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Jajah Phone Buddy Cracked Version is a free Jajah VOIP phone directory program that lets you talk to a customer from any website, regardless of the language in which you operate the site.
Some of the benefits of using the Jajah Phone Buddy are:
■ Free
■ No hardware to install
■ Calls can be made from almost any phone system
■ No special headset needed
■ No special computer configuration is required
■ Integrates with many popular CRM and Access and Outlook applications
■ No special connection to a VOIP provider is required
A description of how “Jajah Phone Buddy” works:
“Jajah Phone Buddy” telephony functionality is implemented using some public telephone numbers registered with “Jajah” phone directory service provider. These telephone numbers will not be charged by “Jajah” to the user but will be charged by the service provider used to place the call. The actual charge will depend upon whether the call is placed from a land line, mobile or broadband connection.
The number will appear in the “phone book” of “Jajah Phone Buddy” when a user selects the number from a website with this software installed.
We also provide the Jajah phone buddy for access to Jajah conference calls.
Please Note:
• The Jajah Phone Buddy does not allow calls from the Windows phone client to be made unless you use the Jajah App.
• We do not support Windows Phone 7.
• Please do not forget to replace Jajah with the word “my” in your “Jajah Phone Buddy” settings and setup.
• Logins to the’my Jajah’ account are usually required for phone call operations.
• If the account to dial is not under your control then request an alternative number from our contact page.
• This software must be installed on your own computer, not on the computers of other users.
• We do not support Jajah or a similar service for use by other users.
• We do not support Jajah phones.
• These free calls are not VoIP calls.
• The free trial calls are charged to the telephone account of the paying Jajah user.
• The free trial calls to

Jajah Phone Buddy (April-2022)

The Jajah Phone Buddy application provides dialling features for any Windows application that can call fixed and mobile numbers. The application converts phone numbers into an international format automatically or the user can select the correct international format.
The dialling feature is activated by simply moving the mouse cursor over a phone number and pressing the hotkey that you set for dialling. Alternatively, you can set a favourite phone number and redial that number using the favourites list.
The Jajah Phone Buddy also provides Quick dial (favourite phone numbers) and redial facilities.
Auto dial facility
Jajah Phone Buddy Web Site:
Best Regards,
Paul Ashby
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Jajah Phone Buddy Crack+ With Full Keygen

■ Download “Jajah Phone Buddy” from
■ Software is designed with cost-effective and quick operations in mind
■ The cheap calls are not made from your mobile, so your traffic does not get affected
■ Calls are connected through a 256 Kbps data channel
■ Smart functionality enables you to select your country and region for cheap calls
■ Download, install and begin using the software in minutes
■ The installation package has a built-in installer file
■ In the next few months we will release new versions, new features and updated calls
■ The program updates automatically, so there is no need to update.
■ You can start to use your phone for calls immediately after installation
■ Adjust the caller ID and other personal preferences
■ You can change country, region, etc. easily
■ Include your whole Jajah phonebook with your personal contacts!


According to the documentation it doesn’t use your mobile data connection.

You can find it at Just download the.shtml file and save it to your desktop. Double-click on the file to run the installer. If prompted, enter your email address and a password, then click on next.
When you try to run it, you’ll need to select a country. Click next and install it. When asked about your call plan, select Silver as the package and press next.

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What’s New In Jajah Phone Buddy?

Jajah Phone Buddy automatically dials phones from any Windows application including Microsoft CRM, Access and Outlook. Simply move your mouse pointer to a phone number or add a Quick Dial, Favorite or International Country Code – then press the Hot Key to have your Jajah phone called.
A selection of international phone numbers is included in the main package – and call history can be accessed from the Windows menu bar. Jajah Phone Buddy also integrates with some of the largest CRM packages.
With a Jajah Phone Buddy installation, you have the following advantages:

■ Control the cost of international call usage from your Windows application.
■ Use your Jajah phone book from any Web browser with no delay.
■ Enjoy calls to your business, friends and family with no hassle.
■ Save time by not having to write down the phone numbers anymore.
■ Eliminate the need for extra hardware, no special phone kit, headset, or Jajah account needed.
■ Use with your laptop or desktop PC
■ Enjoy long distance calls from Jajah User to Jajah User.
■ Use with any VOIP telephone system, including Jajah
■ Enjoy low cost international calls to Jajah Users around the world.

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Jajah Phone Buddy Free Video Tutorials
How to use Jajah with Web Browser:
This video shows you how to use Jajah from a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

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OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i3
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 300MB available space
How to Install :
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b. After downloading, open the app. You will see “Installing” button.
c. Make sure you have internet connection.
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e. After a successful installation, open the app.