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When you come to a fork in the road, take it –
Some say: “life is like a roller coaster,”
Other say: “life is like a bridge, cross it,”
The real secret is: “All road signs direct you to choose life’s path; But where do you cross the bridge?
and “love is a bridge; love doesn’t build walls.
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Fri June 21, 2014

How Did France Get Its Voice To Be So Fierce?

Ophelie Askew, the only living recording artist to have a commercial hit in France, is here in Chicago. She has just released a new book about her life, for which she is the author, producer, and singer. It’s called “My Inescapable Voice.” We’ve been talking with Askew about her career, and her new book.

We mentioned that there are some cultural differences between France and the U.S. Could you elaborate on that?

You know, I think they’re very different. I grew up in a French suburb. The language is very sacred to me. French is my first language, even though I’ve been living in New York since I was 12. The language is very intrinsic to who I am as a human being. And the relationship that I have with my father, which I have with all my father figures, is different to the one that I have with my mother, which I have with all my mother figures.

That’s interesting. And what was it like growing up in France and being so very close to your father, having that relationship with him, and then moving to New York and not having that relationship with your father?

He raised me. I didn’t have my mother around. I was 12 when I moved to New York. I was a sophomore in high school. So my first romantic relationship was with my father. My romantic relationship with my father, which is the most idyllic, romantic relationship that I know, is with him sitting down and I’m talking to him.

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Plaxis 2D is an open source program created for 3D analysis of vertical deformation and groundwater flow. The 2D .
Download PLAXIS 2D tutorials, manuals, examples from public domain.
Download the PLAXIS 2D manual and tutorial or pay for a license of this program. Useful to the non specialist of the software.
Download 3D version of PLAXIS 2D.
Plaxis 2D is the 2D version of PLAXIS 2D, a software that allows 3D simulations of the groundwater flow .
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Plaxis 2D – e.plaxis

Updated: 26-Mar-2016 .

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Burning data to optical discs is sometimes possible with only the DVD burner app, but you can .
Plaxis is a finite element program for three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in .

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But at this point we are all tired of waiting until December – the only thing left is to start celebrating. It helps us to keep the pavement in a good condition and prolong the life of the building.
Mud crack free vehicle image. Plaxis uses the finite element method with free tetrahedral mesh elements to model and simulate deformations of composites and structures.
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