If your job is handling several pieces of information, you are prone to forgetting some of them and the best way of preventing that is to store as many as you can on "external" sources such as your computer.
Note5 is one of the applications that was designed to help you create notes and store them so that you'll remember about important facts or events.
Create and edit up to 5 notes in one window
This application was designed to help you create notes in a simple, intuitive manner. After you launch it, you'll notice that its main window consists of 5 colored strips, each of which is assigned a name, from "Note1" to "Note5."
Therefore, you cannot possibly create and store more than 5 notes in the same window. Creating a note can be easily done by clicking a colored strip, which will expand and display a text editor pane, where you can input your desired text. The note's title can be changed by just clicking the top bar of each stripe after reaching the text editor (the part where  "Note1" is initially displayed while you're editing a note) and typing the new title.
Simple interface
Note5's interface is nothing short of simplistic and effective, as there should be no trouble understanding and operating its functions, regardless of your PC skills or previous experience with similar software.
The menu it integrates can be easily accessed by pressing the three-line button. Here you can access additional functions such as organizing your notes, changing the theme, managing plugins and adjusting settings.
Import, export and archive notes
The same menu mentioned above can help you import or export notes from and to your computer freely, so that you can view them later, if needed. You can also create an archive of notes by choosing the "Archive" function from the "Note" menu or pressing the F6 key on your keyboard.
The "Settings" menu lets you customize parameters related to transparency, toggle scrollbar and tray icon visibility, as well as setting the app to be always on top and launch on startup.
Lightweight note manager that can save up to 5 notes in one window
All things considered, Note5 is a handy application that can help you create and store up to 5 notes into a single window without significant efforts. It comes with a simple interface, provides you with import and export features and lets you archive notes for later use.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Note5 2022 Crack manages your notes, be it a list, to-do list, or outline, on one single window. With Note5 you can store up to 5 notes, and easily manipulate them by creating, editing and deleting them. Note5 can sync to Dropbox, so that you can access your notes from different devices, and can operate with or without any internet connection. Although Note5 was created for Windows platforms, it can also run under Linux and Mac. The developer is currently working on support for Android, iPhone and iPad. For more information, follow:

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Maintain a list of up to 5 notes, edit them and view all of them in one window. Create, edit, search and share up to 5 notes for FREE on Windows, Mac and Android.
Create and edit notes.
With Notes, you can create and edit notes either on a computer screen or through a PDF copy. Notes are saved on a cloud, so you can access them on any computer and mobile device.
View and manage notes.
Store notes, organize them and view multiple notes at once. View, search, sort and copy notes.
Share notes.
Share notes through social networks.
Dynamic PDF support.
View and manage your notes in PDFs on any computer or mobile device.
Note5 Features:
Create and edit notes.
Create, edit and share up to 5 notes.
Organize, sort and view notes in multiple windows.
View, search and copy notes.
Share notes through social networks.
PDF support.
Note5 Main window
Note5 Main Menu
Note5 Main Window
The main features of the application are displayed in the main window of the application.
An important feature is that you can create, edit and share notes in one window, which saves you the trouble of switching windows. Also, you can save and store your notes in PDF format so you can view them in any computer, mobile device or PDF reader.
You can edit notes by clicking the colored strips in the note window, which leads to a text editor with which you can input your notes. You can change the text title by simply dragging the top bar of the colored strip. You can also organize your notes by dragging the colored bars or by selecting the “Organize” function from the “Main” menu.
You can also share notes through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, which is enabled by default.
Note5 Main Menu
When you open the application, the main window will be displayed. The following colored strips will be visible in the window, each assigned a name, from “Note1” to “Note5.”
Note5 Note Editor
In the “Note Editor” pane, you can write and edit your notes. To input your text, click on a colored strip, which expands the text editor.
TIP: A note’s title can be changed by clicking the top bar of a colored strip and typing a new title.
Note5 Note Editor
You can select text in the text editor and copy it by pressing Ctrl + C

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You can always make a list of your important data, organize it by parts, rearrange items on the list, change its appearance, create different views of it etc. using Excel spreadsheets. Now you can share your list with others and also quickly save it to use it later. The provided interface is easy to use.


If you download this software then you must have english interface. If you don’t have english then go get Rosetta and install it in your computer.

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What’s New in the Note5?

★★★★★ Easy note taker and organizer with 5 notes in one window.
★★★★★ Create, edit and navigate your notes in a simple, intuitive way.
★★★★★ Import, export and archive your notes in an easy way.
★★★★★ Keep all your notes in one place for easy reference.
★★★★★ Send notes to your desktop, add them to a contact or file, etc.
★★★★★ Many more added regularly.

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★ Note5 is a note-taking application focused on managing the content and size of notes.
★ No need to worry about the format and style of notes.
★ Support for different types of note.
★ Ability to sync notes between mobile devices and PC.
★ Export notes to PDF, CSV and EML.
★ Separate password for the export
★ Easily edit notes and select one.
★ Ability to export notes to different devices and folders.
★ Ability to export notes to EML.
★ Manager name, subject, content, date and size of the note.
★ Crop image and add text to image.
★ Support for rich text editing.
★ Manage notes using a simple interface.
★ Create, edit, copy, paste, print, search, comment and move notes.
★ Manage notes on mobile devices and PCs.
★ Print notes without file.
★ Add notes to different devices and create folders.
★ Organize notes in folders.
★ Note contains several files.
★ Notes are categorized into folders.
★ Editable notes.
★ Add multiple notes in one note.
★ Add notes to an existing folder.
★ Images displayed in notes.
★ Add notes to contacts.
★ Export notes to PDF, HTML, CSV and EML.
★ Support for multi-character set.
★ View the notes in different font and color.
★ Support for pre-filled notes.
★ Support for multiple notes in one note.
★ Manage notes from mobile devices and PCs.
★ Multiple notes in a note.
★ Change notes size.
★ Support for multi-language.
★ Ability to create notes in multiple languages.
★ Ability to change the font size of notes.
★ Print notes.
★ Import notes

System Requirements For Note5:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Mac OS X
You must download Zoya and load it to your PC.
After installation, locate Zoya and press the ‘Start’ button.
When asked to start Zoya, select ‘Run As Administrator’
After you are running Zoya, enter the correct email address.
Please contact us if you are still experiencing trouble.Q