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Drive Ejector is a simple utility designed to eject any number of CD/DVD drives that can be found on your computer. It hides in the system tray and makes it simple to open, close, and eject any open CD drive.

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Disc Ejector Free Latest

Disc Ejector is a powerful application that has been developed in order to help users manage and automate the ejection of a removable storage device from their computer.
This tool doesn’t only drive and close the removable disk drive, but also displays the essential information about the item. You can also automatically detect the volume and calculate its free space.
The program provides various system notifications, for example when disk media is inserted or ejected. It even notices when the disk is damaged, formatting, read or write errors, and so on. You are even able to identify the disk drive name, model, and manufacturer.
The application features a simple and easy-to-use interface. It doesn’t require any additional installation or driver. The application also performs automatic disk drive detection. It starts the program automatically when the computer is booted up. You can also set the startup time for the program.
A useful feature is the automatic power off for the drive when the computer isn’t in use. Plus, the application disables AutoRun. This is great when you don’t want your removable media to appear automatically in the Start menu.
Launch the program from the Windows Start menu, right click on your computer, or from My Computer.
You can remove unwanted media quickly and effortlessly.
The tool is highly customizable. You can set the number of seconds the tray lid should stay open.
You can eject the disc drive when the machine is idle or when a shortcut in the Start menu is opened.
The application has a simple and intuitive interface.
The application works with all the available drives.
You can open the program with one click or with the right-click of the mouse.
You can also disable AutoRun for all CD, DVD, and other disks.
You can automatically eject discs when your computer is idle or when a shortcut in the Start menu is opened.
The tool detects all drives and their respective serial numbers.
You can manage the size of the titles and the subtitles.
You can view the disc information, for example, label, serial number, total space, total free space, available free space, maximum filename length, file system name, drive type, compressed volume, and file-based compression.
You can control the transparency of the main window.
You can specify the drive to be started, and so on.

Advanced CD Ejector is a powerful utility designed to help you control the Eject feature. Plus, the application will close the tray and eject

Disc Ejector Crack+ Incl Product Key

If you know how to use the right mouse button and free space, then you don’t need this program. If you don’t know how to do those things, Disc Ejector will help you. This free tool is designed to help you eject your disks automatically and quickly. It consists of a small tray icon that you can place in your System Tray and it will automatically eject all your CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks. Just one push, all your media are automatically ejected. The tray icon can be configured to eject automatically after a number of seconds, or you can configure it to eject the disks when you click on the tray icon.
Key Features:
• Eject all CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disks automatically.
• Open and Close your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives in one click.
• Set up a number of configuration options to open the tray icon.
• Change the settings of the program after installation.
• Displays information about the selected disc.
• Run the program at the Windows startup.
• Automatically close drives in case of disc writing errors or any other situation that can corrupt your discs.
• Adjust the transparency of the tray icon.
• All its options can be managed with a simple and intuitive user interface.
• Supports all Windows operating systems.
• Removes your disk tray from the tray icon.
• Displays information about the size of your CD/DVD and Blu-Ray disks.
• Displays the number of your CD/DVD and Blu-Ray disks.
• Produces a tray icon that can be placed anywhere on your desktop.
• Displays the drive letter of the selected drive.
• Displays notifications when it detects that new media is inserted.
• Settings are saved automatically, so you don’t need to configure them again after you uninstall the program.
Free to use, this small application is easy to handle and it never compromises your data.
– Opens and closes your optical drives automatically.
– Ejects the selected disc when you click on the tray icon.
– Automatically ejects CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives after a number of seconds or on your demand.
– Manages the settings of the program after installation.
– Adjusts the transparency of the tray icon.
– Runs the program at the Windows startup.
– Manages the list of your optical drives.
– Displays notifications when it detects

What’s New in the?

Open or close the disc tray for any Windows-based PC with this small tool
Stop discs from running automatically, or open them immediately
Configure the tool to start automatically or close at log off
This app shows you all the files on your hard drive
Get started in seconds
Closing the disc tray is a slow and tedious task. You will have to close each disc manually one by one. You can automate the task with this tool. With Disc Ejector you can open or close the tray and configure the tool to do so automatically.
Configure the drive to open automatically when you start your PC
To get started, double-click the app’s tray icon and you will be presented with options to configure the program to open and close the tray automatically.
Display your files
The application allows you to open your disk drives, browse the files and folders, create and run a backup copy of your files, as well as work with your drive’s content, such as copying, moving, renaming and deleting them.
The application can be configured to:
Open the CD or DVD tray for any Windows-based PC
Start automatically when you log into Windows
Close automatically after the defined number of seconds or a period of time you specify
Switch off the display of notifications on your system tray
Display any notification on your computer and configure them to start automatically or not
Pause the spinning drive
The application makes sure that your drive isn’t spinning when it is being used to play discs. The user is offered to stop the spinning drive manually or automatically.
Monitor your discs and folders
The program lets you manage your drives, monitor the status of your discs and show you their information such as label, serial numbers, total space, total free space, available free space, maximum file name length, file system name, drive type, and file-based compression.
You can also pause your discs and open them as soon as they are ejected.
Run your files
The application enables you to run your files with ease. You just need to select them from a list and double-click on them.
The program lets you automatically run the discs or open them if you don’t want to see the warning message for each file.
The program enables you to automatically close the drives after a specified number of minutes. You are even given the opportunity to close the CD tray only if a user-defined number of seconds is passed.
Stay out of the way
Disc Ejector doesn’t occupy a lot


System Requirements For Disc Ejector:

OS: Win XP 64 or newer, OS X 10.7 or newer.
Windows 8 64-bit or newer
Safari 5 or newer
RAM: 512MB Recommended
Processor: 3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo recommended
Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics or a NVIDIA Geforce 8800GTX+
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk Space: 300MB
Game Overview:
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