DVD Reauthor Professional is an easy to use software for DVD Reauthoring.It works only with Sonic Scenarist.
The main function of DVD Reathor is decomposing the DVD into video, audio and other files with the creation special script-file. DVD Reauthor Pro is firstly intended for studios and DVD authoring companies.
It contains additional functions using of which requires of experience in authoring. DVD Reauthor Pro is designed as an individual software.







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General introduction.
Script file for re-authoring.
General configuration options.
Customized tray icon.
Log file viewer.
Image and audio diagnostics tools.
Video and audio diagnostics tools.
The Customized Tray Icon function allows you to put DVD Reauthor Pro icon on the desktop of Windows so that you can access quickly from the desktop.
The Log file viewer allows you to view the contents of logfile (which is in [Default installation directory]\LogFile\[DATE\]) to which DVD Reauthor Pro creates an extra log file each time it starts.
The Image and audio diagnostics tools are used to check the quality of video and audio streams.
The Video and audio diagnostics tools are used to check the video and audio streams.
The main function of DVD Reauthor Pro is reauthoring a DVD. It provides an easy way for video and audio editors to re-author a single DVD.
The principle of video and audio re-authoring is decompressing the original video and audio files into the re-authoring format and then re-combining them with the video and audio streams from the re-authoring DVD (step-by-step guide). Video and audio re-authoring is very easy to learn.
The program is designed to meet the needs of reauthoring movies.
A DVD is an optical disc storage medium that contains video and audio content. DVD discs include analog and digital formats. It can store video, audio, and data content.
The DVD disc has many different versions. Some are purely for video or only for audio, and some will include both audio and video. The original content of a DVD disc is called the source disc. Sometimes, DVDs can be copied from a source disc using a DVD recorder or other means. We will discuss these scenarios later in this article.
One of the most important functions of a DVD recorder is that it can add content to the DVD disc. Sometimes, people will add multiple DVD discs into one disc, which is called a multi-layer DVD disc.
DVD is seen as more than just a storage medium. It is also an entertainment venue for movies, television shows, and other content. Just like DVDs, Blu-rays are a special disc storage format for storing and playing audio and video. Some Blu-ray discs store original movie and television show content in multiple formats, including bit-stream (digital video) and text files (audiobook, text, and other content).

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DVD Reauthor Professional helps you to create DVD or Blu Ray content from single or multiple copy DVD discs or video files.

DVD Reauthor Professional offers several ways of working:
1. Decompose single or multiple DVD discs.
2. Creating the virtual drive for the content for DVD-writer on target PC.
3. Decompose files as single or multiple files.

Multiple DVD dec and files operation:
1. You can decomposed the DVD content to single or multiple files.
2. You can choose any file format for decomposed file.

V.I.P. and Multimedia Mode:
This mode of operation is provided for those people who wants to make high quality DVD contents.

V.I.P. mode is used as professional mode for creating DVD contents. It is completely different from V.C. mode in which files and the script only to be written on blank DVD disc.

DVD Reauthor Professional Special Features:
1. Creating V.C. mode discs: only script, files and BD/DVD image are created
2. Different file formats for decomposed files are supported: AVI, MOV, MPEG, MKV, etc.
3. Separate decomposed files can be made as single file.
4. Video and Audio Track separated.
5. Dvd reauthor starts decomp. and menu process automatically from drag and drop operation.
6. The DVD content creation time and the size of data files can be displayed.
7. You can change the DVD content preview size on PC screen.
8. You can burn the prepared DVD/Blu ray content to DVD-RW or to a blank BD/DVD disc.

DVD Reauthor Pro saves all your work and the script and files for future.

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System Requirements For DVD Reauthor Professional:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.8GHz (or equivalent)
Memory: 1GB of RAM (system requirements for this application are extremely low, which is a testament to the stability of the app and how well it works on low-spec machines. We’re confident that you’ll be able to get an even better results by upgrading to 4GB RAM