Classic Challenges
  • Make your team more than just a club, build it out to become a football dynasty
  • Live the football lifestyle in the new Ambiance set pieces, animations, outfits, reactions, celebrations and stadium sounds
  • Watch the new cinematic featurette


Fifa 22 License Code & Keygen [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

Every FIFA title is brought to life by a living, breathing simulation that pushes the limits of what is possible with video game technology. FIFA games feature a wide range of gameplay elements and innovations, plus incredible attention to detail, that provide fans with the most authentic football experience possible.

The result is an all-new FIFA experience—at home and on the go—that lets players construct the game and tailor their play to suit their individual needs.



Every mode in FIFA 22 is refined, offering new ways to play the game and explore the nuances of the beautiful game.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team gets a special update in FIFA 22 as players can now join and invite their friends to their team. You can now manage your roster from both MyClub and Ultimate Team, creating your dream team from thousands of players available in Career Mode.


Prove your commitment with matches against FIFA players from around the world on FIFA LIVE.


• Team up with friends to face real-life rivals in the most authentic, 3v3 format available on FIFA.

Team of the Year

Our list of best XI’s from the previous year get the new Team of the Year treatment as expected and other teams are added for the first time, including the brand-new Hispanic team.

Locked Doors

Enjoy real life fun by experiencing a new way to play the game! LOCKED DOORS mode allows you and your friends to play together in game lobbies while your “real life friends” can play FIFA on their own in the “real world.”

FIFA Leagues

Leagues in FIFA are a new entry point to FIFA’s Career Mode that has been co-created with the PES team.

Player Intelligence

The many AI-controlled teammates (complete with their individual psychology) join the player on the pitch.

New features

Of course the FIFA of the 21st Century includes all of the core FIFA features which made the FIFA franchise a global phenomenon. There is also a new license: UEFA Champions League which can be seen in MatchDay, MyCupp, FreeKicks, Skills, FIFA Ultimate Team, MyClub, and so much more.


A new benchmark for


Fifa 22 [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

Create a dream squad from nearly 40,000 real-world players that includes an award-winning lineup creator. Predict the next big thing as you scout, trade, and manage your way to ultimate success.

The Journey –
Take control of your career and develop over a 6-year timeline that follows you throughout different stages of your life as you progress as a player, from U-12 to U-23 to senior pro. Build and manage your squad, compete in different leagues, and keep developing your skills, attributes, and impact until you reach the pinnacle of your career and become a Pro.

World Cup Mode –
Compete in one of the most entertaining modes of all sports games by participating in official FIFA tournaments from all around the world.


If there is one thing about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, it’s the massive support and excitement among fans around the world. In the lead up to the biggest tournament since the 2002 FIFA World Cup™, UEFA and Konami Sports have teamed up to capture the World Cup’s colourful vibe through the #BattleSeoul 2018 app.

This free app is packed with adrenaline, singing and dancing – all inspired by the spirit of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. The #BattleSeoul 2018 app celebrates the World Cup spirit through energetic entertainment.


Excitement is guaranteed every time you launch the app

The #BattleSeoul 2018 app comes loaded with entertainment, highlighting Brazil’s greatest World Cup moments and featuring stirring songs, performances and cute characters inspired by World Cup vibes.

Have fun and watch the drama unfold in your very own FIFA World Cup™

See the World Cup right from your own home! Now you can live out your #BattleSeoul 2018 experience wherever you are, at any time! No device is too big or small.

*NOTE: To save on data charges, the #BattleSeoul 2018 app may not be able to automatically update on its own. To begin streaming the 2018 World Cup, the App must be launched on an Android smartphone with an Android 4.0 and above version or on an iPhone with iOS 8.0 and above.

**NOTE: To save on data charges, the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches will be provided in High Definition (1080p). The World Cup™ events which do not end in a draw will always be provided in this resolution.A cross-country carriage ride in 36 hours, 12


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