“FIFA 21 started a new chapter in the history of FIFA,” said Peter Chu, FIFA Chief Marketing Officer. “This year we are striving to deliver something that players will experience as the real deal in features, gameplay, interaction and playability. With a world-class game engine, the addition of HyperMotion Technology and extensive game mechanics, players are going to feel the difference, I promise!”

Fifa 22 Free Download is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. For fans of the current-gen titles, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome will be enabled for use with the PC build.

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Attention Consume / Action Boost

Marker Touch Prodigy / Instructor Trending Poses

Dribble Control Touch Attack

Practical Ball Tutorial

Sprint Meter

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FIFA 22 UI 2.0 *

Pause Menu: Tactical Content Panel

Team Info Button

Loading Time Icon

End of Match

*3D Touch Support

FIFA 20 introduced a new “Speed Shift” Mode that enabled players to push the ball down the pitch at a full sprint. The objective of Speed Shift Mode is to create as much distance as possible by keeping the player’s momentum until it’s properly caught up by another player. The new direction-based sprint system has received great reviews from the community.

FIFA 20 introduced Tactical In-Play Overview

Scoreboards have been enhanced with the addition of Scout Report and Mini-Report modes. Scoring and gameplay-related objectives in real-time are displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. Scout Report mode lists key performances, including yellow and red cards, player stats, etc. Also included is an area for live in-game commentary and statistics. Mini-Report includes a breakdown of the events of the match, with stats, player ratings, player cards and scout reports.

FIFA 20 introduces Post-Match Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Mode

This mode allows players to select any match from FIFA 20 and re-play it with real-life Player Data (PES 2016), all under real-life conditions. The goal is to work with the PES team to create a competitive, realistic match-


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Arena Atmosphere – With the emphasis on passing out of the back, and the near total eradication of the negative attributes of last year’s open conclusion to the 4-4-2, through the use of size and preference for quick-passing, while also working towards matching the game’s movement animations to match the sport’s third and final shot, the ball is dribbled.
  • PES to Integrate with FIFA Licensee Worldwide Expansion
  • Unlock Pro Moves to simulate the environments and challenges of location-specific playstyles.
  • Re-imagined Skills System, Adjustable First Touch Control and Better Receiving Responses
  • New Control Scheme and Adjustments to the AI
  • Enhanced Commentary
  • New Features including online sessions, Player Licensees, and more.

Game News

FIFA’S Managing Director, Gordon Green, said: “FIFA 22 is the game fans have been waiting for and is the culmination of the journey we started five years ago. Players, developers and the teams who cover the world’s top leagues have all had a hand in shaping this game and, together, we have been able to create something truly special.”

  • THIS IsUE: 22
  • New Licencee Environment
  • EA SPORTS FIFA 19 to be Subsidised?
  • EA SPORTS FIFA 19 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from November 12


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FIFA (from EA SPORTS) is the best football game on the planet. Millions of fans play FIFA each year, and Fifa 22 Crack Keygen will push the limits of the series even further than last year’s FIFA 19, with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

What is Touch Control?

Touch Control offers a new control scheme that will bring the action to life in a way that no other football game allows. It’s designed to provide the best football experience on mobile and will work on mobile, tablet, and PC platforms, and soon on the Nintendo Switch. FIFA players will be able to enjoy a consistent football experience across multiple devices.

Multiplayer Features in FIFA 22

FIFA’s legendary online gameplay returns with a new season of innovation in FIFA 22. Play matches against your friends and foes across the world or in true ad-hoc matches. Or look for players to play with instantly, leading you on incredible journeys around the world.

The list of online features for FIFA is quite extensive, and we will detail each of them in an upcoming section of the guide.

Innovative New Refereeing System

On FIFA 20, the Referee was the heart of the game. This year, FIFA 22 features a new Referee system that’s been developed with all the complexities of real-world refereeing in mind. The Referee interacts with the player simulation at a human level that will change how you think about refereeing and your tactics.

The Referee’s role will be to stop players who are committing fouls or risking dangerous situations in the game. They will be in the right place to make match-winning decisions and impacts with new AR and VR features.


Experience the biggest and most dynamic football game yet with a story that takes you through a year in the life of the football teams, and behind the scenes of the big competitions.

The great thing about FIFA’s The Camps is that we get to see behind the scenes at the 11 competitions that make up an entire year of the football calendar – from the 5-a-side kickabouts of the Players’ Tournament to the local derbies and FA Cup final.

