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For example, the Stack Overflow website is written in a mixture of various programming languages. Does JavaScript have any “non-standard” features or functions that no other language has?
Yes, definitely. It is an OOP language. More specifically, it is an ECMAScript, or JavaScript language.


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MySql doesn’t show primary key’s auto increment value

I have a database with a table called blogs in which the column blog_ID auto increments if the ID is not set by myself manually. Its code is:
CREATE TABLE `blogs` (
`blog_ID` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
`blog` varchar(128) NOT NULL,
`post` text,

But whenever I insert a new row using mysql workbench it automatically generates a new id for my table. If I set the id myself manually it works fine.
Any ideas how can I solve this problem?


You need to set the default value for ID:
ALTER TABLE `blogs` MODIFY COLUMN `blog_ID` bigint(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’;

Other options are AUTO_INCREMENT, or an other column with default value.

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Description: Hey guys, do any of you know of any great image hosting sites that are not picture rail like, I want to be able to be more than a thumbnails, but still small. You are able to upload with all different forms, save it, and even update with a ip address. The site does not get rid of any of the stuff that has been uploaded to it.

Wanted to be able to upload images with no sizes allowed, such as just the image file itself. You can set it to 2Mb, 5Mb, or whatever size you like, then when it changes to 50mb or any size greater than what you want it to be you can go to the image that has been posted and change that size. So if you put something in there with a size of 5Mb and someone posts an image that it’s over 50MB you can just change it. If you could just change the size, it would be perfect.

Most of these sites you have to tell them what size the image is by uploading it first. Like
I’m trying to think of the website name, but they have saved images, sometimes the image wont download.. I’m thinking of just attaching the image.

I had this image here, just realized I could put in a web address and it would load it all up.Q:

How to stop jQuery to apply on click event to more than one element

I have the following HTML code.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

If I click on the radio button, the code works fine. But if I select the same


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