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Using Accounting Software: Software’s Got Me Spinning

Sure, the other chapters in this book cover all the details of how to use Photoshop, but you need to know that even if you’re using Photoshop’s image manipulation tools to chop up, stitch together, or otherwise mess with your images, you still need to know how to work with numbers, too, because you’ll often be using a basic spreadsheet software package, such as Microsoft Excel, to calculate sales, expenses, and so on.

In addition to a spreadsheet program, you may also use an accounting program to organize your business’s financial information. If you keep all your money and

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images.

Step 1. Import Files

To start the editing process, you’ll need to import a file into Photoshop Elements. Then, you can start to edit the image.

To open a file, in the main menu of Photoshop Elements, select File > Open.

You’ll see the open dialog box. Click the browse button and select the file you’d like to open. Select the folder where you saved the image. Finally, select a location and click Open. You’ll see the image appear in the main window.

Step 2. Edit the File

Once you’ve loaded a photo into Photoshop Elements, you can start editing it.

The first thing you should do is resize the image. Click the image in the main window to display it in the document window.

Next, go to Image > Resize and click the arrow. Click the resize button.

Drag the handles on the resizing tool until the image is the size you want. Click OK when you’re done.

Step 3. Open the Layers Panel

The Layers Panel is another powerful tool in Photoshop Elements that can help you edit the image.

Open it by going to Window > Layers.

In this panel, all the elements in the file are grouped. You can add, move or delete elements.

To add a new element, open it in the Layers Panel, click it and drag it to the main window.

You can move an element to the bottom of the document window and move it up to move it up. You can also add a new layer, which is a blank layer for you to work on later.

Step 4. Adjust the View

Another useful tool in Photoshop Elements is the View menu. You can switch between different views of the image, such as from Portrait to Landscape.

Switch to the Landscape view. You’ll notice that Photoshop Elements has split the document window into two halves. Click the image in the document window to see it in both halves. You can then drag the halves to move them in relation to each other.

Step 5. Clone a Layer

Cloning is a simple way to duplicate layers and work on them separately.

When you create a new layer, you can easily select it

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# 5. Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Move the blur so it looks like a glass piece.

Create a blurred background image under the pupil. In the Layers palette, create a new layer above the pupil layer, and place a solid white color on it (Image 7).

Repeat this process for the left and right iris.

Create a new layer above the pupil and place a white color over it (Image 8).

* Image 7: Create a solid white layer above the pupil
* Image 8: Create a white layer above the pupil

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Converting PDF to image using iTextSharp

I have PDF file which is getting converted to image using iTextSharp, but the image is not showing up in the browser when i open it.
Here is my code:
PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(Server.MapPath(“reportPDF.pdf”));

using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream())
PdfReader writer = new PdfReader(Server.MapPath(“reportPDF.pdf”));
iTextSharp.text.Image image = iTextSharp.text.Image.GetInstance(writer.GetPdfObject(0));

using (PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, ms))
// convert pdf to image
PdfCopy copy = new PdfCopy(reader, ms);
catch (Exception ex)
// do nothing
image.HorizontalAlignment = 1;
image.VerticalAlignment = 1;
image.AllColorSaturation = -1;
image.Interpolate = true;
image.AntiAlias = true;

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