The Camps mode will introduce us to 11 countries and, for the first time in EA SPORTS FIFA, we will see how the great footballing nations of Asia, Africa and South America prepare their players to play at a world championship


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Presented by EA SPORTS, FIFA Ultimate Team is the only way to fully personalize your player in FIFA. Build your dream team by collecting, training, and improving over 30 real players. The more you play, the more you earn valuable items to help unlock more of the world’s best players. FIFA Ultimate Team will also allow you to become the ultimate manager, competing in the new FIFA Manager mode. Build your perfect team, develop players, and compete against managers from around the world with a brand new approach to gameplay that will feel different than any previous FIFA title.

Whether you choose to build your team and lead your squad to glory on a single-player Career mode or compete with managers on an Online mode, FIFA will change the way you play.

Controls – Control, pass, head and shoot in every direction. Whether you prefer to control the ball with precision dribbling or muscle through defences, you can dictate the tempo and movement of the game through unique controls that will expand and evolve as you progress through the game. Utilising features including the all-new ball physics, you can slide, control, and do more with the ball than ever before.

Pitch Physics – For the first time ever, FIFA recognizes the offside and in-play rules and allows you to influence the results of free kicks and penalties in spectacular new ways. The Control Precision Dribbling – Discover a new way to perform through a combination of precision dribbling and close control. Vary your movement to use your dribbling skills to beat opponents and slow the pace of the game to you. Get the Ball in the Net – Watch for defenders coming into your area and maneuver your way to the net, either passing it between players or placing it towards the top corners of the goal.

Evolving Players – Control the player you choose and the way they handle the ball and use your skills to play a new way. For the first time ever in FIFA, your player will evolve based on the rating you assign them. Whether it’s in your Player Profiles or matches, use the rating system and placement of cards earned during matches to improve your players as you play. Not only will this allow you to improve your player ratings, but you can evolve your game completely. Players will change appearance and behaviors based on your decisions and gameplay. The more you play, the more you can improve your players and play your own way.

Depth in Gameplay – Progress your game all the way to club legend


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Dynamic Tactics System
  • Dynamic Player Ratings
  • Discover who will become your next star
  • Soccer Updates
  • New Skills
  • Ultimate Shortlist
  • Individual Player Stories


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FIFA Soccer is the complete football experience.

– Ball Physics – The best ball physics to date deliver smoother, more authentic gameplay. FIFA Soccer delivers an unprecedented level of ball control, shot power and pin-point accuracy.

– Action Moments – New innovations from past seasons of FIFA come to life in FIFA Soccer including Shot Hit-Sticks, new Free Kicks, Goalkeeper Diving, Corner Kicks and more.

– New Refereeing – FIFA Soccer introduces a completely revised Refereeing system in which the referees are as realistic as the players and opponents. Each referee has their own unique decision making style and voice.

– Franchise Mode – Create your own unique club and play your own game within the game. New tools and features were added in FIFA Soccer to let you create, control and even retire your own footballing legend.

– Coaching – Develop your own team’s tactics, tactics, tactics, tactics and tactics. Test your skills in all the football simulations with a variety of game modes including Tournament Play, Friendly Coaching, Managerial Career, Player Career, Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, Dynamic Seasons, Ultimate Team Classic, Online Seasons and Dynamic Seasons.

– New Difficulty Settings – New difficulty settings were added to FIFA Soccer to allow for greater control and understanding of the game’s various complexities.

– Commentary – Hear all of the latest footballing analysis right from the mouth of the game’s official commentators.

– Visuals – Now you can enjoy beautiful FIFA Soccer shots, player movements and more in stunning high-definition graphics.

– Social Connectivity – Play with your friends in licensed leagues, tournaments, Friendlies, and more.

What are the features of FIFA 22?

– GamePlay-Powered by Football

· New ball physics, new AI behaviours

· New behaviours and reactions

· New Free Kicks, Corner Kicks

· New Dribble Control and Defending

· New Run Control, Tackle Animation and Stamina

· New Special Smarts

· New Shots, Passes and Goalkeeper Diving

· New Free Kicks and Corner Kicks

· New Post-Ejections

· Instant decision making and unique behaviours for new shots, tackles, counter-attacks, offsides and more

· Weather and pitch conditions

· Dynamic Refereeing

· New Authentic Chemistry

· New Leaderboard


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP and newer
    OS X 10.6 and newer
    512MB of RAM
    For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, AMD Radeon HD 7900 series graphics cards are supported. Intel’s HD 4000 and HD 3000 series graphics are not supported.
    A 64-bit OS is required.
    SteamOS, Linux, and 64-bit Windows require an Intel integrated graphics chip (ie. Intel HD 4000 or newer).
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