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After quiet a while, I am becoming more and more frustrated and want to find a way to uninstall the app. Can someone please help? i tried to unistall both apps but that does not work for me


Go to App drawer, and browse for the App named a8. Then uninstall it.


Вывести текст из текстового файла при помощи функции fread()

Помогите новичку в php, запутался пожалуйста в php сайтах, задача состоит в том, чтобы считать текст файла(txt) на ввод и вывести его на сайт. На сколько знаю тут нет какой-то нормальной функции как это можно сделать. Пытался написать код так
if ($F = fopen(“test.txt”,”r”)){
while (!feof($F)){
echo fread($F,5000);

но тогда не выводит текст из файла(только самая первая буква не р


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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an antenna device, particularly to an antenna device that is detachably coupled to an adapter.
2. Description of the Related Art
Nowadays, many portable electronic devices, such as notebooks, e-books, PDAs, and mobile phones, are equipped with a wireless transceiver capable of wireless communication. A wireless transceiver typically includes an antenna. For electronic devices that are in a reduced or minimised enclosure, such as a portable electronic device, the integration of the antenna within the electronic device poses some challenges. For example, the integrated antenna has to be small to fit within the confined space of a portable electronic device. However, an antenna with a small physical size typically has low gain and limited radiation efficiency.
Therefore, the inventor of the present invention has proposed a detachable antenna adaptor, which may be detachably connected to an adapter and used as an antenna in a portable electronic device to resolve the aforesaid problem.Determination of trace to ultratrace amount of uranium(IV) in the presence of extremely low concentrations of uranium(VI).
A practical method for determining trace amounts of uranium in the presence of the weakly acidic uranium(VI) species in aqueous systems has been developed. The method is based on the formation of uranium(IV) complexes with the use of the chelating reagent phenanthroline-2-isothiocyanate and the detection of the resulting uranium(IV) with the use of the 4-(2,4,6-trimethylphenoxy)phenolate leucoemeraldine fluoride complex (EMLF) reagent. The utility of the method is demonstrated by determining trace amounts of uranium in aqueous samples.Pavel Bure and some of the other notable players from these teams will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on the weekend of July 27th. Among the other players who have been recognized are Wayne Gretzky, Red Wings’ Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux, Dominik Hasek, Stan Mikita