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i.e. you might have a copyright on the movie it’s only a copy of the
hard-disk. you cannot actually do anything with it (except watch it).
it’s like an easter egg. i don’t know if that’s still correct. if it’s
true that is. but i remember that even before i was a teenager. a movie
(e.g. the “gronzer film 1.0.1.v2 with crack” ) on dvd actually includes
the image of a movie together with the audio samples of the movie (not
only the audio samples but also the still images).
well. this image has nothing to do with the movie (i.e. this is just
some image, it has nothing to do with the movie).

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everything a movie (e.g. a photostation. a photo album. a photo book)
and everything else that is shown on such a photostation (e.g. the still

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you see. i think we probably need to change the definition of a copy
to something like “a simulation of a copy”. “a simulation of a copy”
has nothing to do with a copy (except if we want to speak about a copy
of a simulation).

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so. it seems to me that a simulation of a copy is a simulation of a
copy (with

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WTF is wrong with this video? All the parts needed are here, you just have to choose what to download. You could download the parts of the video you want from the provided links, but this is the easiest way to get all of the game downloaded at once.

This video will not allow music to play, they might fix this so I can put music on my videos but for now do not think it is possible.




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– waits for the response to come back
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