Bcompiler GUI is an easy to use application that helps you compile and obfuscate your PHP scripts.
Encode and obfuscate PHP scripts using this software is simple and does not take any knowledge at all.
Bcompiler GUI encodes and obfuscates your PHP code to make the output difficult to reverse engineer, using bcompiler as compiler. With this method you can distribute your software applications made in PHP without any worries at all.







BCompiler GUI Crack +

When you want to encode or obfuscate your PHP Scripts make the function available in your Software without making it easy to reverse engineer.
BCompiler GUI Activation Code has been developed on the basis of “The PHP Advanced Security Course”.

Key Features:
BCompiler GUI is a dedicated php editor and compiler, that allows the user to:

– Create, edit and edit the php script.
– Compile and encode or obfuscate the php script
– Decode and Un-obfuscate the encoded or obfuscated script.
– Execute the encoded or obfuscated script and output the results.
– Save the script from “Edit Script” to “Output” or “Decode”, or “Execute” or “Output” and “Execute” mode.
– Compile and encode, or obfuscate, or decode, or execute a PHP script in one click.
– Options: IntelliSense, Mode; Compile, encode, obfuscate, decode and execute.
– Toolbar design.
– Date Format : yyyy/mm/dd.
– PHP output.
– PHP language complier.
– XHTML and CSS output.
– Filesize output.
– Script output.
– Obfuscate Secret key.
– Decode Secret key.
– Hex and Dec results.
– Execute Results.

BCompiler GUI:
-Security: A bcompiler GUI like this has never been seen before.
-Easy to use.
-Dynamic feature.
-All function of bcompiler (code, compile, encode, obfuscate, decode, execute, save, etc.)
-Very easy to understand.
-No knowledge needed to use it.
-Edit, compile, obfuscate and decode scripts in a single click.
-Data mining (statistics) and output results.
-Date input and output.
-Php output.
-CSS output.
-Execute results in a single click.
-Save your PHP Scripts.
-Save a manual for this tool.
-Obfuscate your source code using a secure key.

Advanced Php editor for PHP, HTML and JavaScript are included.

Detect all of your encrypted data and find all of your unencrypted data.
Detect all of your encrypted data and find all of your unencrypted data.

Protect your code

BCompiler GUI

This software is a PHP code protection utility which wraps the standard PHP interpreter in order to hide PHP source code from other PHP users.
This software is a PHP code protection utility which wraps the standard PHP interpreter in order to hide PHP source code from other PHP users.
The BCompiler GUI Cracked Accounts encodes PHP source code to be easily readable by other PHP users.
The only problem is that PHP code remains actually in an encoded form.
Bcompiler GUI Official Video by video
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Bcompiler Reveal 2013

Bcompiler Reveal 2013

Bcompiler Reveal 2013

We are now proud to announce the first Bcompilerreveal in 2013. It’s our 2nd bcompilerreveal since the start in October 2011. We want to bring you the latest in software development and to show you the latest open source developments around the world.
Our Bcompilerreveal this year we have touched already 8 countries and our videos has been viewed more than 2.000 times. It is simply unique to bring you the best of technology in 1 place to give you a nice vision of what’s happening in the world of open source and development.
If you want to see more games like Bcompiler in this year you will be able to join us in our games live stream party :

Proof of concept: Complete PHP Compilation from source to binary

Proof of concept: Complete PHP Compilation from source to binary

Proof of concept: Complete PHP Compilation from source to binary

Disclaimer: this project used to be kuri0 but has been renamed haha. This is a compilation of my project that i used on the university.
/looking for more jobs or interesting projects?


Professional PHP Compiler & Cracker Interview

Professional PHP Compiler & Cracker Interview


BCompiler GUI Crack+ Activation Code

a simple application to encode and obfuscate your php scripts using BCompiler.
BCompiler is a very fast PHP compiler, based on ext/mbstring, but its hard to understand the compiled scripts.
BCompiler is based on bcompiler, but its features are very simple. A script is encoded and then obfuscated, so that its output is very confusing when you check it.
BCompiler GUI Description:

Bcompiler GPL Encoder is an easy and powerful PHP compiler that encodes and obfuscates your PHP scripts. By using this software you can protect your PHP code from being reverse engineered and modified.
Bcompiler is an excellent alternative to Zend Secure PHP that is GPL encoder.
Bcompiler Description:

A small and efficient alternative to Zend Secure PHP that will protect and encodes your PHP scripts. Its a very good encoder with a very cool front-end GUI.
BCompiler GPL Encoder is a GPL software that controls and implements the algorithm Zend Utils.
Bcompiler GPL Encoder Features:

Encoder – encodes PHP script by using front end GUI
Obfuscator – en/obfuscates the output of the compiled script using the obfucation definition files (ocf.xml)
Decompiler – is an IDE friendly frontend that can decompile and unencodes the output script.
BCompiler GPL Encoder Configuration:

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What’s New in the?

• Easy to use, no more learning how to use the command line.
• Run the compiler and compile your programs and directly execute them.
• Designed with the idea of making complex tasks simple and effective.
• Supports data obfuscation in all supported formats (ZIP, 7z, WinRAR, BZIP2).
• Allows you to publish your software for free.
• Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.

With this new release we bring another new powerful option to the editor to make your PHP development easier and faster. This new option will run, compile and test your scripts while saving time on your development.

So, how does it work?

When you run the application, it checks if it’s necessary to update its database.
If needed, it updates the database and runs the compiler.
Once the compiler is done, it runs the scripts from the editor and tests if there are any errors.
If everything is OK, the application logs the results, runs the tests again and updates its database.

If you check “Update database”, it updates a database with the results of your scripts. If you check “Test all scripts” it runs all the scripts from the editor. If you check “Update database and then test all scripts”, it updates the database and then it runs the scripts from the editor, and tests if the result is OK.

This is not yet possible to check all scripts because of the limitation of the software that was used to create the application.
The application does not have access to all of your scripts.
You have 2 options:

The first option is that you run all scripts from the editor and then you select all the scripts to update the database, or you can run the scripts directly from the first GUI.

The second option is that you run all scripts from the editor but it must run each script one by one.

PHP 2.4.0 is released!

The PHP team announces the release of PHP 2.4.0.

This new release comes with a big performance enhancement to Database Query Caching: PHP now manages to cache queries for 30 seconds so you can execute the same queries again and again in a single server to save time. You can also extend this interval to any time and change the cache file location to any file that you want.

You can find the new optimization in the ‘$_cache’ php.ini setting.

The new


System Requirements For BCompiler GUI:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz, Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz, Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Hard Disk: 12 GB
Net: Broadband Internet connection with DL speed of at least 2 Mbps
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